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GerFX Density Scalper Review

GerFX Density Scalper

GerFX Density Scalper is a trading advisor that can be found on MQL5. We can buy a MT5 or MT4 version of the robot on the market for $2000. Frankly, the system is too expensive. Nevertheless, we have decided to analyze this robot to see why it’s so expensive and whether it really costs its sky-high price.

The dev’s profile on MQL5

The dev’s profile on MQL5

Paul Exler is a developer from Germany that has over six years of relevant experience.His portfolio includes 12 products and 18 signals. Paul is a CEO at Exler Consulting GmbH. He also provides his site to check.

The advisor works only at night, that’s why it should perform stable. We decided to check it out focusing on the current results.The robot has been trading for a year on the market. Since then, the profitability looks mediocre.

What is behind GerFX Density Scalper?

We have some details provided about the system and for your comfort, they were united in the following list.

  • The system knows how to work with the market automatically, opening and closing orders.
  • We will have all customized files.
  • We should use only that Maloney which we are ready to lose.
  • The system places SL levels to cover us from huge losses.
  • Any night scalping system can work only under good broker conditions.
  • We can purchase the MT4 or MT5 version of the system.
  • The advisor allows us to customize any parameter.
  • It doesn’t use a Grid and Martingale.
  • The advisor can set the GMT offset automatically.
  • We should use the robot on a VPS service.
  • We have to test the system before using real spreads.
  • It should avoid high impact news in trading.

Key features

  • The system works automatically for us.
  • It places SL and TP levels.
  • The robot calculates lot sizes too.
  • M5 and H1 are two time frames to work.
  • We have no details about the recommended deposit, but if the system works on the H1 time frame, it should be from $1000.
  • The leverage details are’t revealed.

Trading strategy

The robot is a night scalper. So, it focuses on working during the period when the American session is closed and the Asian session isn’t opened yet.

GerFX Density Scalper backtest report

GerFX Density Scalper backtest report

There’s a report of eight symbols at once. The total profit has amounted to $59,967. The profit factor was 2.76, while the win rate was over 84%. The maximum drawdown was pretty low – 3.8%.


GerFX Density Scalper pricing details on MQL5

GerFX Density Scalper pricing details on MQL5

The devs increased pricing from $1600 to $2000 several months ago. We can rent it out for a month for $150, for three months for $370, for six months for $700, and for a year for $1250. We can download a demo copy for our usage.

Trading performance of GerFX Density Scalper

GerFX Density Scalper trading results on Myfxbook

GerFX Density Scalper trading results on Myfxbook

The robot has been working on a real account on Pepperstone, receiving data from MT5. The account has a verified track record. It was created on January 12, 2021, deposited at €159.23, and withdrawn at €2.21. The system could grow its total gain to 32.57% and an average monthly gain to 2.29%. The maximum drawdown was 2.78%.

GerFX Density Scalper details

GerFX Density Scalper details

There were 465 orders traded and 984.4 pips gained. An average win is 3.83 pips when an average loss is -3.70 pips. The win rate for longs is 80% when for shorts, it’s 73%. An average trade length is 45 minutes. The profit factor is 2.28.

GerFX Density Scalper trading pairs

GerFX Density Scalper trading pairs

EURUSD is the most actively traded symbol with 107 deals closed and $11.03 gained.

GerFX Density Scalper closed orders

GerFX Density Scalper closed orders

It seems to us that the system works with dynamic Stop Loss levels.

Customer support

The developer provides average support within several hours. So, it’s common for developers on MQL5.

People feedback

Customer testimonials on MQL5w

Customer testimonials on MQL5w

The clients have positive experience of using this EA.

GerFX Density Scalper Summary: Worth it or not?


GerFX Density Scalper is a trading advisor that cuts short profits at night. The robot doesn’t use fixed stop loss levels that can trigger huge losses. So, we don’t know if the robot will be running well in 2022.

  • Backtest reports provided
  • Trading results shown
  • No risk advice given
  • The advisor works without fixed Stop Loss levels
  • The system is overpriced

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