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MFWU (Manage Forex With Us) Review


MFWU offers traders an opportunity to invest with their various investment ideas, including managed forex account, robot development, trade copying, affiliation, signals, and services for brokers. Three traders and one programmer currently lead the program.

MFWU System

MFWU (Manage Forex With Us) System Review

Different systems or robots are available with MFWU that respective traders manually manage. Retail traders can also contact, present their strategy and develop a custom robot of their choice that follows their game plan. With the managed account service, the providers aim to diversify your risk portfolio.

What is behind the FX Deal Club EA?

Nobert, Tibor, Csaba, and Istvan, are responsible for providing programming and trading services to traders. You can contact them through their respective email ids. Unfortunately, there is no information on the whereabouts of the developers. 

How it works

You have two available options for investing with the program. One is to provide your MetaTrader credentials to the team and connect their system to the account that obtains trades from all providers for diversification. The other is to use their signal service, which works in auto and manual mode. Trades will be sent over to your phone with a manual option. 

Key Features

MFWU has the following key features with their services:

  • Robot development 
  • Managed forex account services that have no complications, unlike PAMM 
  • Trade copying services that work on both auto and manual mode
  • An affiliate program that offers up to 50% of the revenue
  • Services are available for forex brokers to help their clients who failed at trading

There is no information available on the website about the currency pairs, time frame, and leverage. However, from the trading results, we can deduce that Nobert’s system trades on GBP/JPY and GBP/USD, the combo system uses multiple currency pairs, and Tibor trades on EUR/USD, AUD/USD, and GBP/USD. 

Trading Strategy

The users do not provide an insight into the strategies of the algorithm. Some predictions are possible by reading the history:

  • Nobert system. The robot places several orders of the same or different size at one instance and then closes it out at different profit levels later on. It does not use risky strategies such as grid or martingale.

MFWU System

  • Tibor. It uses proper stop loss and take profit and places a lot of pending orders. Grid and martingale trading is common with this system. Lots of orders end up being cancelled.

MFWU System

  • Combo. It combines both strategies from Tibor and Nobert.

MFWU System

Backtesting results are not available on the website, which gives a poor outlook to their service.


Trading signals are available for a cost of $50 a month. Unfortunately, for trade copying and account management, there is no information available.

Trading Performance of FX Deal Club

Trading performance for each system is tracked through Forex Peace Army. We can analyze them as follows:

  • Nobert system. After trading for nearly a year, the system has a total net profit of $25049 with a maximal drawdown of $2227.83. With a profit factor of 1.90, it had a win rate of approx—77%.

MFWU System

  • Tibor. From November 2020, the system has a total net profit of $133567.68 with a maximal drawdown of $14051.78. With a profit factor of 3.90, it had a win rate of approx—60%.

MFWU System

  • Combo system. There are no live results available for the combo system.

Customer Support

Customer support is available after you fill out their contact form and provide your email id. It is also possible to contact their account managers through their respective emails.

People Feedback

There are only two 5 star reviews available on Forex Peace Army, which are not enough to provide a general outlook. The developers themselves might have bought the feedback.

FX Deal Club Summary: Worth it or not?


  • Shows good consistency.


  • Trading results are not tracked through Myfxbook, which is more convenient.
  • They do not declare the pricing on the website.

Many account management and copy-trading systems in the financial industry operate well for a short duration and then vanish after blowing up accounts. MFWU does seem promising at first sight, but it has not been around long enough to make it into our five-star list.

Rating 3/5

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