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Best 5 Blockchain Projects to Win


Blockchain is an innovative and ultra-modern resembling the internet seen in its earlier time, two decades ago. However, this technology is still in the developing phase, so it requires an immense amount of work to stimulate the acknowledgment of this revolutionary technology. But already, the interest in blockchain platforms has been significantly expanding to expedite supply chains, improve detectability, and simplify trades and financial transactions.

Also, many people think that blockchain is the technology that empowers Bitcoin, but it is something much greater than that. It is a distributed database maintaining all of the implemented and shared transaction records among participants.

This article will discuss the best five blockchain projects that must be looked at to win.

Best 5 blockchain projects

Blockchains are decentralized open public ledgers. Top blockchains work as a protocol that can be deemed the underlying framework. On these blockchains, apps are being developed and approached to profit from the least advancement in the ecosystem. Since you already know how vital the blockchains can be short, why not proceed on to knowing about the best five projects to win.


Ethereum 1 year price change

Ethereum 1 year price change

Ethereum is an industry-leading blockchain project. It is the most well-entrenched and oldest blockchain project that has even created its native crypto coin named Ether or ETH. The Ethereum blockchain project is decentralized. In terms of functioning efficiently, it follows the smart contract rules. Already, Ethereum is holding thousands of decentralized apps. Also, there is a tremendous obsession among the developers of blockchain applications in terms of developing dApps.

  • The Ethereum blockchain project has an active community that comprises over 250 developers trying to remove third-party involvement from all the sectors. These developers can indisputably create decentralized applications correlated to the crypto-wallets, games, etc.
  • To become more energy-saving and lower the energy uses by 99.95%, the Ethereum community is trying to migrate from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS). The migration needs an intricate system for accelerating a new type of individual blockchain, alluded to as a Beacon chain merging with the main Ethereum blockchain.


Stellar 1 year price change 

Stellar 1 year price change

Steller is a competently functioning open network blockchain project in connection with the finance territory. It serves as the transaction network that is concentrated on low-cost but expeditious offshore transactions. The steller blockchain network is getting experimented with by a few banks in terms of making their offered services more secured, impeccable, and indisputable. It is a well-made blockchain platform that supports developing protected and rapid fintech applications. Also, Steller supports ICOs that allow projects to raise funds through an ICO format effortlessly.

  • Steller utilizes Stellar Consensus Protocol that allegedly can boost transaction processing time and finalize them on a public blockchain network.
  • Steller further comprises security frameworks in terms of eliminating adverse or unverified users in a financial transaction.


WAVES 1 year price change  

WAVES 1 year price change

WAVES is a decentralized blockchain project established on the interchangeable Scorex platform. The Scorex platform is a framework created to label numerous crucial issues in cryptos, such as effortless usage, scalability, and exploiting fiat access on the blockchain.

The blockchain project has a distinctive manifesto of the numerous fiat currencies to be incorporated into their native wallet. In doing so, the blockchain allows its users to trade cryptocurrencies effortlessly to fiat currencies. Moreover, the blockchain project offers an uncomplicated and easy user interface for developing personalized tokens.

  • WAVES utilizes a POS consensus algorithm variant called Leased Proof-of-Stake. LPOS permits WAVE coin holders to join in the mining activity and protect the network and simultaneously gain more coins through staking.
  • WAVES may support 100 transactions in just one second and has its native decentralized exchange, allowing users to trade their freshly-minted coins in a trading pair with various WAVES coins.


NEO 1 year price change  

NEO 1 year price change

NEO is a blockchain project developed for an extensible network of dApps. It is also especially a linchpin in asset digitizing on the blockchain. The blockchain’s domestic currency NEO token. Initiates GAS tokens to be utilized for paying transaction fees. Also, NEO exploits a dBFT consensus algorithm (Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance). In that algorithm, mining nodes are selected by the NEO community, and those nodes must attach to an explicit performance essential, simultaneously maintaining a minimum amount of NEO coins.

  • In terms of developing an organic digital economy ecosystem, the blockchain project also pays heed to the smart economy by stimulating real-world assets digitization that empowers registration, depository, transfer, trading, clearing, and settlement through a p2p network.
  • NEO is involved with the substantial strategy of the Chinese government for making NEO one of the industry-leading blockchains since NEO is the first blockchain project in China.


EOS 1 year price change 

EOS 1 year price change

EOS is also a protected blockchain project that supports creating decentralized applications. The blockchain project offers potential smart contracts and hosting for decentralized applications. Developers are allowed to inflate their ideas by developing various applications on the blockchain network of EOS. It advantages the developers to effortlessly build modern finance apps, business solutions, games, and many more.

  • EOS blockchain project includes some of the features that Bitcoin and Ethereum do not support, and it turns the EOS to be the extended variant of both Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.
  • EOS is objected to developing a decentralized operating system capable of expediting the applications by having massive scalability that matches the organizational level.

Final thought

In conclusion, blockchain technology is yet in the developing phase to be executed in the real world despite cropping up for almost a decade. Undoubtedly, blockchain can potentially be a significant component of technology, finance, and numerous industries in the following years or may take longer. Hence, focusing on the organizations that will make a profit evidently from the advancement of blockchain technology will be the best and smart strategy, no matter the ambition of the blockchain works or not.

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