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Bitsgap Review


Bitsgap is a crypto trading platform that promises a comprehensive trading experience. The company covers trading, arbitrage, signals, and many more tools that you need to manage your crypto investment. Maximized profits and access to more than 25 exchanges for crypto transactions are assured by the company.

The CEO of the company is Maxim Kalmykov. Other members include Dmitri Laush, Jevgeni Avdeev, Ervin Kougija, Anatoli Girenko, and Sergei Verrbitski. The About Us section of the official site has images of the core members with their LinkedIn addresses. Besides these members, the team includes 10 developers working full-time, 3 support personnel, and a marketing team.

With the help of Bitsgap  traders can easily connect all their exchanges in one place. According to the Bistgap presentation, the platform also offers an automated trading bot to help traders maximize their income and minimize time spending on trading.

We’ve decided to write this Bitsgap review to get everything we need to know about the cross-exchange services offered by the provider.

What Is Behind Bitsgap?

This crypto investment service was created to provide simple yet effective trading tools for crypto traders as per the company info. The company claims that it has used its capital for developing the various features of the platform. As the chief objective, the company states that it intends to create a worldwide platform for efficient trading and management of crypto assets.

Security section info

According to the info provided under the security section, the company claims to not have access to client funds. Encrypted API keys are present for secure trade execution and portfolio generation. There is mention of the servers encrypted with 2048-bit protocol and firewall protection.

Key Features 

Bitsgap features

As a crypto trading portal, the website is designed moderately well with separate sections for the products, pricing, Knowledge base, and About Us features. Some of the important aspects the platform concentrates on include

  • Automated algorithms that generate profits capitalizing on the fluctuating market conditions with minimum risks.
  • The platform generates signals after analyzing several thousands of crypto pairs and uses algorithms that detect the pairs with the most potential
  • Arbitrage trading where the price difference between exchanges is used for making a profit with the crypto pairs.
  • The portfolio feature allows you to have access to all your digital investments in a single interface.
  • The demo feature allows you to use the exchange simulator for free before using the real money accounts.

There are separate sections for each of the features including Trading bot, Demo trading, etc. The knowledge base section provides general details on the company, how the platform works, and other info related to subscription payments, and withdrawals.

Free trial

On signing up with the platform, the vendor provides a free trial spanning 14 days. When you deposit funds, they will be part of the balance in the exchange and not accessible to the company. The vendor just helps execute your orders via a secure process. Payment can be made via credit and debit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies also. The vendor does not charge fees for the trade profits.


Bitsgap Pricing

A basic plan costing $19 per month, an advanced package that costs $44 per month, and a pro package costing$110 per month are the three packages this company offers. The main differences in the packages are the monthly trading cap and the number of active trading bots the vendor provides. Most of the standard features like support exchanges, trading pairs, versions for mobile and desktop, trade settings, security, and more are available for all three packages. No refund is offered if you are not satisfied with the product and want to return it. This raises suspicion about the reliability of the service.

Customer Support

Contact for support includes email, postal address, and via the Telegram channel of the company. Links to social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Github, and Bitcointalk forum are also present.

People Feedback

We found 78 user reviews for this company on the Trustpilot site with an average rating of 3.7/5. Here are screenshots of some of the reviews:

User reviews

From the feedback, we can see that the service is unprofessional and the customer support is not responding. Another user explains the loss of capital after trading with the platform.

Bitsgap Summary: Worth it or not?


Bitsgap claims to provide an excellent opportunity for crypto traders with its diversified features. But a closer look at the features reveals that they are inadequate and limited in the effectiveness they provide. The trading bot, for instance, has minimal features that we doubt can help in making the profits that the vendor claims. From the negative feedback, we can see that the Arbitrage feature is not providing profits as promised by the vendor. The failure of the vendor to provide a proven track record and lack of efficient security features are other downsides that prevent us from recommending this platform.

  • Wide range of features listed
  • Free trial period
  • No proven track record
  • API security feature is not adequate
  • No refund offered

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