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Advanced Hedge Review

Advanced Hedge

Advanced Hedge is a system that can be found on MQL5. It was released several months ago on May 26, 2021 by Ho Tuan Thang. The present version is 4.0 from August 13, 2021. We don’t know details about the company behind it.

Advanced Hedge company’s portfolio systems

Advanced Hedge company’s portfolio systems

The company’s portfolio includes six systems in total where two of them have no rates at all. A pricing policy is the same for almost all products.

The system is a hedge-based trading solution. It performs a risky strategy to be profitable. We decided to look at it.

What is behind Advanced Hedge?

The robot includes average presentation where the developer tries to answer some of our questions:

  • The advisor executes orders completely automatically for us.
  • There will be a sale with the final price of $49.
  • We have three copies for $159 left.
  • The next price will be $249.
  • The main strategy is Hedge.
  • We can work with Crypto, Forex, Metals, and Indices.
  • There’s a recovering system after losses.
  • The system doesn’t use indicators to calculate an entry point.
  • The backtests united two years of tick data.
  • We can get a free copy of another advisor if we buy this one.
  • There’s an MT4 version available as well.
  • The set files will be provided.
  • The minimum deposit should be $3000.
  • It isn’t sensitive to spreads and slippages.
  • We can customize SL and TP levels as well.
  • The developer is ready to help us to customize the system.

Key features

  • The robot works fully automatically
  • It works with EURUSD and GBPUSD.
  • The minimum deposit should be $3000.
  • It is compatible with any brokers.
  • It trades on the M15 timeframe.
  • It is not sensitive to slippage and spreads.

Trading strategy

  • The system uses Hegde, and it seems like there’s Martingale as well.
  • It works in the unknown time frame on EURUSD and GBPUSD.


Advanced Hedge pricing

Advanced Hedge pricing

The robot costs $149 for a copy. We can buy a one-year license for $49 only. There’s a possibility for demo usage. The offer doesn’t include any kind of refund policy.

Trading performance of Advanced Hedge

Advanced Hedge backtest

Advanced Hedge backtest

We have a backtest on EURUSD on the one-year tick data. The quality was low – 82%. An initial deposit was $10,000. The total net profit was $74,886. The profit factor was 2.15. The recovery factor was 6.08. The maximum drawdown was 9.64%. The system has traded 16245 deals with 79% of the win rate for shorts and 71% for longs.

Advanced Hedge trading results

Advanced Hedge trading results

Instead of actual trading results, we have a screenshot where the system worked on the account and had a 1-star rate. It looks like the system made 1272% for five weeks only. There should be trading with insane risks. The initial deposit was $1608. The profit has become $18,507. It looks like the account was blown or prohibited to withdraw. The broker was RoboForex. The leverage was 1:500. The profit factor was 2.99. An average profit was $23.71 when an average loss was -$17.44.

Customer support

Advanced Hedge developer’s statements

Advanced Hedge developer’s statements

We may download setting files for the system. The owner answers quickly.

Advanced Hedge profile

Advanced Hedge profile

The dev is from Viet Nam, and he has a 1744 rate. His products have a 4.9 rate based on 64 pieces of feedback.

People feedback

Advanced Hedge testimonials on MQL5

Advanced Hedge testimonials on MQL5

We have only three testimonials that were positive. We can’t believe them. They look like scams because they don’t include any number of challenges.

Advanced Hedge Summary: Worth it or not?


Advanced Hedge seems to be a scam. The developers did everything to cover how the system works for us. The presentation includes a low-quality backtest and a screenshot of past gains, which we can’t check. We have no idea how the system runs charts right now. The developer doesn’t know this either because the system doesn’t work on real or demo accounts.

  • Backtest report provided
  • There’s an affordable rental option
  • No risk or money management advice given
  • The backtest aren’t maximal quality
  • Fake screenshot of trading results
  • No current trading results provided
  • No people feedback provided

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