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Trality Review: Positives and Negatives of Using This Crypto Bot


Trality claims to be the ideal platform for individuals looking to earn profits from the digital currency market without giving up their regular occupations. It offers various ways to create trading robots while promising the safety of your funds. In this review, we are going to analyze what this system has to offer.

What is Trality?

It is an automated trading platform having a daily trading volume of over 10 million and over 80,000 verified users. Several media outlets like Trending Topics, Der Brutkasten,, and The Cointelegraph have featured this platform.

Features of the Trality platform

The key functionalities of the system are given below:

  • Code editor

Those with technical knowledge can use the editor to code robots using the Python language. There is a wide range of technical analysis indicators you can choose from. It is also possible to access financial data through API and backtest the algorithms with high-quality market data for optimization purposes.

  • Rule builder

Even if you don’t possess coding skills, you still create robots using the rule builder. It features a graphical UI where you can create automated trading logic by arranging strategies and indicators using a simple drag and drop mechanism. There are over 100 technical indicators to choose from and historical data for backtesting.

  • Cloud-based platform

Since this software program runs on the cloud, you don’t need to go through a complex setup process. There are no downloads to be made and you don’t need to set up your own servers for trading.

How does the Trality bot operate?

After you sign up and build a trading bot on this platform, it will communicate with your exchange account and place orders automatically. They decide what to or which action to take by closely monitoring market movements and prices while acting on your preset rules at the same time. You need to provide access to the bot using API keys.

Registration process 

Follow these steps to register on the platform:

  • Step 1: Account creation

Visit the official website and click the Signup button located in the top-right corner. After that, you can enter your email, choose a password, agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, and confirm your registration.

  • Step 2: Select a pricing plan

After registering, you can browse the plans available for this platform. There is a free plan and three paid plans available. With the more expensive plans, you can create more bots. Also, the smallest tick interval is lower for these plans.

  • Step 3: Create your bot

The next step is to create a bot using the code editor or the strategy builder. After building the robot, you can test it using historical data.

Is it easy to use Trality?

There aren’t many complex functionalities on this platform. All the features have been clearly explained in the documentation section.

Trality fees, commissions, limits, and payment options

There are no trading fees or commissions for using this platform.

Trality: withdrawal 

This system does not have withdrawal rights so you can only withdraw funds through your exchange account.

How much should you deposit to start trading with Trality?

There is no minimum deposit requirement for this platform.

Partnered exchanges and brokers

The supported exchanges include Binance, Bitpanda, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, FTX, and

Is it beginner-friendly?

Beginners will find this platform easy to use, thanks to the intuitive interface and the strategy builder that lets you create strategies using boolean logic.

Is it a profitable system?

The profitability depends mainly on the robot’s configuration and strategy and the market scenario.

Security & regulation

The connection to your exchange uses secure API keys and you have full control over your funds. To add another layer of security, you can activate multi-factor authentication.

Company information

The company was launched in 2019 by Christopher Helf and Moritz Putzhammer. Its headquarters is located in Vienna, Austria.


Apart from the free plan, there are three paid plans known as Knight, Rook, and Queen that carry monthly charges of €9.99, €39.99, and €59.99, respectively.

Should you trade with Trality?

Regardless of your experience level, Trality is a platform that can help you get better outcomes.

Trality Crypto Bot


Trality is a versatile platform that lets you formulate strategies in multiple ways. The pricing plans are quite affordable and the company has a strong reputation. Thanks to the high-end security features, your assets are always safe on this platform and the strategies are encrypted.

  • Suitable for newcomers and experts
  • Top-notch security
  • Fully cloud-based
  • No mobile app

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