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Night Hunter Pro Review

Night Hunter Pro

Night Hunter Pro does not use martingale and grid strategies and works on GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURCHF, USDCAD, USDCHF, CHFJPY, AUDCAD, EURCAD, and EURAUD. The robot has multiple input parameters that can be adjusted to tweak the output of the system. Our article will discuss the important features of the EA and provide you information on the respective pros and cons.

The robot was published on June 15, 2021, and the last updates were on August 11, 2021. From these observations, we can conclude that it has been online for three months only. The tracking records are also available for a similar duration. The robot takes its place amongst a few algos that do not use martingale and grid strategies, which have caught our attention, and we decided to review.

What is behind the Night Hunter Pro?

Valeriia Mishchenko is the author of the product who resides in Russia. She has a total rating of 4.6 ratings for 25 reviews. The developer has two products published on the MQL 5 marketplace and has a total of 19 subscribers for her services. She has trading experience of one year.

How it works

After purchasing the robot, you have to log in to the MQL 5 community on the MetaTrader platform and download the product. Refresh the experts’ tab to make it visible. Press the auto trading button and place it on respective charts to begin trading.

Key features

Night Hunter Pro has the following key features with their services:

  • It does not use martingale and grid strategies
  • It uses a fixed stop loss for each trade
  • It uses an advanced scalping system with proper exit criteria
  • It requires a hedging account with low slippage and spreads

The developer does not provide information on the leverage, and minimum deposit traders should use.

Trading strategy

As mentioned before, the robot works without using the martingale and grid strategies and has a fixed stop loss for every position. It works only on the M4 chart on multiple currency pairs. To get further information about the strategy, we head over to the live records available on Myfxbook. From history, it is evident that the EA works when the American and the Asian sessions overlap. It places trades with a high stop loss of around 60 pips and take profit for a few pips.

Trading history on Myfxbook

Trading history on Myfxbook

Backtesting results are available for multiple currency pairs. For USDCAD, the relative drawdown was around 20.04%. The winning rate was 78.49%, with a profit factor of about 2.45. All the tests were done on the 5 minutes chart with a starting balance of $100. The robot tanked an average profit of $254.58 during this period. There were 953 trades in total. The best trade was $8.90, while the worst one was -$4.84.

Backtesting on USDCAD

Backtesting on USDCAD


The algorithm can be bought for an asking price of $499 from the MQL 5 marketplace. There is no money-back guarantee available.

The pricing model of the robot

The pricing model of the robot

Trading performance of Night Hunter Pro

Live trading results are available on Myfxbook, which show performance from June 21, 2021, till the current date. The system made an average monthly gain of 1.48%, with a drawdown of 0.67%. The winning rate stood at 70%, with a profit factor of 2.66. The best trade was $12.80, while the worst was -$5.08. There were a total of 193 trades. The developer made $5000 in deposits and $0 in withdrawals.

Live trading records on Myfxbook

Live trading records on Myfxbook

Customer support

Customer support is only available through the MQL 5 marketplace, where you can contact the developer by sending her a message. You can also add her to your friend list.

People feedback

Customer reviews on MQL 5 community where a user complains that using the robot resulted in a margin call. They state that backtesting is not the same as the developer shows.

Customer review on MQL 5 community

Customer review on MQL 5 community

Night Hunter Pro Summary: Worth it or not?


Night Hunter Pro uses a big stop loss that can bring in a huge drawdown when it strikes. This can wipe out all the small gains from the little profits. Be careful when using the algorithm.

  • Available on the noted MQL 5 marketplace
  • The live trading results are for a short duration
  • There is no detailed statement with the backtesting results
  • The developer is not transparent on the strategy of the system

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