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The 5%ers Review


The 5%ers, an innovative Forex prop trading company, offers a unique opportunity for traders around the world. They provide a platform where skilled traders, regardless of the size of their capital, can manage a funded account of up to $1.24M and benefit from the profits. This review will delve into the specifics of their service, examining the features, advantages, and potential drawbacks.


The 5%ers is a proprietary trading fund that offers traders the opportunity to trade with the firm’s capital. Here are some key features of The 5%ers:

  1. Trading Evaluation: The 5%ers provide traders with a comprehensive evaluation process to assess their trading skills. This evaluation includes trading challenges and performance evaluations to determine if traders meet the fund’s criteria.
  2. Funded Account: Once traders successfully pass the evaluation process, they can receive a funded trading account from The 5%ers. This means traders can trade with the firm’s capital, allowing for larger position sizes and the potential for higher profits.
  3. Profit Sharing: The 5%ers offers a profit-sharing program, where traders can earn a percentage of their trading profits. The exact profit split depends on the trader’s level within the fund and their performance.
  4. Risk Management: The 5%ers emphasize strong risk management practices. Traders are expected to follow specific risk guidelines and manage their positions responsibly to protect the fund’s capital.
  5. Training and Support: The 5%ers provide ongoing training and support to traders. This includes access to educational resources, mentoring, and guidance from experienced professionals to help traders improve their trading skills.

It’s important to note that while The 5%ers offers traders the opportunity to trade with a funded account, it is still essential for traders to adhere to proper risk management and employ effective trading strategies to succeed in the highly competitive financial markets.

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Training and Education

The 5%ers place a significant emphasis on training and education. They believe in the continuous growth and development of their traders, thus providing resources for all trading levels. For beginners, some resources introduce the basics of Forex trading, covering foundational concepts and terminologies. For more experienced traders, advanced materials are made available that delve into complex trading strategies and market analysis techniques. They also offer regular webinars led by seasoned professionals in the industry, providing insights into market trends and actionable trading strategies. Additionally, traders have the opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring, enabling personalized advice and guidance to help them navigate the often volatile and unpredictable Forex market.

Trading Capital and Risk Management

The 5%ers are renowned for their approach to trading capital and risk management. They provide traders with substantial capital resources, enabling them to participate in the forex market without the need for personal investment. This unique feature allows traders of all backgrounds to test their strategies in a live market environment, potentially reaping significant gains.

Given that trading involves inherent risks, The 5%ers have implemented a stringent risk management policy to safeguard their funds. Traders are expected to maintain disciplined trading habits, such as setting appropriate stop-loss orders, managing their leverage, and avoiding overexposure to any single market. The company also encourages traders to diversify their positions to spread the risk. Compliance with these rules not only protects the fund’s capital but also instills valuable risk management skills in the traders, facilitating their long-term success in the forex market.

In the case of a significant drawdown, The 5%ers have a ‘stop loss’ level in place to limit the risk to their capital. If a trader’s account reaches this level, trading will be suspended to review the trading strategy and approach. This ‘safety net’ ensures that losses are curtailed and provides an opportunity for traders to reassess their strategy and learn from their experiences. Through this dynamic blend of abundant trading capital and robust risk management measures, The 5%ers have created a trading environment that is both rewarding and secure.

Performance Evaluation and Growth

The 5%ers have a structured approach toward performance evaluation and growth. They have a two-phase program – Evaluation and Portfolio Manager. In the Evaluation phase, traders are provided with a real money account to showcase their skills. They must achieve a 6% growth target within a maximum period of 6 months, observing a maximum 4% drawdown limit to qualify for the next level.

Once successful, traders progress to the Portfolio Manager phase where they receive a higher account size. In this phase, traders are expected to maintain the same discipline, achieving a 10% growth target while adhering to a maximum drawdown limit of 10%. The great part is, traders are rewarded with a 50% profit share during the Evaluation phase which increases to 55% in the Portfolio Manager phase.

This progressive system encourages traders to continue developing their abilities and rewarding their success. Each time a trader reaches the profit target, their account size is doubled, further incentivizing consistent performance. This approach fosters a growth mindset, encouraging traders to constantly improve, adapt, and refine their trading strategies, ensuring sustainable, long-term success in the forex market.


  • Training and Education: 8
  • Trading Capital and Risk Management: 6
  • Performance Evaluation and Growth: 7
  • Risk Management Practices: 8
  • Technology: 8
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The 5%ers provide an ideal platform for traders to pursue their trading ambitions. With the opportunity to access funded accounts, they can gain invaluable experience in a real market environment without risking their capital. The company provides comprehensive training and support resources as well as robust risk management practices. Furthermore, they offer a performance-based reward system that incentivizes disciplined trading and rewards success. All these factors make The 5%ers an attractive choice for traders of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. With The 5%ers behind them, traders can have the confidence and resources they need to succeed in the Forex market.

  • Offers funded accounts for traders to gain experience in a real market environment
  • Comprehensive training and support resources
  • Robust risk management practices
  • A performance-based reward system that incentivizes disciplined trading and rewards success
  • Ideal platform for traders of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals
  • Traders must adhere to specific risk management practices
  • The 6% growth target in the Evaluation phase may be difficult to reach for some traders