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Happy Forex Review

Happy Forex

Happy Forex promises to earn you a stable income in Forex and ensure that your drawdown doesn’t rise to high levels. The system is said to work with all brokers having max. 4 spreads. It also has different settings and options that can be applied to various currency pairs.

The author of this robot is Happy Forex. The company was founded in 2016, and ever since, it has been continuously working to produce automatic trading tools for its customer base in Forex. Some of its other products include, but are not limited to, Happy Way, Happy Frequency, and Happy Fast Money.

The popularity of Forex robots is slowly gaining ground, and as a result, more and more traders are turning to these systems to make their trading easier. As with any other market, the automatic trading market has its fair share of challenges. While some vendors provide efficient products, others don’t. Our goal is to help you gauge if Happy Forex is an efficient tool, so you can later make an informed purchase decision

What is behind the Happy Forex robot?

Happy Forex is an automatic trading tool built on the mql4 language. Through its algorithmic program, the EA is able to make swift monetary decisions and transactions, something which human traders are unable to achieve.

Key features

Below are the features you will get if you use the system:

  • Support for ECN brokers
  • Automatic trading 24/7
  • Easy set up
  • Auto-quotes detection 4 or 5 digits
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Trade on the GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and EURUSD currency pairs

The minimal requirements for trading with the robot are listed here:

  • Micro, mini, or standard accounts
  • The MT4 trading platform
  • Mac OS, Windows 7,8,10, or Linux operating systems
  • Minimum deposits ranging between $10 to $1000 depending on the account type or settings

Trading strategy

Happy Forex is said to work with the grid strategy without increasing lot sizes. This means that it doesn’t apply martingale, an approach that mainly seeks to recover losses by increasing a user’s trading position. Notably, the EA also uses a technical analysis indicator that helps it to enter the market safely with a news filter.


Only two pricing options are provided for this EA. The first plan, which is €299, comes with two licenses, while the second one (€499) features 5 licenses. Other features you enjoy are; a user guide, free updates, extra EAs, and unlimited demo accounts.

Trading performance of Happy Forex

Backtest data

Backtest data

The EA traded on the GBPUSD currency pair using the H1 timeframe. From 1999 to 2020, it managed to generate a total net profit of $41677.35 from a deposit of $1000. A drawdown of 13.53% was made, and it indicates that no risky approaches were used in searching for trades. The completed trades were 6631, and they had a profitability rate of 74.54%.

Live trading statistics on Myfxbook

Live trading statistics on Myfxbook

This is a real USD account being hosted by ForexMart. It was launched almost 9 months ago, and till now, the EA has made a profit of $376.60 for it. The daily and monthly profits are 0.13% and 4.16%, respectively. From the 18.71% drawdown generated, it is obvious that the robot’s trading activities are safe and don’t threaten the capital. The account is $1500 short after the user withdrew this amount from the account.

Trading performance

Trading performance

The robot has a profit factor of 2.48 from 161 trades. This suggests that it is likely to give the user good returns on investment. The system also makes more wins than losses in most cases. That’s why it has a higher average win (55.25 pips) compared to the average loss (-48.77 pips). The average trade length is 9 days.

Monthly gains

Monthly gains

Significant profits are made monthly.

Trading history

Trading history

Small lot sizes (0.01) are used. Some grids of orders were placed, and they made profits for the account.

Customer support

If you have any queries about the product, you are advised to email the team. A live chat is also available to help you interact with the team freely.

People feedback

There’s a single review for this system on Trustpilot. The trader is happy about the great service provided by the author and admits that Happy Forex is one of the best systems he has come across.

User review on Trustpilot

User review on Trustpilot


Happy Forex Summary: Worth it or not?


With Happy Forex, you can enjoy uninterrupted trading that is both profitable and safe. It has generated low drawdowns both under simulation and while trading live. The positive user review shows that you might have a good experience with the robot should you decide to try it out.

  • Low drawdown
  • Makes profits consistently
  • Backtest and live trading stats are provided
  • Positive user review
  • Lack of vendor transparency

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