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TechBerry Review


TechBerry is among the leading social trading analytical platforms with an AI learning database of more than 100,000 Forex traders. The data generated by all the trading accounts are exploited by TechBerry to develop its own highly efficient strategy. The average income these accounts enjoy on a monthly basis is about 12%.

A platform for social trading and analytics

Since 2015, TechBerry has introduced groundbreaking changes to social trading. As a result, it has now become one of the best automated trading systems in the Forex market.

TechBerry API is as simple and user-friendly as you would expect an easy-to-use automated trading solution to be. Behind its interface, there is an intricate learning algorithm that became exceedingly successful at spotting the most rational trading decisions in all the bustling trading activity on the platform.

The neural algorithm is capable of creating its own strategy, based on the best trades among all the incoming data from over 100k trading accounts online. With the annual subscription, you can get access to the platform and enjoy AI data-driven income.

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How to use TechBerry

For individuals

Individual membership and monthly profit are available through the automated trading system. Buying an annual subscription is as easy as making a few clicks and does not require any technical knowledge. No trading experience is needed either, and you do not even have to participate in the trading flow at any stage to earn high returns. Another advantage is protection against trading losses, which makes TechBerry unique among all the other trading platforms in the Forex market.

For traders

If you are already a pro who knows their profit targets and how to hit them, TechBerry is your option to make trades even more lucrative by sharing your trading performance on MT4 or MT5. Traders need no deposit in their TechBerry account. However, you will need to qualify to earn a commission for sharing your data.

The only thing you need to do as an experienced trader is download TechBerry software on your computer and install it on the MetaTrader 4 or 5 that you are using to complete your trades.

Is TechBerry a scam?

TechBerry is a piece of state of art innovative software that sounds too good to be true. However, two facts confirm how true TechBerry really is. First, it offers its members protection against losses.

Second, TechBerry cooperates with more than 50 best brokers globally. All of them compliant with the FCA, FSA, FINRA, CFTC, FSC, BaFIN, and CySEC regulations.

Finally, when it comes to a software product, its reliability will depend on how reliable a broker you use it with will be.

TechBerry as a trading metaverse

The online TechBerry platform lives up to this definition even if there is no virtual 3D space for community events yet: it offers a multitude of trading opportunities.

TechBerry is the right solution for those who do not know where to start and for those who are perfectly aware of how to navigate the world of finance. Whether you want to spend additional time learning how to earn a high income in the Forex market or are satisfied with the 11.2% monthly earning, TechBerry will meet your expectations.

Performance of TechBerry expert advisor and analytical services

The platform’s performance has been tested, verified, and the results were shared with the public by the top Forex audit websites, MyFxBook, FXAudit, FXBlue, etc., among them. TechBerry trading reports are available on the official TechBerry website as well.

TechBerry artificial intelligence

The online trading services are not exposed to the human factor while being capable of performing multiple calculations simultaneously and evaluating the risk and reward potential of any combination with high precision. At the same time, the AI learning algorithm will be using these evaluations, along with the new live trading data, in the constant improvement of its strategies.

Memberships for beginners and professionals

TechBerry Memberships

Anyone can use TechBerry for free during the trial period, but there are six more subscription types. You can select the one that suits you best based on the initial deposit size, performance records, loss compensation policy, profit share, service fees, and other factors. 

Here is but a brief summary:

  • Subscriptions. The most affordable is the “Green” annual membership, available for $19 only, while the most costly all-inclusive plan is “Infinite” at $499 per year.
  • Service fees will only be deducted from the profit.
  • Protection against trading losses. No matter how profitable your trades were, your deposit will be secured through TechBerry loss compensation policy. You can get the reimbursement of up to 100%.
  • Personal manager. Several types of subscriptions, namely the “Gold” plan and higher, will guarantee that you have your account attached to your own manager.


TechBerry has been among the top services in the Forex market for a reason. It was able to combine all the advantages of the disruptive AI technologies with those offered by the vast network of traders.

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TechBerry was not only a pioneer in the industry of Forex expert advisors and social trading; it has also been a leader at the intersection of IT technologies and financial markets. TechBerry was able to bring over 100K top professionals in the Forex market together and combine their experience in the most effective AI-based automated trading system. Finally, all these excellent results are available in a user-friendly form with various subscription options tailored for traders and individuals.

  • The software is user-friendly and requires no effort from either pro traders or beginners.
  • There is a wide selection of subscription plans to suit any individual.
  • Protection against losses makes the service safe even for the users making first.
  • Partnership with more than 50 top Forex brokers globally and compliance with the major financial regulators globally.
  • 11.2% average monthly profit has been received by the platform users in the last seven years since 2015.
  • The software is only compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for data collection but is not available for other platforms.
  • The standards traders have to meet to earn profits for sharing their account data are quite challenging.

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