What Is the Most Accurate and Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker?


The crypto portfolio tracker allows investors to track and get a result about the current status of their investment. Moreover, it supports several platforms like wallets, exchanges, and blockchain in real-time so that investors can see the live performance of their activity.

If you are keen to build a profitable crypto trading portfolio, you should regularly monitor the performance, which is only possible through a crypto portfolio tracking app. The following section will see the list of trackers available on mobile and web-based platforms.

What are desktop crypto portfolio trackers?

It is software that investors can download and install on their computer to track their activities on the crypto investment. This software can identify the detailed analytics of the crypto-investment, including the profitability, asset allocation report, winning vs. losing trades, ratios, etc. This software helps investors evaluate their performance by eliminating mistakes and improving themselves in trading day by day.

Many desktop-based crypto portfolio trackers are available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, some software has a cloud version so that investors can track the performance from anywhere in the world.

How to choose the best crypto portfolio tracker?

A failure to choose the right crypto portfolio tracker would affect your trading activities. Therefore, before selecting the right portfolio tracker, make sure to consider these facts:


It is the most important fact as the crypto tracker has direct access to your investment. Before taking any service, make sure to research the platform to see what users say about it. Then, only download software from the authentic website.


Many coins have made a stable position in the crypto market in the crypto market while new coins are joining every day. If you want to build a portfolio with a wide range of coins, make sure that the portfolio tracker can access them through exchanges. Therefore, the availability of exchanges and APIs would be your second requirement in finding the right app.


It is essential to see detailed portfolio metrics from all the possible angles so that investors can understand their performance. Therefore, find the crypto portfolio tracker that shows analytics reports as much as possible.

How to compare trackers?

The best way is to shortlist the top-tiered crypto portfolio tracking software and compare their performance. In this process, users should focus on finding what they want from the service. For example, a trader might travel a lot. Therefore, a cloud-based crypto tracker is best for him.

If you want to reduce your time researching these services, the following list is for you. Here we will disclose the top five crypto portfolio trackers with associated services and costs.

NameBest forEase to useFiat or other assetsPricing
BitsgapCrypto portfolio managementWide range of settings, UI, and demo facilityFiat and crypto$19.00-$110.00 per month
PionexAutomated trading18 free bots with a customizable interfaceFiat and cryptosCommission at 0.05%
CryptowatchCrypto day traders1000+ cryptos to track, live interaction with other traders, and in-app tradingFiat and cryptos$15 for the premium account
BloxCrypto tracking for companiesQuickBooks export, in-app trading, B2B & B2C servicesFiat and cryptosFree
Crypto ProDay traders5000+ cryptos and availability of APIsFiat, cryptos, metals$7.99 a month

Bitsgap desktop crypto portfolio tracker: why I should choose it?

Bitsgap web interface
Bitsgap web interface

Bitsgap is an all-in-one platform for Bitcoin, fiats and other cryptos. The availability of the best crypto bots, portfolio management, smart algorithmic orders and the integration with many exchanges are core features of this platform.

Other key features of the Bitsgap are mentioned below:

  • 25+ crypto exchanges are available to track the performance
  • Availability of smart APIs to protect funds
  • Users can have crypto trading signals and live trading data
  • The opportunity of testing the service for a week with the demo account
  • Grid trading bot available for traders
  • Advance and pro package offers cryptocurrency arbitrage trading

Pionex desktop crypto portfolio tracker: why I should choose it?

Pionex web interface
Pionex web interface

Pionex is a crypto trading bot and portfolio tracker that aggregates the Houbi Global and Binance platform liquidity. This platform offers 18 free trading bots through the web-based interface where buying/selling or exchanging cryptocurrencies happens.

Other key features are mentioned below:

  • 0.05% for maker and taker fee
  • Trading opportunities from the bank account
  • Easy interface with the customizable facility
  • Grid and martingale bots are available
  • Approved by US FinCEN’s MSB

Cryptowatch desktop crypto portfolio tracker: why I should choose it?

Cryptowatch web interface
Cryptowatch web interface

Cryptowatch is operated by Kraken, where users can track and evaluate their trading performance in more than 1000 crypto assets. It supports more than ten crypto platforms, including, Binance and Coinbase, so that worldwide traders can use this service.

Other key features of this platform are mentioned below:

  • The desktop version is available besides the main web-based platform
  • It allows in-app trading for users
  • Traders can see price correlation between multiple assets
  • In-app interaction with other traders

Blox desktop crypto portfolio tracker: why I should choose it?

Blox web interface
Blox web interface

Blox is a crypto tracker that offers services like the traditional platform eToro or TenX. Besides, it offers trading cryptocurrencies like Binance or Coinbase. The key feature of this platform is that it integrates crypto portfolio trading with accounting and other company attributes.

Other key features are mentioned below:

  • Easy exporting available to Excel, Quickbook, Xero and Google sheet
  • 30+ cryptos are available
  • Buying and selling are possible from the platform

Crypto Pro desktop crypto portfolio tracker: why I should choose it?

Crypto Pro web interface
Crypto Pro web interface

Crypto Pro offers to track more than 5000 cryptos from 120 exchanges. Moreover, you can sync the performance tracking from other platforms using APIs.

Other features are mentioned below:

  • Higher security from features like Face ID and Touch IDs
  • Wide range of stats like diversification and live gain/loss
  • Real-time price charts, newsfeeds, and tracking options, but all of that is completely pointless if you don’t import at least one API key from a supported crypto exchange

Final thoughts

The services mentioned above apply to retail and institutional investors, where the Blox crypto tracker app is perfect for companies. However, most traders need a wide range of metrics to see their trading performance as they face less support from experts in making trading decisions.

Therefore, based on our findings, Bitsgap would be the best choice for traders as it has all features that a trader needs to have to improve their trading performance day by day.

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