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Sirius EA Review

Sirius EA

Sirius EA was introduced as a trading advisor that received its own page on Celestial Trading Tools. Several weeks ago, there were two Myfxbook widgets. Now, we’ve got the one because the system has become a scam.

Sirius EA Review

There are some details explained and grouped up in the scheme of three lines with twelve blocks.

Sirius EA scheme of features

Sirius EA scheme of features

Sirius EA scheme of features

We explained inThe extra way all these features:

  • The robot executes orders for us automatically. No extra effort is needed.
  • It works with charts 24/5.
  • We have a money-management feature.
  • There’s a risk management feature.
  • The system can make stable profits by using default settings.
  • The robot can be deployed quickly.
  • The developers provide us with welcome support.
  • The money-management system sets Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss, and Take Profit levels.
  • The advisor doesn’t require us to babysit the system.
  • The developers want us to have a reliable service.

Sirius growth chart

  • There are charts and diagrams of how great the system was on the real account and how big profits it made. It’s a lie because the advisor has never been that profitable.

Sirius spreadsheet of currency

  • The developers publish a spreadsheet of the currency name with their specific. Frankly, no one cares about it.

What is behind Sirius EA?

  • The system runs a no-name strategy.
  • There are a few features implemented that we mentioned before.

Key Features

  • Automatic trading
  • The risk and money-management feature.
  • The advisor allows trading on any cross pair.

Trading Strategy

  • No name strategy behind the robot.
  • We noted that there’s Martingale applied to the system as well.


Sirius EA Pricing

  • The price is £15 monthly.
  • The minimal deposit requirements are £2000 for each 0.01 lot traded.
  • The robot can be profitable only on low spreads.
  • ROI is 36.29%.
  • The offer is delivered without a money-back guarantee.

Sirius EA registration form

The amount of personal intel we must provide to a no-name company is overwhelming. Why do they need “time at address in years?” It’s ridiculous.

Trading Performance of Sirius EA

Sirius EA Trading Performance chart

The system has ruined another account. The robot works on a real GBP account on IC Markets. The leverage is 1:500. The account has a verified track record and verified trading privileges. It was created on April 07, 2021. We have no details revealed about the deposit. Since then, the absolute gain has become -79.73%. An average monthly gain is -45.22%. The maximum drawdown is – 99.92%.

Sirius EA Trading Performance

Sirius EA has traded 1056 deals with 3651 pips. An average win is 9.28 pips when an average loss is -6.90 pips. The accuracy is 48% for Longs and 81% for Shorts. An average trade length is 21 hours and 53 minutes. The profit factor is 0.80.

Sirius EA currency pairs

It has traded sixteen currency pairs. The most-traded symbol is EURUSD, with 592 deals. The most profitable EURUSD too, with 1128 pips.

Sirius EA trading time

The robot trades mostly for two hours a day.

Sirius EA trading days

Most of the losses occurred on Thursday when the most profits on Friday.

Sirius EA trading history

We are not allowed to check trading results.

Sirius EA losses in May 2021

The robot has lost everything in May 2021.

Sirius EA account chart

This is their previous account that was stopped right before the last one was launched.

Customer Support

There’s mediocre support. Our asked questions were answered within two days, not hours. It’s quite unprofessional. If something happens, there’s no way to get quick support.

People Feedback

Sirius EA Trustpilot reviews

Celestial Trading Tools runs a page on Trustpilot with 142 reviews and a 2.2 rate. Fifty percent of reviews are one-starred.

Sirius EA customer reviews

Sirius EA customer reviews

Sirius EA customer reviews

Most people couldn’t be profitable with trading solutions from Celestial Trading Tools. We are not surprised at all.

Sirius EA Summary: Worth it or not?

Pros Cons
Real-account trading results No team revealed
No settings explanations provided
No risk or money management advice given
No backtest reports published
Horrible trading results
The account was blown and removed
We have to provide them with much personal data
Every second testimonial has 1 star from 5 possible


Sirius EA Review


Celestial Trading Tools suggests we trade with a scam robot that has blown an account just several weeks ago. The developers keep selling it as nothing happened. They just removed this account from the site. So, it’s everything you should know about their transparency and trustworthiness.

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