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Happy News Review

Happy News

Happy Forex is a company that has designed Happy News many years ago. It focuses on working with high impact news. The presentation looks short and not informative. We don’t know if it fits our trading style.

The advisor was designed many years ago and received several updates. Anyway, it has never looked like a sure bet.

What is behind Happy News?

We have some details explained when the rest ones we have to guess. It’s not professional for developers.

  • The advisor can help us with executing orders completely automatically on clients’ terminals.
  • The only terminal to work is MT4.
  • We can grab market moves via placing pending orders on the market.
  • The system will receive data from a Forex Factory calendar.
  • The advisor hasn’t worked with risky strategies like Grid, Martingale, Cost Averaging, Arbitrage, etc.
  • The settings can help us with choosing news we may like to trade.
Happy News news

Happy News news

  • We may check now everything looks on screenshots.
  • The system is so sensitive to GMT Offset. So, it must be customized properly.
Happy News recommended brokers

Happy News recommended brokers

  • Happy Forex suggests we work through Admiral Markets.
  • Usually, the devs provide some motivation to force people to use their referral links.
  • We had to work only on low spread accounts.
  • The system can be used on both four and five-digit charts.

Key features

  • There’s money-management behind the robot.
  • It opens and closes orders for us.
  • The balance should be over $100 to trade smoothly.
  • We don’t know a list of cross pairs the EA can trade on.
  • The time frame isn’t mentioned as well.

Trading strategy

The robot runs a high-impact news trading strategy. This strategy has a medium risk to the account balance. So, everyone can decide if it fits their expectations.

The system doesn’t have backtest reports to convince us that the robot was tested properly after it was updated and released once again. We would like to know how it worked with the past data.


Happy News pricing

Happy News pricing

The system is available with a 30% discount of €299 for two licenses and €499 for five licenses. The package includes ten advisors on the board. Most of them have become scams several years ago that’s why they have no price. They are useless and the developers don’t care about updating them to acceptable conditions.

Trading performance of Happy News

Happy News trading results

Happy News trading results

It’s how the system looked half a year ago. This account was stopped.

Happy News trading results

Happy News trading results

Now, we have this account. As we may note, trading results don’t look better at all. The system has gained 130.20 in total. An initial deposit was $10000. The total net profit has amounted to 14.63% only. The monthly gain is 0.45%.

Happy News monthly profitability

Happy News monthly profitability

As we may note, the system can easily lose several months in a row.

Happy News statistics

Happy News statistics

The system has executed 220 orders with an average win rate of 84.55%. The best trade is $410.82 when the worst trade is -$282. An average trade length is 6 minutes. The profit factor is low – 1.2.

Happy News distribution

Happy News distribution

We can work fifth four cross pairs. GBPUSD is the most traded cross pair among others – 28.18%.

Happy News risks

Happy News risks

The system executes orders with sky-high risks to the balance. There’s a 40.95% chance to lose 10% of the account.

Happy News performance list

Happy News performance list

The system has lost AUDUSD in a big way, -$838.08 of the total net profit. The leverage is low – 1:100. So, trading requires much margin. The name of the broker isn’t clear and it’s rare to be seen and used.

Customer support

The support is average. There’s nothing special. Usually, the representatives answer quickly.

People feedback

The advisor doesn’t have proper feedback that could help us with understanding if the system can fit our expectations. We may only purchase it blindly, risking our money.

Happy News Summary: Worth it or not?


Happy News is a trading solution that works with several accounts completely without success. It means that the robot must be updated asap but it looks like the developers don’t care about this at all. We can’t suggest anyone work with this robot.

  • Trading results provided
  • No team revealed
  • No risk advice given
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No backtest reports shown
  • Trading results are horrible
  • The package includes many useless advisors
  • No people testimonials provided

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