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Robofi Review | Unbiased Crypto Bot Analysis

Robofi Review | Unbiased Crypto Bot Analysis

Robofi is a crypto marketplace offering automated bots for effective trading and higher profits. It offers DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) bots through IBO (Initial bot offering). You need to just select the bot you want and govern, stake, or list the bots to earn via the platform.

What is Robofi?

The platform boasts a streamlined crypto marketplace based on blockchain technology. It encourages a mutually beneficial financial partnership between users and bot creators. Automated crypto bots are part of the services provided by the crypto platform.

Features of the Robofi platform

Key features of the platform are

  • The bots optimize the trading process and place buy/sell orders automatically
  • Registration is simple and quick enabling you to get started effortlessly
  • Due to the use of pre-defined and proven algorithms, the performance is efficient when compared to manual trading
  • The bots help in the diversification of your crypto investment reducing risks and boosting profits
  • You do not need coding knowledge to configure the bot as they are easy to set up and use

How does the Robofi bot operate?

The bots function using pre-defined trading algorithms. They automate the process and send buy/sell signals, which helps users manage the risks effectively. The platform offers different types of bots such as DEX, CEX, and Farming bots based on their use cases.

Registration process

Signing up process at the site is easy and simple. Here are the steps needed to get started with the bot:

Account registration with RoboFi

Step 1: Account creation

For registration, visit the official site and click on ‘choose the bots’ option. Use the register new account feature and provide your email and password.

 Step 2: Connect to a wallet

Connect to the MetaMask or Robofi wallet that you have an account in. You can buy the VICs token which is needed to use the bots on the platform

Step 3: Select your bot

Choose from the bots available, and the bot will start trading for you.

Is it easy to use Robofi?

Using the features and services of the platform is easy with a user-friendly interface.

Robofi fees, commissions, limits, and payment options

VICs token is needed to avail the services of the company. It can be bought on Pancakeswap DEX. The vendor does not provide info on the fees, commissions, and other charges you need to pay for using the platform.

Robofi: Withdrawal

The vendor does not provide info on the withdrawal of assets from the platform.

How much should you deposit to start trading with Robofi?

We could not find info on the minimum required deposit for starting trading on the platform in any sources.

Partnered exchanges and brokers 

The platform partners with DEX and CEX and they include Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Binance, and Kucoin.

Is it beginner-friendly?

The interface is intuitive, enabling easy navigation. However, the features and services are a bit complex, and newbie traders will find it difficult to use the various offerings of the company.

The company promotes itself as beginner-friendly

Is it a profitable system?

As per the vendor, although the bots are chosen carefully, they are not free of risk. Further, there is no verified proof present to assess the profitability of the system.

Security & regulation

Although the vendor mentions that the platform aims to be the most secure marketplace for bots, there is no info present on the security measures used.

Company information

The company was launched in the second quarter of 2021. We could not find any other details about it, such as the location, team members, etc.

Should you trade with Robofi?

The DeFi platform offers various beneficial features for bot users and creators. An intuitive interface, different varieties of bots, and diverse earning methods are some of the key benefits. However, the lack of vendor transparency and a few other drawbacks are the factors to consider carefully.

Final thoughts


Robofi promises plenty of earning opportunities with its blockchain-based setup. The intuitive interface, different bot types, marketplace for bot listings, and initial bot offering (IBO) are advantageous features of this service. However, we found many drawbacks in the system, such as the lack of vendor transparency, the absence of verified performance, lack of security info, and the lack of pricing details. If you are considering using this crypto service, you need to consider the strengths and weaknesses carefully before deciding on the system.

  • A diverse range of bots available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • Absence of info on security measures
  • Absence of verified track record
  • Lack of pricing details

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