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Topstep Forex Review


Topstep Forex, a renowned financial services company, presents a unique approach to forex trading by offering a funding opportunity to budding forex traders. This innovative platform levels the playing field, allowing traders, regardless of their starting capital, to prove their skills in a simulated environment and earn a funded trading account. This review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Topstep Forex, discussing its services, features, and overall performance in the realm of forex trading.


Topstep Forex offers a range of features to enhance the trading experience for its users. Here are some notable features:

  1. Funding Program: Topstep Forex provides a unique funding program that allows traders to prove their skills and qualify for a funded trading account. Traders can trade in a simulated environment and once they meet certain profit targets and risk management criteria, they can access a live trading account with the company’s capital.
  2. Multiple Account Types: Topstep Forex offers different account types to cater to the diverse needs of traders. These include various funding levels and profit splits, allowing traders to choose the option that suits them best.
  3. Tight Spreads: The platform offers competitive spreads on major currency pairs, ensuring that traders can execute trades at favorable prices.
  4. Leverage: Topstep Forex provides leverage options for its traders, allowing them to amplify their trading positions. The leverage levels may vary based on the account type and trading instrument.
  5. Wide Range of Trading Instruments: Traders have access to a wide range of trading instruments, including major and minor currency pairs, commodities, and indices.
  6. Trading Platform: Topstep Forex offers a user-friendly and intuitive trading platform that enables traders to execute trades efficiently. The platform provides real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and order execution capabilities.
  7. Risk Management Tools: Topstep Forex emphasizes risk management and provides traders with tools to manage their positions effectively. Traders can set stop-loss orders, take-profit levels, and utilize other risk management strategies to protect their capital.
  8. Educational Resources: The platform offers educational resources such as webinars, tutorials, and market analysis to help traders improve their knowledge and skills. These resources cover various topics, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and risk management.
  9. Customer Support: Topstep Forex provides reliable customer support to assist traders with any queries or concerns. Traders can reach out to the support team via email or through the platform’s live chat feature.
  10. Performance Evaluation: Topstep Forex evaluates traders’ performance based on predefined criteria and provides regular feedback to help them improve their trading strategies. This evaluation process helps traders refine their skills and achieve consistent profitability.

These features contribute to an enhanced trading experience and make Topstep Forex a popular choice among traders seeking a supportive and competitive trading environment.

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Background Information

Topstep Forex was founded by Michael Patak, a futures trader who aspired to help traders navigate the financial markets without bearing the risk of losing their own capital. Established in Chicago, USA, the company has since garnered a global reach, serving traders across different countries. It operates under the oversight of regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance with financial standards and offering a secure trading environment. The company’s mission is to empower traders to realize their potential, providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities to succeed in the dynamic world of forex trading. This commitment to nurturing traders to achieve consistent profitability and long-term success sets Topstep Forex apart in the competitive forex trading industry.

Account Types

Topstep Forex offers three main types of accounts, each designed to cater to the varying needs of traders.

  1. Evaluation Account: This is the initial account provided to traders when they first sign up with Topstep Forex. It’s essentially a demo account where traders can prove their forex trading skills. They are required to meet certain trading objectives within a specified period to qualify for a funded account. The evaluation account comes with different levels of funding to choose from, ranging from $200,000 to $500,000 in virtual money.
  2. Funded Account: Once a trader has successfully passed the evaluation stage, they’re offered a funded account. This account type gives traders access to the company’s capital, allowing them to trade without risking their funds. The funded account also offers different funding levels, with the maximum level being equivalent to the funding level of the trader’s evaluation account. Profit splits in the funded account range from 50% to 80%, depending on the chosen funding level.
  3. Pro Account: The Pro account is the final stage for successful Topstep Forex traders. Upon reaching consistent profitability, a trader will graduate to the Pro account, which features the same funding level as the funded account but with a higher profit split of 85%.

Each account type is accompanied by its own set of rules and guidelines to ensure that traders maintain proper risk management practices.

Trading Conditions

Topstep Forex offers a competitive trading environment with conditions conducive to a wide range of trading styles. Traders can enjoy tight spreads, high leverage, and a wide choice of trading instruments. The platform operates 24/5, in line with global forex market hours, allowing traders to seize trading opportunities as they arise in different time zones. The minimum trade size is set at 0.01 lots, accommodating both high-volume and low-volume traders. Topstep Forex also places a cap on maximum drawdown levels to encourage sound risk management. Each account type has its maximum drawdown limit, which traders must adhere to to maintain their account status. Finally, Topstep Forex supports both short and long-trading strategies, giving traders the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.

Funding and Withdrawal Options

Topstep Forex provides straightforward funding and withdrawal options for its users. Traders can fund their accounts using popular payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and electronic wallets. The platform strives to process deposits swiftly, allowing traders to commence trading without unnecessary delays.

Withdrawals are equally straightforward. Traders can request withdrawals directly from their account interface, specifying their preferred withdrawal method. Topstep Forex prides itself on the prompt processing of withdrawal requests, ensuring traders can access their profits promptly. It’s important to note that while Topstep Forex does not impose fees on deposits or withdrawals, transaction charges may be levied by banks or payment service providers. The platform advises traders to familiarize themselves with these potential charges to avoid surprises.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation at Topstep Forex is a crucial aspect of the trader journey, aimed at fostering continuous growth and improvement. The assessment is based on a set of predefined criteria, including adherence to trading rules, consistency in profitability, and risk management skills. Each trading activity is thoroughly reviewed and constructive feedback is provided to help traders enhance their strategies and decision-making processes. The performance evaluation isn’t just a one-time process; It is conducted regularly to ensure traders maintain a high level of professionalism and discipline in their trading activities. This consistent oversight helps traders cultivate and maintain successful trading habits over time.


  • Security: 8
  • Customer Service: 7
  • Trading Conditions: 7
  • Funding and Withdrawal Options: 7
  • Performance Evaluation: 8
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Topstep Forex is a reliable and reputable forex trading broker that offers traders an array of attractive features. It provides a secure and supportive environment for traders to realize their full potential, offering competitive trading conditions, straightforward funding/withdrawal options, and consistent performance evaluation. The different account types cater to the varying needs of traders - from beginner to experienced - allowing them to start small and grow their trading capabilities over time. With its excellent customer service, Topstep Forex is a reliable choice for any aspiring Forex trader. This review provides a comprehensive overview of the company's features and offerings, enabling traders to make an informed decision about their trading partner. With its vast array of features and supportive environment, Topstep Forex is sure to be a successful choice for ambitious Forex traders.

  • Secure and supportive trading environment
  • Competitive trading conditions
  • Flexible funding/withdrawal options with no fees
  • Comprehensive performance evaluation for continuous improvement
  • Limited choice of assets available for trading