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Telegram Connector Review

Telegram Connector

Telegram Connector is a software that helps people to copy the signals transforming them in process into orders on the MT4 and MT5 terminals. So, we won’t skip trading opportunities. The devs claimed that “If you are tired of missing good trades because you don’t look at your phone 24/7, use our software to connect your signal provider’s Telegram group with your MT4/MT5 trading account. That way you don’t have to be on your phone all day long but still get in on all the trades during the day.”

The system is designed to help people be in touch with signals they pay for. It should be an okay training solution for many.

What is behind Telegram Connector?

We’ve grouped up all available information in the following list:

  • The software allows copying text messages quickly to open orders on MT4 or MT5 terminals.
  • There’s nothing hard to set the system up.
  • There’s no automatic download after purchasing. We will get the system by email.
  • We will have a user manual to install it correctly and effortlessly.
  • So, the signals will become our trades on the terminal.
Key features of Telegram Connector

Key features of Telegram Connector

  • We have several blocks of advantages provided.
  • The final execution speed is just several seconds.
  • The system allows us to customize risks to work.
  • The sizes of open orders can be customized too.
  • We can set the risk we want for each pair.
  • There’s a possibility to combine fixed lot sizes with percentages.
  • It works well for  Forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.
  • “The software can read any language with the built-in Multi-Language tool.”
  • We are informed by the developers how the software will work for us “move SL to entry after an x number of pips or the price when the price reaches TP1 then move SL to TP, when the price reaches TP2, etc.”
  • It can “read multiple take profit levels and execute each of them.”
  • We can analyze profitability for each pair.
  • The system knows how to manage Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels.
  • We can choose how we want to execute these signals as execution or pending orders.
  • “The pending orders can be customized by expiration time before getting canceled.”
  • We can set the desired risk for each channel.
Telegram Connector statistics

Telegram Connector statistics

  • We can see developers statistics which we can’t check
  • The software was downloaded 1384 times.
  • They have 1255 happy clients.
  • There are 1186 VIP users.

Key features

  • Copying orders automatically.
  • Customizing risks, types of orders.
  • Managing several TP levels.

Trading strategy

There’s no strategy behind it because the system is neither indicator nor advisor.


Telegram Connector pricing

Telegram Connector pricing

The presentation includes four subscription options. There’s a free one added several weeks ago. We can give it a try for one month for free with an account and broker limitations. The basic pack costs $34.99 monthly. There are two MT4 and MT5 account licenses. The pro pack costs $49.99 and includes five licenses. The VIP pack costs $79.99 and it’s featured by ten licenses. All of them have unlimited telegram signals, unlimited signal groups, lifetime updates, and support.

Trading performance of Telegram Connector

We have no backtest reports because the software doesn’t have strategies behind it. The system just copies signals for us from one or several channels and places them on our trading account.

The same we may note about trading results. The system shouldn’t have them, but it would be great if the developers provide examples that the system copies them quickly and they match results (profitable) as the signals from the channel they were copied from.

Customer support

The developers provide surprisingly good support for clients. They usually answer within 30-120 minutes.

People feedback

Telegram Connector people’s testimonials

Telegram Connector people’s testimonials

The presentation includes a block of positive testimonials about how well the system functions.

Telegram Connector Summary: Worth it or not?


Telegram Connector is a trading solution that proceeds received signals from Telegram channels to the owner account placing orders. The presentation doesn’t include trading results that it works right. The system costs much, and not so many can afford it.

  • The concept of the service great
  • The system can copy signals from several channels at once and set various risks for them
  • There’s a free possibility to give the system a try
  • No team revealed
  • No settings explanations or user manual provided
  • No trading results to prove that it copies correctly
  • High pricing
  • No refund policy supported
  • Lack of testimonials with screenshots

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