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TradeSanta Review


TradeSanta was developed a few years ago to enhance traders’ experience in the cryptomarket. It welcomed its first clients in 2018 and has continued to break barriers in automated trading since then. Thousands of traders continue to benefit from the many advanced tools the bot has featured over the years to maximize their outcomes.

What is TradeSanta?

TradeSanta is a cloud-based app that was created to automate your crypto trading activities. It particularly provides you with a platform where you can trade your strategies across various exchanges.

Features of the TradeSanta

The EA has many features, and we have described some of them below:

  • Long and short strategies

TradeSanta allows you to configure automated trading systems with short and long strategies at the same time. It doesn’t matter what direction the price takes, the bots will cover it.

  • Grid and DCA

The software offers grid and DCA as trading strategies. You can choose whichever approach you want, and the bot will take care of the rest.

  • Technical indicators

The platform integrates technical indicators that enable you to enter the market at the optimal point.

How does the TradeSanta bot operate?

The bot’s operations are characterized by a series of interdependent actions. So, once you obtain and configure the system, it is ready to place buy/sell orders. Deals will be opened either instantly or after a signal from technical indicators is received, but this is hinged on the set filters.

Registration process

Follow these steps to register with TradeSanta:

  1. Visit the official website and click on the signup button situated at the top right corner of the page
  2. Fill in your username, email, and password on the form generated
  3. Confirm your account by adhering to the instructions sent to your email address

Is it easy to use?

TradeSanta was designed to meet the differing needs of experienced and inexperienced traders. The team has gone to great lengths to ensure that users can navigate its bots with minimal effort. For instance, each strategy is already pre-set, so you simply need to turn it on, set your target, and allow the software to look for profitable trades.

TradeSanta fees, commissions, limits, and payment options

TradeSanta features 3 pricing plans. Here’s the breakdown:

The basic plan: $25/month or $15/year

  • Comes with 49 bots, an unlimited number of pairs, all strategies, and Telegram notifications.

The advanced plan: $45/month or $27/year

  • Includes 99 bots, all features present in the basic plan, a trailing take profit, and TradingView signals for Binance, Coinbase Pro, HitBTC, and Huobi.

Maximum pack: $70/month or $35/year

  • Offers an unlimited number of bots, all components found on the advanced plan, and Binance Futures.

All new users are eligible to receive a free trading bot with a 3-day trial Maximum pack. The platform does not charge any commissions. You may, however, incur some fees depending on the exchange you use to transact.

TradeSanta: withdrawal

TradeSanta offers the user the right to withdraw their funds from the website, but the process is subject to a refund policy. For instance, you will be required to make a written withdrawal request to the team, and after submission, not to activate your subscription pack or use any services.

How much should you deposit to start trading with TradeSanta?

Every exchange stipulates the minimum amount you can trade on it. The amount you work with also depends on the pair. Putting these two factors into consideration, TradeSanta says that an 11-dollar equivalent deposit is normally adequate for any pair.

Partnered exchanges and brokers

TradeSanta has partnered with several exchanges. You can find a list of them here:

  • Binance
  • Binance Futures
  • Binance US
  • Huobi
  • Okex
  • Upbit
  • Coinbase Pro
  • HitBTC

Is it beginner friendly?

Yes, it is. All information about the bot is well laid out, making it easy for you to understand what the platform does. The registration process and setting up of bots is also straightforward, and it will take you less than 10 minutes to get started. Furthermore, the mobile version of the app is present on App Store and Google Play to help you manage and track your bots anytime, anywhere.

Is it a profitable system?

The profit you will get from the system is mainly dependent on your skills and overall understanding of what you are doing. Since TradeSanta is just a tool, how you use it and whether it will produce profits or not is up to you. So, there are no guarantees. The more experienced you are, the better your chances of making profits.

Security & regulation

TradeSanta is very safe. It doesn’t store your assets, and its trading bots can access your exchange account through API keys for trading purposes only. You can decide not to offer access to other actions, and your funds are under your total control.

Company information

The company behind this cryptobot is unknown. This info is not in the public domain. Anyway, the company says that it mainly focuses on offering opportunities for all kinds of trades to earn income in the ever-increasing crypto market.

Should you trade with TradeSanta?

You should trade with this bot. It is cost-effective and has the potential of becoming a profit machine for you so long as you know your way around crypto trading. You can capitalize on your skills to configure strategies that will enhance your outcomes and reduce risks at the same time.

TradeSanta Crypto Bot


From our analysis, it is clear that this bot was created to simplify crypto trading. By providing pre-configured strategies, TradeSanta ensures that you can easily trade the market even if you lack experience. The availability of technical indicators is another plus as they ensure you enter the market at the right time, increasing your chances of making profits.

  • Offers both long and short strategies
  • Pricing plans are affordable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Comes with technical indicators
  • Short trial period

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