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XXL Real Profit Review

XXL Real Profit

XXL Real Profit trading robot works on standard, ECN, and micro-accounts. The algorithm trades on the market without using risky strategies such as grid and martingale and uses a money management system to maintain the risk. We will verify such claims in our review to see if it is as profitable as the developer claims.

The developer makes many promises on the working methodology of the robot. With a poor website interface and no transparency on pricing and author, we had to review the system.

What is behind the XXL Real Profit?

The developer is not transparent on their whereabouts and trading experience. We have scanned the whole website but could not find any information on the real names behind the program.

How it works

The robot works only on the MT 4 platform:

  1. Traders have to place the ex4 file within the MT4 experts’ folder after purchasing it from the developer
  2. Enable the auto trading option with the software
  3. Place it on the charts to start trading

Key features

The robot has the following key features:

  • It has a strong money management system
  • There is no involvement of grid and martingale
  • Watches the market 24/7
  • It can work on all account types

Trading strategy

The developer states that the robot does not use risky grid and martingale strategies and uses a money management system for maintaining the lot size. To get further information, we head over to the FXBlue records. From there, we can see that the robot trades mainly on GBPUSD with a virtual take profit and a fixed stop loss. The risk-reward ratio is not balanced as it can exit at a higher loss than a profit. It places a huge stop loss at 200 pips but gets out of the position before it reaches the point.

Trading history on MQL 5

Trading history on MQL 5

The developer does not provide us with the backtesting records. We scanned the whole website but could not find any information on the topic


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about the price of this Forex trading system. Lack of information is another drawback of this trading tool. Traders want to know all about the products they are interested in and pricing details are one of the main factors that help them to make a final investment decision.

Trading performance of XXL Real Profit

Live trading results are available on FXBlue. We have a performance from November 11, 2021, till the current date. The system made an average monthly gain of -3 %, with a drawdown of 8%.

The winning rate stood at 67.6%, with a profit factor of -1.18. The best trade was $17.01, while the worst was -$27.04 within 38 trades.

The developer trades with a real account with a deposit of $755. The current balance of the system is $722, with a total gain of -4.4%.

Live trading records on FXBlue

Live trading records on FXBlue

Customer support

Customer support is only available by using social media links on the website. The developer is not clear on the hours available to help traders.

People feedback

There is a single review present on Forex Peace Army where a trader states that the losses from the robot are huge. There is no response from the developer after emailing them about the loss.

The customer review at FPA

The customer review at FPA

XXL Real Profit Summary: Worth it or not?


XXL Real Profit robot is not clear on the strategy of the system. The author does not detail their whereabouts and experience or with information on the pricing.

  • It provides live records
  • There are no backtesting records available
  • There is little transparency on the developer
  • It uses a high stop loss
  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • No pricing details

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