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Matalino Forex EA Review

Matalino Forex EA

Matalino Forex EA is a Forex related trading advisor that is advertised as the one working ‘like a clockwork’. The owner claims that the system is everything we need to be profitable on Forex.

The advisor has a simple presentation that welcomes us with a few statements. Let’s discuss them:

  • The real market is quite risky to trade on our own. So, their rading system is the way to be profitable.

Matalino Forex EA statements

  • The advisor can work automatically for us.
  • We have no details about what strategies the advisor is running.
  • From the Myfxbook-verified trading results, we understand that there’s Martingale as well.
  • The system can be applied to MT4 only.
  • There are some indicators: Bollinger Bands, CCI behind the system.
  • The system doesn’t require us to be real traders.
  • The robot can cut off drawdowns.
  • The ROI we can work with is 3:1.
  • The system is delivered with email support.

What is behind Matalino Forex EA?

There are auto trading features with a risky Martingale. Running it on the accounts with less than a 90% win rate is a huge danger.

Key Features

  • Auto trading.
  • Money-management.
  • Auto calculation of lot sizes.
  • It can work only on the M15 time frame.
  • It works with EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pairs.
  • We can work on any broker with it.

Trading Strategy

  • The main strategy can be Price Action or Trend with a Martingale addition.
  • We have no backtests provided in the presentation. It means that the system wasn’t tested well before being released. We have no data to check how it handled past data.


Matalino Forex EA Pricing

The developers added a trial option for $7 weekly after their EA burnt their previous trading account.

Matalino Forex EA packages

We’ve got three packages on the board. The Silver pack costs $99 for one real and one demo account. The second pack costs $149 and is called Gold. There are four licenses: two real and two demo ones. The ultimate pack costs $249 and is featured by eight licenses. The vendor provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

MQL code

Paying $1000, and we can get the MQL code. We are not sure it’s a good option to buy. The advisor is not that great.

Trading Performance of Matalino Forex EA

Trading balance

We had taken a screenshot of when it worked well.

Trading balance

It turned into this in several days. The system ran a real USD account. It was created on May 19, 2021, and deposited at $5000. The closed profit was -$5662. The balance was $1.50.

Trading account

The total return was -111.1%. An average monthly return was -111.1%. The win rate was 49.2%. The profit factor was 0.49. An average trade frequency was 26.6 deals daily. There were -2,362 pips gained. The account existed for 37 days.

Average results

The ROI was -15.77. An average trade length was 2.5 hours. An average result was -$5.74. An average win was $11.59 when an average loss was -$22.86.

Currency pairs

It executed orders on EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs.

Trading directions

The robot traded both directions almost equally.

Trading strategy

There’s only one strategy behind the robot.

Most traded days

Thursday and Friday are the most traded days.

Trading sessions

Asian and European trading sessions are the most popular.

Trading sessions

Everything ended in June 2021.

Trading sessions

The first trading week was the least active.

Trading sessions

Martingale helped to blow the account out.

Customer Support

We have no mentions about how good their support is.

People Feedback

Page on Forex Peace Army

There’s a page of Matalino on Forex Peace Army deployed. The page includes no testimonials or rates published.

Matalino Forex EA Summary: Worth it or not?


Matalino Forex EA is a scam trading advisor that could manage to be a stable and consistently profitable trading solution. We cannot suggest you work with this robot even on a demo account.

  • Real-account trading results
  • Full code can be bought and resold
  • No team revealed
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No strategy explanations provided
  • Martingale is on the board
  • The real account was zeroed
  • No customer testimonials was published

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