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Vigorous EA Review

Vigorous EA

Vigorous EA was introduced by the simple presentation that doesn’t tell us everything about the robot’s functionality. We have three lines of claims: “The Vigorous EA is one of our best EA’s! It has been successfully backtested on 21 years of data. It scalps the EURUSD pair up to 100 times a week and makes a profit EVERY day! If you’re looking for an EA that makes a consistent profit every day, this is it!” Let’s take a look at what we’ve got.

We have decided to analyze it because of trading results and a price decrease from $397 to $247. The system has been working on the market since February. It’s not a big period to be sure that the robot is stable and can be used on the real account. At the same time, we’d like to note that all months were closed with profits.

What is behind Vigorous EA?

Core information

There are four blocks of core information about the advisor:

  • The system can work automatically for us. It’s a con because we may do what we want.
  • The advisor opens approximately eleven orders a day.
  • The system is able to calculate Grids properly.
  • The advisor was tested well on the 99.99% tick data from various brokers.
  • According to gained pips (from 2 to 8), it can be scalping.
  • An average trade length is several hours.

Vigorous EA Features

  • The win streak is five months in a row.
  • The developers have sold 196 copies.
  • An average monthly profit is 1.56%, with default settings applied.
  • The system trades from 50 to 100 deals weekly.

Key Features

  • Automatic trading.
  • Calculating Grids of orders.
  • It works on high time frames (H4, D1?).
  • The robot works with EURUSD only.
  • The recommended minimum deposit is $5000.
  • The starting leverage should be not less than  1:200 or higher.

Trading Strategy

  • The robot works with Scalping and Grid of orders strategies.

Backtest report

There’s a backtest report of  EURUSD created on sixteen years of tick data. The absolute gain was 2,458.24%. An average monthly gain was 1.66%. The maximum drawdown was 52.86%. It’s truly scary. The system has traded 65,733 deals with 69,832 pips. An average win was 5.01 pips when an average loss was -10.47 pips. The accuracy rate is 75%. The average trade length was almost two hours. The profit factor was 1.63.

EURUSD currency pair

Low risks

The robot traded with low risks.


Vigorous EA Pricing

Vigorous EA Pricing

The offer cost $397 half a month ago. The current price is $247. We have no idea what the reason was for decreasing the final price in a big way. The package is featured by a real and demo account license. Money-back guarantee is not provided.

Trading Performance of Vigorous EA

Trading Results Chart

The system has been trading on a demo USD account on the Trader’s Way broker automatically. The leverage is 1:100. The account has a verified track record and verified trading privileges at the same time. It was created on February 15, 2021, and funded at $5,000. The absolute gain is 7.63%. An average monthly gain is 1.53%. The maximum drawdown is 13.90%. Thirty-two traders track the trading results.

Trading Results

Vigorous EA traded 1367 orders with 348.4 pips. An average win is 4.88 pips when an average loss is -11.24 pips. The win rate is 70% for Longs and 71% for Shorts. An average trade length is four hours and a half. The profit factor is 1.50.

Currency pairs

The system trades EURUSD. There were 1306 orders with $336.43 obtained.

European trading session

The most trading hours are during the European trading session.

Trading week

Wednesday is the less traded day, but in general, the robot works equally during the week.

Low risks

The account is run with low risks to the balance.

Trading history

The advisor covers SL and TP levels from a broker.

Monthly gain

We have had quite low profitability since the beginning.

Customer Support

The developers provide mediocre support that is delivered within a day, not hours.

People Feedback

The system doesn’t have testimonials published. There’s no feedback on the site, Forex Peace Army, or Trustpilot. We don’t know how the system works on real clients’ accounts.

Vigorous EA Summary: Worth it or not?


Conclusion Vigorous EA works on a demo account working with a scalping strategy, but most likely with a Grid plus Martingale combination. The test showed that the robot could work with insanely deep drawdowns if the market goes in the wrong way. The system is delivered without a money-back guarantee. So, all sales are final.

  • Backtest report provided
  • Trading results provided
  • No team revealed
  • Risky strategies on the board
  • No real account trading results provided
  • No risk or money management advice given
  • No refunds
  • No customer testimonials provided

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