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Top 5 Blockchain Games to Try & Earn in 2022


Blockchain gaming is popular because of providing an array of opportunities not possible with conventional gaming. It has introduced the concept of play-to-earn, which is widely embraced by gamers and crypto enthusiasts. In addition, players are given the power to contribute to the development and define the direction of crypto games.

The introduction of NFT to crypto gaming brings to life a digital economy that works for the benefit of users. Blockchain games carry a lot of potential, and the offerings become more lucrative over time. Unlike conventional games, you can get monetary rewards for the time you spend playing blockchain games. This has become a new way for users to generate income and has become a side hustle.

Best play-to-earn blockchain games in 2022

As a gamer, you have multiple ways to generate income through blockchain games. These include taking part in battles, raising in-game characters, completing tasks and quests, and many others. Below are five top-of-the-line blockchain games to play and earn in 2022. The order in which they appear is based on the market cap from the largest to the smallest as provided by

What is Decentraland (MANA)?

Decentraland is a 3D VR blockchain game running on Ethereum. In this game, you can discover lands, design cool avatars, and create other types of content. With the use of the in-house digital currency MANA, you can buy and sell in-game assets as well as experience enjoyable social interactions. Decentraland is moving inch by inch closer to metaverse, providing users with great experience using high-quality games and graphics. You can also trade NFT items in NFT marketplaces.

MANA/USDT daily chart (1Y data)

MANA/USDT daily chart (1Y data)

MANA price prediction 2025

Market analysts find this coin very volatile but still exhibiting a bullish sentiment through technical analysis. In 2022, MANA could reach a maximum price of $6. If the current trend persists, the coin may hit around $17 by the end of 2025.

What is Sandbox (SAND)?

Like Decentraland, Sandbox is a strong contender in the realm of 3D VR crypto gaming. Its interface reminiscent of the Minecraft game, Sandbox lets you monetize content in various ways. You can use the in-house token SAND to buy and sell NFT assets in the marketplace and purchase virtual lands. To make the SAND coin’s growth sustainable, Sandbox limited the supply of digital lands to 166,464. As such, you can expect their price to rise as demand grows. Some ways to earn in Sandbox are trading objects and lands and accomplishing in-game tasks.

SAND/USDT daily chart (1Y data)

SAND/USDT daily chart (1Y data)

SAND price prediction 2025

One SAND token may reach a minimum price of $16 and a maximum price of $20 by the end of 2025. The average price is about $17. This price growth will largely be fueled by the finite number of SAND coins in circulation.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Axie Infinity is one of the most successful blockchain games in existence. Among the many games running on Ethereum, Axie Infinity is the first that reached one billion dollars in sales. This happened on the 8th of August 2021. Over one million users are actively playing the game every day. That is why it has become the highest-grossing blockchain game across the board. Axie Infinity got inspiration from the world-renowned anime Pokemon. The gameplay involves building a team of creatures known as Axies and then sending them to battle against other players in the Adventure or Arena mode.

AXSUSDT daily chart (1Y data)

AXSUSDT daily chart (1Y data)

AXS price prediction 2025


The value of AXS token may grow in view of the efforts made by community investors and game developers. The year 2025 is anticipated as a bull market for AXS. Analysts predict the price to hit a maximum of $338 in 2025.

What is Illuvium (ILV)?

Illuvium is a 3D RPG NFT game running on Ethereum. The gameplay involves collecting and upgrading the skill sets of Illuvial (in-game characters) to win battles. As a player, you must fulfill quests, win battles, and elevate your rank. When you do this, you will get ILV tokens as a reward. This in-game currency has a financial value that you can convert to real money. Then you can sell your Illuvial and other in-game assets for real cash in the Illuvium marketplace.

ILVUSDT daily chart (1Y data)

ILVUSDT daily chart (1Y data)

ILV price prediction 2025

As an exciting game, Illuvium may see growth in its user base. Market analysts expect the price to go up and down in 2025, but they believe that it will recover toward the end of the year. By the end of 2025, the coin may hit $1,760.

What is Gods Unchained (GODS)?

Gods Unchained uses the Immutable X solution and runs on the Ethereum network. With Immutable X, it is possible to trade between decentralized applications without fees and to process at most 9,000 transactions per second. By playing the game for free, you can earn core cards. If you want to up your game, you can use other types of cards. However, you can get these cards only by purchasing them from other players. You can buy and sell all cards within the game through the Immutable X marketplace.

GODS/USDT daily chart (1Y data)

GODS/USDT daily chart (1Y data)

GODS price prediction 2025

The average price of GODS token may reach $10 in 2025 up to a maximum of $12. This is based on the assumption that the current trend continues. However, since no type of market can keep going up without correcting, that can happen in GODS coin.

Final thoughts

Blockchain gaming is one of the hottest trends in the crypto sphere right now. With the introduction of NFT, players have gained more control over digital assets gathered within games. By playing your favorite games, you have the opportunity to make real money. If you desire, you may create items as NFTs within games and sell them for real cash in NFT marketplaces. The above blockchain games are worth spending your time on.

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