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FXSecret Immortal Review

FXSecret Immortal

FXSecret Immortal is a Forex-related trading solution that looks awkwardly simple as for the system that has that suspicious trading chart. Let’s check what’s going on with it.

The developers hide themselves. It’s nearly impossible to find data about them and what we have to expect.

What is behind FXSecret Immortal?

The presentation has a few explanations about how everything works and what risks we have to face.

  • FXSecret Immortal is a completely automatic trading solution that can open and close orders for us.
  • We have three strategies implemented behind the system.
  • We are allowed to decide what of them we’d like to work with.
  • It helps us with calculating lot sizes.
  • The system protects all open orders with Stop Loss levels to protect orders.

Key features

  • We can expect that the robot calculates lot sizes for us.
  • It opens and closes all orders automatically.
  • The system protects them with SL and TP levels.
  • The vendor claims that the EA comes with the drawdown control.
  • From the offer part of the presentation we know that “the account requires $1400 for conservative and $700 for aggressive trading.”
  • The pairs to trade aren’t mentioned.
  • We don’t know what time frame we have to work on.

Trading strategy

  • It looks like there’s Martingale, Grid, and Price Action or Trend.
  • There are screenshots that explain the past performance.
FXSecret Immortal explanations

FXSecret Immortal explanations

  • The first period was when the strategy was tested live.
FXSecret Immortal explanations

FXSecret Immortal explanations

  • We look at the period when first and second strategies were united.
FXSecret Immortal explanations

XSecret Immortal explanations

  • The last strategy has brought insane drawdowns and losses.


FXSecret Immortal pricing

FXSecret Immortal pricing

There’s no Balck Friday sale. The price is still – $549. We can expect to get a license for any type of account, both versions MT4 and MT5, we can switch accounts when we want without limitations, the settings are easy to set up, and there’s 24/7 lifetime support.

Trading performance of FXSecret Immortal

The devs decided not to show backtest reports that lay behind the system. It’s suspicious because we don’t know how the system handled past data and from what broker. Backtests are performed to convince the devs and later us that the win rate, drawdowns, and profitability are good.

FXSecret Immortal trading results

FXSecret Immortal trading results

The advisor was set many years ago to trade automatically on a USD Cent account on Forex4you on MT4. The broker is not a quite common choice for automatic trading. The account has a verified track record. It was found on May 27, 2013, and deposited at $1,863.80. Since then, the absolute gain has become 11829.3%. An average monthly gain is 4.74%. The maximum drawdown is 65.84%. It’s such a scary level.

FXSecret Immortal trading statistics

FXSecret Immortal trading statistics

FXSecret Immortal executed 3014 orders with 3467 pips. Since our last visit, the system has lost over 300 pips. An average win is 41.72 pips when an average loss is -50.91 pips. The accuracy is 58% for long and 51.20% for short. An average trade length is two days. The profit factor is 1.16.

FXSecret Immortal hourly trading results

FXSecret Immortal hourly trading results

The robot works during the European hour and opens some orders during the night session.

FXSecret Immortal risks

FXSecret Immortal risks

We look at the numbers of high risk trading. There’s a 55.13% chance to lose 10% of the balance.

FXSecret Immortal closed orders

FXSecret Immortal closed orders

The robot had almost blown the account opening orders with large lot sizes.

Customer support

We have no details provided about the support. There’s no intel if it is good.

People feedback

FXSecret Immortal’s page on FPA

FXSecret Immortal’s page on FPA

We have a page of FXSecret Immortal on Forex Peace Army. There’s a single review written. We may note that there is a zeroed account mentioned as well.

Customer testimonial

Customer testimonial

The client mentions that he couldn’t make this system work in 2018. Since then, no reviews have been published.

FXSecret Immortal Summary: Worth it or not?


FXSecret Immortal is a system that works with risky strategies in the most risky way. The system survives only because of playing Russian roulette with available Margin. We mentioned that the system has lost 300 pips for a short period. It means the system is not profitable.

  • Trading results shown
  • Strategy explanations provided
  • No risk advice given
  • Risky strategies on the board
  • No backtest reports provided
  • Insane Martingale on low-effective Grids of orders
  • Lack of customer reviews

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