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Night Hawk (by DaVinci FX group) Review

Night Hawk

Night Hawk EA is an MT4 tool from the DaVinci FX group. This ATS does not require manual input and claims to provide assured profits with its optimized algorithm, trade filters, and constant updates. Promoted by the DaVinci FX group which has been in the Forex trading field since 2013. The group has developed several MQL based trading algorithms and boasts of several successful investment projects. Other robot advisors of the company include Zodiaq, Sakura, and Trade Helper. The MT4 indicators of the company include DaVinci Telegram, Candle Closing time, and more.

Night Hawk EA Review

As a fully automated MT4 tool, this EA uses integrated money management and a unique trading algorithm to ensure high returns and minimal risk. This FX EA provides backtesting reports and live results as proof of its effective software. While the DaVinci FX company has been developing such EAs and indicators since 2015, the official site does not provide details on the founding date of this EA and the developers behind it. But from info on the MQL5 site, we found that Roman Starostin is the developer. This review by our expert analysts attempts to evaluate the FX robot comprehensively and give our recommendation on its reliability.

What is behind the Night Hawk Robot?

This FX Robot uses a modified version of the Martingale method combined with several enhancements and perks that result in profitable trades. As per the vendor info, the algorithm has been created by MQL4 programmers. The optimization of the software is done by Tick Data Suite with slippage and variable spread.

Trading with this EA occurs when the trading positions are opened with the help of indicators like Bollinger Band and also with candlestick patterns. Filters with customizable options are present for the maximum drawdown, open transactions, and various other trading components.

Key Features

Night Hawk Features

Important features of this FX EA include 100% automation of the trading algorithm that eliminates the need for human intervention. Filters included in the settings help in receiving reliable signals. With the smart filters, the robot can enable premature withdrawal from a position using set indicator signals and secure profit points until a reversal occurs. Filters for currency pairs and market news help minimize the drawdown. The system is compatible with all brokers and accounts.

Trading Strategy

Several backtests are displayed on the official site. Here is a screenshot of the strategy tester report for this EA on the myfxbook site.

Night Hawk Strategy
Night Hawk Strategy

From the trading stats, we could see the test has been done for 8 years with a deposit amount of $3000 and a balance of $15,260. The total profit was 408.27% with the daily and monthly gains being 0.05% and 1.63%. A drawdown of 28.34% is shown for this backtest done with 99.9% modeling quality. The profit factor for this account was 1.82. The lot sizes varied from 0.09 up to 0.37.


Night Hawk Price

Offered at $275, this EA does not come with a refund guarantee. A 30% discount is present for the purchase of a second copy and further copies. We find the price expensive when compared to the competitor EA in the market. The lack of a money-back guarantee makes this FX robot unreliable.

Trading Performance of Night Hawk

The track record of this EA is verified by the myfxbook site. Here is a real live account result.

Night Hawk Performance
Night Hawk Performance

From the screenshots of the results, a total profit of 235.79% and an absolute gain of 55.02% are revealed in the trading stats. We could see the drawdown is high at 41.35%. A total of 1743 trades have been executed from December 2018 up to May 2021. The profit factor value is 1.66 and trading history reveals lot sizes varying from 0.01 up to 0.17.

Customer Support

All queries and complaints regarding the use of this EA can be addressed to the separate support email or the DaVinci group email address. Phone contact is also provided and contact is also possible via social media apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. The vendor also provides an online contact form.

People Feedback

Night Hawk Comments
Night Hawk Comments

User reviews for this EA are found on the MQL5 site. While the reviews are mostly positive, one user points to the inability of using the software along with other expert advisors. Another user mentions issues with the settings.

Night Hawk Summary: Worth it or not?


  • 100% automated EA
  • Verified backtests and trading results


  • Uses Martingale strategy which is a high-risk approach
  • High drawdown is present
  • Price is expensive
  • No money-back guarantee provided


Night Hawk EA boasts of high returns and a low drawdown approach with its modified Martingale approach. While the vendor provides backtests and verified real account stats, we find the high drawdown and big lot sizes are definite indicators of poor performance. Further, the difference in the absolute gain and the total profit percentage confirms that the efficacy is not as claimed by the vendor. While the user reviews on the MQL5 site are positive, the expensive price and lack of refund offer are downsides that confirm that the EA is not a trustworthy system.

Rating: 4.4/10

Features: 5/10

Performance: 4/10

Strategy: 4/10

User reviews: 5/10

Price: 4/10

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