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Reverse Grid Bot Review: Unbiased Crypto Bot Analysis

Reverse Grid Bot

Reverse Grid Bot is one of the free bots from Pionex. The automated crypto trading tool is designed with the objective of increasing the token capacity of the bot and reducing the expense of holding the bot. As with the other bots on the platform, this software allows a secure and automated operation. You can use the software on major currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc.

What is Reverse Grid Bot?

The basis of a reverse bot is similar to the grid principle. You use the software to buy when the price is low and place a sell order when the price is high. The design allows arbitrage within a particular price range. The main difference between the two entities is that the income calculating unit is different for the two.

Features of the Reverse Grid Bot platform

Some of the bot’s key features are:

  • You can use it without holding any coins. Thus, a fall in prices will not affect your USDT as you buy when the price falls and sell when it is high.
  • If the price fall is very high, fluctuations in the market will reduce the breakeven price faster.
  • You can accumulate more coins during a price drop with the bot.

How does the Reverse Grid Bot operate?

The main method of operation of a reverse grid bot is it helps to increase your asset. When you observe an imminent fall in prices, use the bot to sell the coin at a high price and when the price level drops, buy it again for a low price. The transaction influences arbitrage and reduces the holding costs.  It is also useful in a bear market for earning more coins and waiting for the market to turn bullish.

Registration process

Here are the steps you need to sign up and start using the automated crypto tool:

Step 1: Account creation

Create an account at the Pionex site using your phone number and email. On registration, you can access the free bots of the service.

Step 2: Open the Pionex app and click on the Trade Bot feature.

Step 3: Click on the Create a Bot button found at the right corner of the page.

Step 4: Choose Reverse Grid from the list of bots and enter the parameter settings section

Once you have set the parameters, you can invest your base currency and your profit is calculated in the quote currency.

Is it easy to use Reverse Grid Bot?

The platform is one of the simplest and most efficient services for crypto trading. The friendly interface and simple account creation and launching process ensure you have a hassle-free time.

Reverse Grid Bot fees, commissions, limits, and payment options

While the company offers the bots for free, you need to pay fees for the transactions. The service charges a 0.05% maker fee and 0.05% taker fee. For payments, credit cards are accepted by the platform. You can pay in any of the supported crypto coins or tokens.

Reverse Grid Bot: withdrawal

The firm charges a fee for withdrawal which is based on the coin or token you use. For instance, the fee for BTC withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC. For USDT withdrawal the company charges 1 USDT per transaction.

How much should you deposit to start trading with Reverse Grid Bot?

The minimum deposit is based on the crypto coin/token you want to trade. For BTC, the minimum deposit is 0.0001 BTC. For ETH the minimum amount needed is 0.01 ETH.

Partnered exchanges and brokers 

The main partners of the company are:

  • Circle
  • Binance
  • Sumsub
  • Confirm
  • Banxa

Is it beginner-friendly?

The working method of the software is simple and efficient. Newbie traders will find the interface easy to navigate and use.

Is it a profitable system?

The absence of verified performance results makes it difficult to assess the profitability of the system.

Security & regulation

As per the vendor info, the company has received an MSB license from the US FinCEN. The vendor does not reveal info on the security measures it uses for safeguarding user privacy.

Company information

Pionex is a revolutionary exchange reputed for its in-built and free trading bots. The company is a leading Binance broker and aggregates liquidity from Huobi Global and Binance. It has received the MSB license and boasts a low commission fee.

Should you trade with Reverse Grid Bot?

For newbies and seasoned users, the bot offers a fully automated and efficient process that helps you to increase your assets without losing big sums towards fees, and market fluctuations.

Reverse Grid Crypto Bot


Reverse Grid Bot offers a good opportunity to capitalize on the falling prices. In addition to increasing your asset value, you can also reduce holding costs. As one of the free and efficient Pionex bots, this is a useful arsenal to have in crypto trading.

  • It is a free bot
  • Offers a good opportunity to increase assets value
  • Is easy to use
  • You need to have a token for using the bot
  • It cannot be used for shorting

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