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Volatility Forex Robot Review

Volatility Forex Robot

Volatility Forex Robot is a robot that belongs to the FRT company. The presentation includes details and features but lacks backtest reports and trading results. Developers have a debatable reputation because there are many negative reviews published on the Forex Peace Army.

The system works with volatility to make profits. This means it has to utilize the market moves to be consistently profitable.

What is behind the Volatility Forex Robot?

We have various claims about how the system is going to perform on a real market. All of them were systemized in the following list.

  • Volatility Forex Robot can work on the market completely automatically.
  • The core strategy is based on the breakout market moves with “a tunnel between hugest high and lowest low based on the data from the past N bars.”
  • The system focuses on following the direction of the market moves.
  • It works with a feature of channel stop that is further away from the market in times of higher volatility and higher trendiness and closer to the market in times of lower volatility and lower trendiness.
  • The developers claimed that banks work against other participants.
  • An average true range indicator is behind the entry point.
  • It manages short term (3-4 days) and long term (15-20 days) ATR to get in a trade more precisely.
  • The ATR will be displayed on charts to inform us about where the market goes.
  • It manages all those calculations by working with the past X bars.
  • It proceeds data from ATR with the highest price in the last Y bars and draws the line.
  • Trading is possible on all available cross pairs.
  • 4 and 5 digit brokers can be used with this EA.
  • We are allowed to trade on the same terminal or work with other trading advisors.
  • The robot has a money-management system on the board.
  • We can customize default settings.

Key features

  • The system can work automatically for us.
  • We can expect that the robot calculates and places relevant SL and TP levels.
  • All orders will be closed when they reach proper levels.
  • The only terminal to trade in MT4.
  • We can work with any time frame.

Trading strategy

The system works with a breakout strategy. It builds a tunnel between a support and resistance level. When the market gets closer to any of them, the robot calculates if it’s possible for the market to break this level. If so, it places an order.

The system doesn’t have backtest reports. So, we don’t know how well it was tested on the past tick data.


The system can be purchased for $49 for a single real account copy. This offer is 75% discounted. There are no details about the package explained. We also don’t have a refund policy provided.

Trading performance of Volatility Forex Robot

Volatility Forex Robot trading results

Volatility Forex Robot trading results

The presentation is featured by only unverified reports. Alas, it’s not verified by any site like Myfxbook or FXBlue that provide us with pretty-visualized information about the system.

Volatility Forex Robot trading results

Volatility Forex Robot trading results

The system runs an account with  a balance of $4,110,829 on it. The gross profit is $42,517.40. The maximal drawdown the system experienced was only 0.01%. It means that it trades with low trading risks. The robot executed 285 deals with a win rate of 77% for short and 80% for long trading directions.

Customer support

The developer provides below average support according to people’s experience mentioned in the testimonials on Forex Peace Army.

People feedback

Forex Robot Trader’s profile on FPA

Forex Robot Trader’s profile on FPA

The company runs a profile on Forex Peace Army. Based on 271 reviews the company has a 2.251 rate.

Volatility Forex Robot testimonials

Volatility Forex Robot testimonials

There are plenty of clients who aren’t satisfied with the service quality and the robots the company offers.

Volatility Forex Robot Summary: Worth it or not?


Volatility Forex Robot is a system that doesn’t have actual proof of its functionality. The presentation includes various information about the robot’s features. We have an affordable and discounted offer, but the system is delivered without a refund. So all sales are final.

  • Affordable pricing
  • No team revealed
  • No risk advice given
  • No money management advice provided
  • No backtest reports provided
  • No trading results shown
  • No refund policy applied
  • Many negative testimonials on Forex Peace Army

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