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Wall Street Forex Robot Review

Wall Street Forex Robot

The Wall Street Forex Robot is a trading advisor that cuts out profits from the markets during various sessions. The system received several major updates for a year or so. Two of them weren’t successful. The current trading results are far from being great as well.

We have decided to write a review about a quite known advisor. People use it wave-based depending on the update.

What is behind Wall Street Forex Robot?

The presentation has more information that we can effectively consume:

  • Wall Street Forex Robot was designed as a fully automatic trading solution for Forex.
  • The only platform to trade is MT4.
  • The low spreads is a must option for the system.
  • It works with all types of accounts: Standard, Mini, and Micro.
  • The system follows NFA regulation rules.

Wall Street Forex Robot Features

  • There’s a broker spy module to prevent a broker from eating SL levels.
  • There’s a self-updated feature that can update the robot even during its working.
  • The robot was updated to a 2.0 version about a year ago to increase its profitability.
  • The system knows when to stop trading before the market goes another direction by using exit trading logic.
  • The robot is a frequently traded trading solution.
  • It sets pending stop and limit orders on the terminal.
  • An average profit is from 10 to 15 pips.

Wall Street Forex Robot benefits

  • The robot can be installed within 10 minutes.
  • The pack includes some free advisors.

Key Features

  • The system works automatically.
  • It calculates TP and SL for us.
  • The system can be used on 4 and 5 digits brokers

Trading Strategy

The robot is a scalper. So, it cuts out profits from major market moves triggered by news, breakouts, and other activities.

Strategy tester report

The presentation is featured by many backtest reports. It’s a USD/JPY report on the M15 time frame and on the 22-year data. The maximum drawdown was 10.98%. An initial deposit was $2000. The total net profit was $223,211. The Profit Factor was 1.74. The robot has closed 7163 orders. The win rate was 87%.


Wall Street Forex Robot Pricing

It’s common to see some discounts provided.

Wall Street Forex Robot Pricing

The current offers at a $267 price. We will receive:

  • One license for a real account.
  • Unlimited number of demo account licenses
  • The best in Forex industry 24/7 support
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • As  a bonus we will get WS Asia, WS Recovery Pro, and WS Gold Trader EAs.

Trading Performance of Wall Street Forex Robot

Trading Results Chart

Wall Street Forex Robot has been working on a real AUD account on IC Markets automatically with 1:500 leverage on the MT4 platform. The account has a verified track record. It was created on December 22, 2017, and deposited at 866.10 AUD. Since then, the absolute gain has become +193.06%. An average monthly gain is +2.51%. The maximum drawdown is 21.17%. The account is tracked by 124 users.

Trading Results

The robot traded 3153 orders with 9636.8 pips traded. An average win is 14.43 pips when an average loss is -39.83 pips. The win rate is 79% for Longs and 78% for Shorts. An average trade length is 4 hours and 50 minutes. The Profit Factor is 1.14.

Currency pairs

The system doesn’t work equally with all pairs. The most profitable and most frequently traded symbol is GBPUSD, with 1654 deals and $778.77

Trading sessions

The robot works during all sessions.

Trading days

Tuesday is the less traded day, with 574 deals.

Risk of the ruin

There are moderated risks to the balance. There is a 24.04% chance of losing 10% of the account balance.

Trading history

The robot sets dynamic SL levels.

Monthly gain

The system challenges to be consistently profitable.

Customer Support

FXAutomater provides solid support for everyone who wants to ask questions. Usually, it’s informative and welcome.

People Feedback

Page on Forex Peace Army

There’s a page of Wall Street Forex Robot on Forex Peace Army. Clients published 18 reviews, so the final rate has become 2.85.

User reviews

User reviews

User reviews

People noted that the system doesn’t trade frequently, and SLs are deep and unfriendly.

Wall Street Forex Robot Summary: Worth it or not?


Wall Street Forex Robot is a trading solution that was released several years ago. The presentation looks great, as usual for FXAutomater. The trading results seem not quite professional and more unpredictable than it was before. Purchasing it can be a mistake.

  • Backtest reports provided
  • Many verified accounts provided
  • An extended refund policy
  • No money-management or risk advice provided
  • Trading results are unpredictable
  • Some negative testimonials are published

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