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Learn the Latest Stock & Crypto Trends From Swaggy Stocks

Swaggy stocks

Swaggy Stocks provides data in a graphical format of the number of users who own stock shares over time. It attempts to show the effect of the activity of retail traders on the stock market and the extent of the impact. Investors use this information to understand how to share ownership changes hands and how it affects stock prices. Then investors use that information to make investing decisions.

This service started as a tool to monitor users’ sentiment and trading activities actively discussed in the WallStreetBets forum of Reddit. The everyday discussions in this forum reach an estimated 50,000 comments at maximum.

No one can read such a vast number of comments daily. That is why Swaggy Stocks collects, analyzes, and displays these comments on their website. They present the processed data in real-time with only a delay of a few seconds.

Market tickers available in Swaggy Stocks

Swaggy Stocks monitor the overall stock market sentiment and identify stocks with the most significant number of mentions or comments in the WallStreetBets forum. Then, through graphical depiction, the website displays the sentiment in a presentable and straightforward manner to end-users.

Here are the market tickets whose trends you can follow on the Swaggy Stocks website:

The stock market is a collection of exchanges and markets where investors and traders buy, sell, and issue shares of publicly listed companies. These trading and investing activities occur in formal exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange or over-the-counter marketplaces (OTC).

These trading houses follow strict guidelines imposed by regulating bodies. In addition, each region or country can have multiple trading houses that handle transactions in stocks and other types of financial assets.

Special purpose acquisitions companies 

Special purpose acquisitions companies


Swaggy Stocks also displays the trending special purpose acquisitions companies (SPACs) as shown above. Investors set up a SPAC to raise money through an initial public offering (IPO). Eventually, the IPO will acquire another company. Not making any product or providing any service, a SPAC does not have any commercial operations. It does not have assets other than the funds generated during the IPO.

Trending weed stocks

Trending weed stocks

The above chart shows the currently trending weed stocks. Experts expect the weed industry to grow twice as much by 2025. Investors seeing this market expectancy are looking to take advantage of this golden opportunity. This trend came from the ruling of various states to legalize the use of cannabis in the country.

Penny stocks

Penny stocks

You can see the latest trend in penny stocks in the above chart. So you can consider any publicly-traded company trading below five dollars per share as a penny stock. Traders trade the majority of penny stocks over the counter through online OTC boards. They can deal only a minor portion of these stocks on exchanges.


Cryptocurrency Swaggy Stocks also provide the current trend in the cryptocurrency space. The above chart shows the latest sentiment of retail traders. While it does not show the actual market capitalization, it depicts which cryptocurrency is the talk of the town. It appears that it is not Bitcoin but Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency hosted in a blockchain that uses cryptography to prevent double transactions or fraud. Any user having a public key of other crypto holders can see the amount of the asset, but not the person holding this asset. This makes crypto ownership attractive to users as it allows them to conduct business without divulging any information to outsiders and even the counterparty to the transaction.

How to use Swaggy Stocks?

Navigating the Swaggy Stocks platform is easy. The website uses a simple interface and provides just enough information to focus on something that means to you.

  • Go to
  • Find the market tickers of your choice on the left side of the main page
  • The left panel contains six main sections
  • You will most likely spend most of your time in the alternative trends section
  • Click on it, and then find the specific market ticker that you want

    Companies Top five leading stocks today

    You can find the most popular stocks by selecting the general stock trends item under the alternative trends section. After this, you will see a graph similar to the above graphic. At the time of this writing (June 2021), the five most popular stocks are the following:

    1. SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) – 68%
    2. AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) – 53%
    3. BlackBerry Limited (BB) – 36%
    4. GameStop Corp. (GME) – 36%
    5. Apple Inc. (AAPL) – 28%

    Stock Prices
    You can get more information by scrolling down the page and selecting specific stocks. Another chart will show up on the same page when you do, replacing any chart currently opened. The new chart will show the stock price history as it relates to its popularity.

    For example, refer to the above chart. It offers two lines of different colors. The brown line is the stock price, and the blue line is the popularity. You can see the interaction of the two figures over one month, three months, six months, one year, or two years. The default is one month.

    Final thoughts

    The concept behind Swaggy Stocks is quite interesting, considering the broad access of retail traders to market information anywhere online. As a result, Swaggy Stocks is an excellent platform if you want to expand the list of tickers you monitor regularly or look to ride the next big momentum run.

    The site uses a simple interface that makes navigation easy. You will get the hang of it after spending a little time on the website. Plus, it presents the data in an easy-to-read format that you can easily digest. All this is available to you for free.

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