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Shell Forex EA Review

Shell Forex EA

Shell Forex EA is an expert advisor that claims to be a simple and safe way to make profits with Forex. It is a fully automated trading system that is compatible with the Metatrader 4 trading platform. We don’t have any information on the seller, and the presentation on the website is much too brief. The vendor has not shared any contact information and we don’t know where the company is based.

Without knowing the identities of the developers and traders, we cannot determine whether this robot has been built by expert professionals. It is unclear whether this company has manufactured any other trading systems.

These days, there are several scam services on the market. Many unscrupulous vendors try to dupe customers into buying EAs that are not based on sound logic. These systems fail to generate profits in the live market and sometimes can drain the entirety of your account. This is why it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation before investing in a robot.

In this review, we shall look into various factors like features, live performance, price, trading strategy, and user reviews. We don’t know when exactly this robot was launched, but the live trading account has been active since December 22, 2021.

What is behind the Shell Forex EA?

The EA has a simple installation process that takes only five minutes. The vendor provides you with tested and proven set files that help you get started without manual adjustments. Each customer is eligible to receive free updates.

Key features 

This is a broker-independent system that does not use grid, arbitrage, or martingale strategies. It is an easy-to-use, adaptive system that uses low, medium, and high return strategies. It is supported by verified trading statistics. It trades in currency pairs like AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, GBP/AUD, GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. For the live trading account, it uses the FBS broker and 1:200 leverage.

Trading strategy

Unfortunately, the vendor has not shared the trading strategy behind this Forex EA. We don’t know what indicator it uses, if any. As such, it is impossible to determine what trading styles the EA is compatible with.

There are no backtesting results for this expert advisor. As such, we have no idea about the historical performance of the robot. Also, we cannot draw a comparison between the historical and live results.


The current price of this robot is only 49 Euros. Compared to other automated trading systems, it is quite cheap. After payment is completed, you can send your MT4 account number to the service team to receive your license. The vendor has mentioned unconditional refunds, but we don’t know how long the refund window is.

Trading performance of Shell Forex EA

Growth chart of Shell Forex EA

Growth chart of Shell Forex EA

This live trading account has a very short trading history and hasn’t been exposed to a wide variety of market conditions. To date, the EA has conducted 193 trades through this account. It has won 147 out of them, which means the win rate is 76%.

Currently, the daily and monthly gains for this account are 3.07% and 165.82%, respectively. The total profit currently stands at $19002.44. We can see that the drawdown is a bit high at 33.83%, and this is indicative of a risky trading strategy. The account has a decent profit factor of 3.61.

Trading results of Shell Forex EA

Trading results of Shell Forex EA

Here we have the recent trades placed through this account. The EA trades with a lot size of 1.05-1.06 and manages to generate small profits for each trade. It typically keeps orders open for an entire day and sometimes for several hours. The average win and loss for this account are 25.17 pips/$178.74 and -19.75 pips/-$158.09.

Customer support 

There is no email or live chat support provided by this company. To contact the support team, you must use the contact form on the website.

People feedback

Shell Forex EA real account on FPA

Shell Forex EA real account on FPA

There are no user reviews for this EA on third-party websites. On FPA, there is a real account for this robot that generates an average of 518 pips per week and has an average weekly profit/loss of 36.56%.

Shell Forex EA Summary: Worth it or not?


Shell Forex EA is available at an affordable price and is supported by verified trading statistics. Nevertheless, there is a lack of transparency surrounding this system. The vendor has not shared the backtesting data and the robot trades with a high drawdown.

  • Verified trading results
  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • High drawdown
  • Lack of strategy insight

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