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Jet Trader Pro Review

Jet Trader Pro

Jet Trader Pro is marketed as a highly profitable tool that can make approximately 20% profits monthly with low drawdown. It is also claimed that the system has a history of recording winnings for 14 consecutive months. So, the vendor is advising you to put your cash to work by investing in this EA rather than letting its value deteriorate in the bank due to inflation. However, we advise you not to be hasty to purchase it. The dealer cannot be trusted.

This Forex robot was developed by Jack McKennon. He works for the LeapFX group, a company that offers automated trading systems and managed account services. He is a mechanical engineer by profession and just ventured into Forex trading to earn extra income. Therefore, he learned to code, and that’s how he came up with Jet Trader Pro. Still, we are not confident about his capabilities since his product is not doing so well in the market.

Jet Trader Pro is among the many robots that are being promoted as safe and reliable trading tools. So, the vendor says that the system’s strictly regulated risk allows you to have an unfair advantage over almost everyone else who trades normally. Therefore, we evaluate the EA to determine if it has been misrepresented and subsequently conclude it is worth your money.

What is behind Jet Trader Pro?

Jet Trader Pro is essentially an automated program that you can use on your account to open and close orders according to the developer’s predefined set of parameters.

Key features

According to the vendor, if you buy the EA, you will get the following features:

  • Ongoing, hands-on support.
  • Lifetime updates.
  • Trade only the EURUSD currency pair.
  • Best settings.

Trading strategy

Jet Trader Pro is designed not to accept needless risk, but to use a “dynamic price protection strategy” that makes trading safer. It also has built-in reversal counter measures to make trading more lucrative. Nevertheless, the developer doesn’t mention that the system uses a combo of grid and martingale strategies, which are very dangerous. They can easily blow up your account.

There are no backtest results. With risky trading strategies present, there are high chances that it generated poor results. Therefore, the developer decided not to display them, as they could seriously damage the reputation of the EA.


A lifetime license for Jet Trader Pro is sold at $347 or $697. The first pack is a 1-year license, while the other one is a lifetime license. Moving on, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Jet Trader Pro’s pricing plans

Jet Trader Pro’s pricing plans

Trading performance of Jet Trader Pro

Jet Trader Pro’s live trading stats

Jet Trader Pro’s live trading stats

We can see that the EA is operating a real USCCent account on Myfxbook, which was opened on January 8, 2021. Till now, a profit of USC 1308.69 has been made. That being the case, the account’s value has risen by 43.62%. We have a drawdown of 16.74%, which is 4 times higher than the monthly profit of 4.04%. This tells us that the EA loses more than it wins.

Performance of trades

Performance of trades

The system doesn’t place positions that often. Within 9 months, it has only completed 244 orders with an average trade length of 4 days. We are disappointed by the performance of these trades since they are not good enough. As aforementioned, the EA struggles to win. This is made clear by the average loss of -81.81 pips against an average win of 33.57 pips. The long positions (69%) have recorded poor win rates compared to the short positions (81%).

Trading performance

Trading performance

The system works with very dangerous strategies-grid and martingale. Furthermore, it can stay without opening any position for up to 44 days, as illustrated in the screenshot above.

Customer support

If you have any queries regarding anything or want support with any of the products, recommendations, or services offered by LeapFX, there’s a form you can fill. You also have the option of emailing the company directly at [email protected].

People feedback

Jet Trader Pro has not been reviewed by customers. We could not find any testimonials on Quora, FPA, Trustpilot, or Myfxbook. So, we don’t know how traders feel about the product.

Jet Trader Pro Summary: Worth it or not?


Obviously, the EA is not worth it. Since grid and martingale are part of the strategy, we have to admit that the robot cannot make smart trading decisions for you. As a consequence, you may suffer substantial losses. After all, we have established that it has a high losing streak. Furthermore, the system’s inactivity comes at a great cost. It loses many opportunities to make profits.

  • Offers lifetime updates
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered
  • No customer feedback
  • Grid and martingale are used
  • Loses more than it wins
  • Can remain inactive for many days

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