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Forex Scalping EA Review

Forex Scalping EA

Forex Scalping is a fully automated trading advisor. We have a weird presentation that has little information about the system and its functionality.

Forex Scalping EA Review

Forex Scalping EA People asked us many times about big gains on the demo account. So, we’ve decided to take a look at the advisor to figure out what is going on.

What is behind Forex Scalping EA?

The presentation has not so many explanations of how the system works:

  • The advisor can execute orders automatically for us. We have to do nothing in addition.
  • The system can be used only on the MT4 platform.
  • The robot was backtested on the 20-year tick data.
  • The test quality was 90.00%. So, there were no real spreads.
  • It follows the trend trading direction to make more profits from the sharp moves.
  • The robot works with a high trading frequency.
  • The orders aren’t kept on the market for a long time.

Key Features

  • The main requirements are low spreads (ECN account) and high execution speed (VPS).
  • The developer doesn’t suggest we use a determined VPS provider.

Trading Strategy

  • The expert advisor executes the trend strategy.
  • The robot works on the M5 time frame.
  • It can trade 14 trading pairs.


Pricing We have four packages provided: Basic, Standard, Gold, and Premium. The Basic package is available for $99 instead of $299. There’s a single real license. The Standard pack is available for $149 instead of $499. There are two real licenses. The Gold pack is available for $199 instead of $599. We can trade using three real account licenses. The Premium package is available for $249 instead of $999. We’ll get an unlimited number of real licenses. There’s no money-back guarantee provided because the developers insisted on “the nature of the software.” It’s a scam to say this.

Trading Performance of Forex Scalping EA

Strategy Tester Report We have a EUR/CHF report on the M5 time frame. The modeling quality was 90.00%. The spread was 5 pips. An initial deposit was $1000. The total net profit has amounted to $1,944,075,698. The Profit Factor was 10.83. The maximum drawdown was 0.19%. It traded 21,915 orders. The accuracy rate was 93.91% for Shorts and 92.19% for Longs.

Forex CM+Milton LIVE The dev represented live trading results for their EA. This is a real account created for this advisor. Forex Scalping EA has been running on a real USD account on the MiltonMarkets broker. It trades automatically using technical indicators from MT4 automatically. The leverage is 1:500. The account has a verified track record. The account was created on March 04, 2021, and deposited at ¥736,600. Since then, the absolute gain has become +69.26%. An average monthly gain is 16.03%. The maximum drawdown is 35.90%. The account is tracked by 4 traders.

Trades Forex Scalping EA has closed 141 deals with 452.3 pips. An average win is 5.72 pips when an average loss is -13.934 pips. There were 115.70 Lots traded. The win rate is 86% for Longs and 88% for Shorts. An average trade length is 2 hours 42 minutes. The Profit Factor is 2.46.

Currency The most frequently traded and profitable currency pair is EUR/USD – 42 deals and ¥186,007.

Wiiners vs Losers Hours The robot scalps at the end of the American session.

Winners vs Losers Days It’s completely unreal that Friday is the most traded day taking into account that a few robots want their deals to be kept over the weekend.

Loss The robot works with medium risks to the account balance. It has to lose five deals to lose 10% of the account.

Open dates The last page showed that the system changes lot sizes with no visible reason.

Open dates There are many orders in drawdowns. They can bring ¥486,594 of losses if they get closed right now.

Monthly Gain

The monthly profitability varies so much.

Customer Support

The last time we wrote to them was when they were going to open a real account. The developers answered within several hours. Their English was good. The letter was informative.

People Feedback

People Feedback No one updates the testimonial chapter of the site. So, they are several years old.

Forex Scalping EA Review The company runs a page on Forex Peace Army. There’s a single comment published, and no accounts are connected.

Scalping EA Review This comment was published when the developer ran only a demo account. So, we don’t know if it’s a viable testimonial right now when the system runs a real account.


Scalping EA


Forex Scalping EA is a trading advisor that scalps profits from the trend moves, trading from 9 to 14 currency pairs. The developers created a real account and set the system to work there. So, we have to do nothing and check its results for half a year or so.

  • Backtest reports provided
  • A strategy named
  • Real-account trading results provided
  • Affordable lifetime offer
  • Lightning-quick support
  • No team revealed
  • No settings explanations provided
  • The system is so young on the real account
  • No money-back-guarantee provided
  • Lack of people feedback

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