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Zenith EA Review

Zenith EA image

We have a Zenith advisor published on MQL5 on March 29, 2021by Olena Skrynnik. The robot has a 1.2 version that was uploaded on May 3, 2021. The robot was activated seven times. It was also downloaded for demo usage 410 times.

Zenith Robot Review

The robot was released not so far ago and had some results from its trading activities. We have decided to take a closer look at it.

What is behind Zenith EA?

The analyzed features can be seen in the following list.

  • The system can execute deals fully automatically. Parameters
  • We have a list of settings that we are allowed to change.
  • The system doesn’t have a self-learning algorithm.
  • We should expect that the system will trade frequently.
  • It doesn’t work with a scalping strategy.
  • The robot works from 12 p.m. on Monday.
  • We can use any account type that we want.
  • “The system uses a neural network for trading. The specificity of neural networks is such that it requires a period of learning from history and testing outside this period of learning.”
  • We have to optimize default parameters on our own. It’s a scam. The robot must work well from the box because a few can do customizations.

Key Features

  • The robot works with USD/CHF, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, and USD/JPY
  • The time frame to trade is H1.

Trading Strategy

  • “EA based on artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is an optimization technique that simulates the foraging behavior of honey bees.” It sounds like a pure scam.
  • “In the ABC algorithm, there are three types of bees: employed bees, onlooker bees, and scout bees. Each bee does the knowledge assigned to it: checks the patterns, reads the graph to identify problems, trains the network on the received data, breaks down, and classifies the patterns.” It’s nonsense. The backtest report without mentions about what symbols are involved in it

We have a backtest report without mentions about what symbols are involved in it. The same we have about the period of used data. The history quality is 100%. The total net profit was $59,671. The maximum drawdown was 3.92% ($123.70). The Profit Factor was 5.24. The Recovery Factor was 105.13. There were 2101 trades executed. The win rate was 71.17% for Shorts and 69.75% for Longs. An average win streak was four deals.


The system is available for $199 for a digital lifetime copy. The offer doesn’t include rental options. There’s a free demo download in order if we want to check settings and execute some backtest reports on our terminal and on the data from our broker.

Trading Performance of Zenith EA Trading Performance of Zenith EA

We have only a demo account on RoboForex where the robot trades with 1:500 leverage automatically. The maximum drawdown is 3.7%. The win rate is 86.2%. The maximum deposit load is 3.9%. Signals have low reliability. The account is alive for 12 weeks. The maximum growth is 34.62%.

The system opens two trades weekly. An average trade length is 18 hours. There are 10 subscribers for these free signals. Grows Grafic The profitability varies so much from month to month. We can’t treat it as a predictable trading solution. Drawdown Grafic The drawdown periods happen not so often, and they are low. The last trading results showed almost two losses in a row The last trading results showed almost two losses in a row. The system has closed 138 deals The system has closed 138 deals. The best trade was $140.02 when the worst trade was -$90.57. The Gross Profit is $2191. The Gross Loss is -$460.48. An average trade length is 18 hours. The Recovery Factor is 10.85. The Profit Factor is 4.76. An average profit is $18.42 when an average loss is -$24.24. Distribution The advisor trades both directions equally. The system receives warnings consistently. The system receives warnings consistently. 

Customer Support

There are many questions that remain unanswered. Customer Support Instead of a developer, another person tried to answer these requests.

People Feedback People Feedback

The last comments are mostly negative. One person has got Margin Call wiping his account. There are also problems with placing TP and SL levels.

Zenith EA Summary: Worth it or not?

Zenith EA


Zenith EA is an advisor about which we know almost nothing. We have weird explanations about trading strategies behind the system. The developer doesn’t trade on the real account to prove to us that the system can be profitable under real market conditions. The offer doesn’t include a refund policy. The last feedback showed that people weren’t happy with how the system works.

  • Trading results provided
  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No risk or money-management advice given
  • No good backtest published
  • Trading results from a demo account
  • The system has started trading wors
  • The robot is a young trading solution
  • There were many negative testimonials published
  • The robot has no rental option and isn’t supported by a money-back guarantee

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