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Neural Bot Review

Neural Bot

Neural Bot is a system that was released on March 26, 2021, on the MQL5 forum by Piotr Stepien. The system has got ten activations and 2916 demo downloads in total. The last update (1.30 version) was published on June 19, 2021.

We made a decision to take a look at it because of the many requests we have received in our mailbox. So, here it comes.

What is behind Neural Bot?

The developers didn’t prepare a great presentation to capture our attention. There’s a huge lack of minimum required intel:

  • The system is a fully automatic trading solution that doesn’t require us to check it consistently.
  • The only terminal to trade through is MetaTrader 5.
  • There are Neural Network and Machine Learning calculations to decide when it’s time to open an order.
  • The advisor is a low-frequency trading solution.
  • We have to download settings apart from the advisor itself.
  • Many clients simply cannot customize the robot right.
  • The leverage level should be 1:500 or higher.
  • The system can execute orders only on EURUSD.
  • The advisor can be run on a PC or VPS service. It’s completely up to us.
  • It monitors the market 24/5 looking for trading opportunities.
  • It can update itself without our intervention.
  • The advisor doesn’t use risky strategies to make more profits.
  • The money-management system covers all orders with placing SL and TP levels. Leverage to balance calculations
  • We may use leverage to balance calculations to predict margin usage.
  • The developer would like us to use an IC Markets broker house.
  • The system requires a broker to support a Hedge type of accounts.
  • The robot can be updated for working with other cross pairs.
  • We don’t know if an average person handles this.
  • The package includes a user manual with proper details.

Key Features

  • It works automatically.
  • The system trades with a low frequency.
  • It allows us to work in any time frame. It’s weird because various time frames have different margin requirements.
  • The minimum balance requirements are $300.

Trading Strategy

  • The strategy details are not provided.
  • It works with EURUSD on various time frames.

EUR/USD backtest report

There’s a EUR/USD backtest report that was performed on the data between 2018 and 2021 years. The history quality was 100%. An initial deposit was set at $300. The total net profit has amounted to  $2,215,481. The maximum drawdown has amounted to 19.70% ($316,353). The Profit Factor was 31.64. The recovery factor was 7.00. Neuro Bot has performed 1836 orders. The accuracy rate for Shorts was 100.00% (937 orders), when for Longs 99.56% (899 orders). So the directions were traded equally.


Neural Bot Pricing

Neural Bot costs $600 for a single copy of a trading advisor. The pricing is insane. We have no idea why it costs twice more than other EUR/USD trading solutions. The offer 0include rental option available for $500 per year. We can download a free demo copy of the robot for checking the settings and execute a backtest.

Trading Performance of Neural Bot

Account trading results

There’s a demo account trading results available. The broker house is IC Markets. The system has been running the account for 14 weeks a row. The absolute growth is 49.78%. The leverage is standard – 1:500. The maximum drawdown has doubled since our last visit – 37.5%. The maximum deposit load is 3.9%. Trading activity occurs 65% of the time. The accuracy rate is 98.1%. The signals are two-starred from five possible.

The latest trade was executed three days ago. An average trade frequency is three deals weekly. An average trade length is 24 hours.

Neural Bot growth

Last three months were closed with profits.

Neural Bot drawdowns

We are experiencing a huge period of drawdowns that has been lasting for several weeks.

Average profit and loss

The advisor has been traded 108 orders. The win rate was 98.14%. The best trade was $8.34 when the worst trade was -$1.30. The gross profit is $519.65 when the gross loss is thirty times less -$18.59. The Recovery Factor is 291.31. The Profit Factor is 27.95. An average profit is $4.90 when an average loss is -$9.30. An average annual forecast is 222.80%.

Distribution of trading results

We have no idea why the owner doesn’t trade on the real account having the results like these.

User reviews

The total signal rate is 3 from 5 stars with three pieces of one-starred feedback published.

Customer Support

Customer Support

The support looks viable—the developer answers within half an hour.

People Feedback

People Feedback

People provide mostly positive testimonials of how the system works.

Neural Bot Review


Neural Bot is a trading solution that works with EURUSD executing orders with a high win rate. It happens only because the deals that should be lost several weeks ago are placed in huge drawdowns that can easily blow the account. It’s the main reason why the owner doesn’t trade on the real account. So, summing everything up and taking into account the offer where there are no rental options provided, we’d like you to stay away from this trading solution.

  • We have several backtest reports published
  • The results are from a demo account
  • The system works with over 90% of the accuracy on EURUSD
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No money management advice given
  • The owner decided not to invest his money in trading
  • The system is sitting in several weeks long drawdowns
  • The offer is twice higher than other EURUSD robots

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