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Big Poppa EA Review

Big Poppa EA

Big Poppa EA is a Forex expert advisor that was launched in 2021. The vendor promises monthly profits of 30-50% with this robot. It is a product from the BenderFX team that is known for building systems like BenderV4, BenderV2, and Shizuka EA. We don’t know when this company was founded and there is no information on its service history.

Since this is a new system, naturally we have some doubts about its profitability. We need to check whether it has performed well in the live market to date. This is why we have conducted this review. According to the vendor, there have been 300 licenses sold for this robot. Before we can arrive at a final verdict, it is necessary to analyze all the different performance factors.

What is behind the Big Poppa EA robot?

Big Poppa EA combines the functionalities of the Shizuka and BenderV2 EAs. It places trades in low volatility markets and claims to keep the max drawdown between 15% and 25%. The vendor recommends using this robot in tandem with Shizuka. After purchasing, you get a user guide and more than 10 set files.

Key features 

Big Poppa EA trades in the EUR/JPY and EUR/USD pairs and you ought to use it with H1 and M15 charts. To start trading with this EA, you need a minimum balance of $500. For the live trading account, it uses 1:500 leverage and places its trades through the FXTM brokerage.

This EA has money management features like equity stop, hedging, limit order, and trailing stop. You have the option to boost the backtesting performance to find your own set files.

Trading strategy

The trading strategy of this robot involves Fibonacci retracements, price action, and martingale. It captures the price retracements by combining the probabilistic zones with the Fibonacci Golden Zone. For price action, the EA does not entirely rely on the crossover. It first validates that the winning probability is more than 75%. As we know, martingale is a highly risky strategy that can lead to huge losses in an unfavorable market scenario.

Unfortunately, the vendor has not shared the backtesting results for this EA. It is important for every EA vendor to test their automated strategies using historical data. A system with decent historical performance is considered robust and reliable.


Big Poppa is available for $149. Upon purchasing, you get a single EA license for a lifetime. We don’t think it is worth spending this much on a system with such poor performance. Also, the vendor does not offer a money-back guarantee. The lack of a refund policy is a major red flag.

Trading performance of Big Poppa EA

Growth chart of Big Poppa EA

Growth chart of Big Poppa EA

Since June 26, 2021, the EA has placed a total of 180 trades through this account on Myfxbook. As you can see, the performance was quite poor and the EA suffered heavy losses. The account has a time-weighted return of -99.88%.

The drawdown for this account was extremely high at 99.92% and this indicates a high-risk trading strategy. We can see that the monthly gain was -92.13%, which means the vendor’s claim of 30-50% monthly profit is false. The win rate for this account was 63% and the profit factor was 0.43.

Trading results of Big Poppa EA

Trading results of Big Poppa EA

Looking at the trading history, we can see multiple consecutive losses. Some of these losses are huge, and it is quite obvious that this is not a safe Forex trading system.

Customer support 

There is an official Telegram channel for this robot that you can join if you require support. The website does not have a live chat feature and the vendor has not provided an official email address.

People feedback

At this moment, there are no customer reviews for Big Poppa EA on independent websites like Mufxbook, Trustpilot, Quora, and Forexpeacearmy. Since it is new to the Forex market, it is not surprising that not many people know about it.

Big Poppa EA Summary: Worth it or not?


Big Poppa EA is not a system that can deliver decent results in the Forex market. Going by the live performance, this is a high-risk system that suffers heavy losses. Also, your investment is not protected by a refund policy. Thus, it would be prudent to avoid this EA at all costs.

  • Verified trading statistics
  • No backtesting results
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Poor live trading performance

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