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How to Invest in Play-To-Earn Crypto Games 2022

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Thanks to new technologies, the principle of work has changed so much over the past decade. One revolutionary model plays to earn. This new concept has dramatically disrupted the gaming sector and was made possible due to blockchain, crypto, and NFT.

According to, the gaming sector was a $173 billion industry in 2020. In 2026, it could grow into a $314 billion market. The annual growth is about 9.64 percent.

In the past, people see gaming only as a pastime activity. When crypto gaming has entered the scene, gaming becomes a fun activity and a potential source of income. One prime example is Axie Infinity, which players from developing countries use as an alternative to traditional work. At present, players can make about $200 to $2,000 monthly by playing this game daily.

You might be wondering how you can take advantage of this opportunity as an investor rather than a player. You will find an answer in this article. You will understand how to invest in crypto projects and which projects look promising.

What is play to earn?

As the name suggests, play to earn involves playing crypto games and making money on the side. Apart from playing games, you can also do other tasks in-game ecosystems to collect tokens or NFT items. This business model gives gamers the chance to contribute to the development of games.

Crypto games allow you to own the in-game assets you acquire fully. You can then collect more assets by performing tasks or playing against other players. Since all assets in crypto games are NFTs, you can convert them later to crypto and then cash out for real money.

Play to earn

Play to earn

Can you make real money from crypto projects?

There have been various accounts of people from developing countries making a living by playing crypto games. Crypto gaming has become the salvation for many, particularly the unemployed and youth. For example, many people turned to Axie Infinity as their primary source of income after being laid off from their jobs due to the pandemic.

People engaged in this alternative way of making money have no more desire to return to the office job setup. Besides, crypto gaming allows them to generate income while having a good time. What can other jobs be better than this option?

How much can you make from crypto projects?

You can hardly find information online about gamers disclosing their earnings from crypto gaming. What is most readily available is income generated from Axie Infinity. You need to buy three Axies to start playing. This investment is equal to about $800. You can earn SLP every time you win by breeding, training, and putting Axies on the battlefield. You will need SLP to breed new Axies.

Selling Axies to the marketplace is the way to make money in Axie Infinity. Depending on the quality of your Axie, you can earn anywhere from 0.035 ETH to 300 ETH for each pet. Different variables affect the pricing of Axie. On estimate, you will need 50 to 80 days of playtime to recover your $800 capital. The daily income of playing this game is $10 to $15.

Earning crypto through play to earn games

Earning crypto through play to earn games

How to invest in crypto projects?

The crypto gaming industry is still in its infancy. While many gamers and investors have joined the fray, many more crypto projects are being developed. Since blockchain games may explode shortly, the best thing you can do is look for new crypto projects with good potential.

Typically, these projects have tokens that are still cheap and may have a good market cap. Get a good position by buying these tokens early. Consider the following points when assessing the potential of a crypto gaming project:

  • Multiple practical use cases backed by test and research
  • Steady project growth
  • Active and large social media following
  • Consistently growing user base month on month
  • Popularity in social media discussions such as Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, etc.

Top three best crypto projects

Below are our top three picks of the best crypto projects that are worth your time and investment.

No. 1: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity game

Axie Infinity game

It is a household name in crypto gaming. It is regarded by many as the most significant crypto game in existence. Plus, its coin (AXS) has become one of the largest crypto assets in the crypto market. This game got inspiration from the anime hit Pokémon. To play the game, you need to work with pets called Axies, which you can buy, sell, breed, and engage in combat with other pets.

Investors who bought AXS are happy with their decision. The token price was a mere $0.54 at the start of 2021. It has peaked at about $166 on the first day of November 2021. That price change is equal to about 30,640 percent of growth. Had you purchased $3.2 worth of AXS in January 2021, your investment would become a whopping $1,000 in November 2021.

No. 2: Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World  game

Coin Hunt World  game

This game draws inspiration from Pokémon Go. The difference is that you will collect ETH and BTC in Coin Hunt World (CHW). Like its precursor, CHW involves physical activity. You cannot play the game by staying at home. You must go out and catch one key to another, as you can see on the map.

Just be aware of your physical surroundings to avoid getting into an accident. Before you get to earn crypto, you must answer a question first. Then you will hand in the keys you have collected to a vault. Then you can earn free ETH and BTC.

No. 3: Sorare

Sorare game

Sorare game

It is a virtual soccer game that allows gamers to buy, sell, handle, and exchange team members using digital cards. You will need to build a football team made up of five players. The ranking of virtual teams is based on the team’s overall performance. You can earn ETH tokens with this game, one of today’s most precious crypto assets.

Final thoughts

Blockchain gaming is the hottest trend in the gaming world today. It can wipe out traditional games in due time, and for a good reason. The main reason is likely real asset ownership, which traditional game models do not support.

Seeing the current trend, you can buy gaming tokens right now while their prices are relatively affordable. One undervalued game token with a large market cap is TLM, the native crypto of Alien Worlds. Consider this asset in your coin-hunting adventure. You might see many other promising tokens out there when you do your research.

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