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Top 5 DEX Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022


Decentralized exchanges are the most straightforward way to invest in crypto assets, and some of these platforms provide the most fantastic DEX currencies to buy for significant returns in 2022. Some top DEX currencies to invest in for maximum profit are listed in this article below.

Why is most in-demand for investors?

DEXs contain virtually unlimited tokens, ranging from well-known to odd and entirely random. Because anybody may create an Ethereum-based token and a liquidity pool, more projects will be to pick from, both confirmed and unvetted. In addition, traders’ wallets are less susceptible to a hack since they keep all of the money involved in a DEX transaction in their wallets.

It is also becoming more popular in developing countries where banking infrastructure is absent because of DEXs’ peer-to-peer funding, speedy transactions, and anonymity features. In addition, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection may use a DEX to conduct transactions.

Top five best DEX cryptocurrencies for investing in 2022

Let’s look at the top five DEX cryptos to invest in 2022.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is an entirely automated Ethereum-based cryptocurrency exchange. An open-source technology, the Uniswap platform, may be used by anybody to create their decentralized exchange. UNI is one of the best DEX currencies to invest in for significant returns in 2022 after the platform published its v3 version.

The upgrade’s inclusion of total liquidity means that individual liquidity providers may now fine-tune the price ranges of their capital. In addition, according to the update, liquidity providers would be compensated for taking on different amounts of risk to maintain the platform’s stability.

Uniswap is currently the most flexible and effective Automated Market Maker (AMM) ever produced, thanks to these new features. It will enable LPs to offer liquidity with a capital efficiency of up to 4000x, leading to increased investment returns due to the improvements. In addition, the price of slippage in trade execution due to improved capital efficiency is decreased.

UNI 1Y price trends chart

UNI 1Y price trends chart

UNI 2025 price prediction

At this point, several experts anticipate that the UNI price will stabilize around $90 in 2025. Geographical differences also influence Uniswap’s price. Because of this, it is safe to say that the future of the UNI token is looking bright for this digital asset. The UNI token will first revolutionize the whole global page of transactions to make a lasting imprint on this ecosystem.

PancakeSwap (CAKE)

When it comes to DEXes, PancakeSwap’s CAKE utility token (based on the BSC) is one of the most well regarded. In addition, Binance Coin (BNB) and other BEP-20 tokens may be traded on PancakeSwap without using a centralized exchange. As a result, counterparty risk with the implementation of smart contracts on PancakeSwap is eliminated.

PnacakeSwap can accept more crypto projects, enhancing the platform’s liquidity by expanding its infrastructure. On PancakeSwap, project teams may now bid on-farm auctions for a chance to be featured. These project teams must bid to participate in the contest with their CAKE tokens.

CAKE 1Y price trends chart

CAKE 1Y price trends chart

CAKE 2025 price prediction

Now that CAKE has revolutionized the world’s page of transactions. It is setting out to make an everlasting mark on the ecosystem. According to specific predictions, CAKE will be a bull market rider by 2025. A record high of $67 might be set for PancakeSwap (CAKE). To reaffirm its stability, PancakeSwap now seems to be on the verge of setting yet another new record.


It is a decentralized exchange built on the Cosmos SDK and functions as a cross-chain DEX. The RUNE token is the system’s principal utility token, comparable to early Bancor (BNT) versions. Investors have a lot of potential to profit from Thorchain’s RUNE, regarded as one of the best DEX currencies on the market. It is in planning that Thorchain and Haven Protocol will unite soon to increase liquidity for XHV and xUSD. The development of liquidity pools and the supply of yields to xUSD holders will make liquidity available.

In addition, THORChain users will have direct access to other cryptocurrencies. It will eliminate the need for a third-party cryptocurrency exchange. Thorchain will make a range of private assets available to users through the Haven network. The Haven protocol’s incorporation of Thorchain opens up a slew of new use cases and opportunities. Thornode’s integration team constantly revises the technique to make it compatible with future releases.

RUNE 1Y price trends chart

RUNE 1Y price trends chart

RUNE 2025 price prediction

Long-term crypto estimates predict that THORChain will achieve $27 in 2025, making it the milestone year. The THORChain price is predicted to rise to a maximum of $30 by 2025 due to the widespread use of cryptocurrency. Investors may earn a significant return in the long term by investing in this currency at the present price level after doing their research and analyzing the market.

Loopring (LRC)

DEXes are built using Loopring, an open protocol. Trading and payments are handled via a system of smart contracts. dApps with trading features may be created using Loopring, a freely available technology. The website promotes a risk-free and anonymous trading environment.

Using the Layerswap bridging capability, Loopring is a fascinating commodity. Loopring and other Layer 2 exchanges now allow users to move bitcoin from different exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and others for ten times less money. In addition, Loopheads, a new dynamic NFT, has also been introduced by Loopring into the metaverse. The NFT is unique in that it incorporates the LRC token, giving it life and growing in the future.

LRC 1Y price trends chart

LRC 1Y price trends chart

LRC 2025 price prediction

For long-term Loopring price estimates, the fundamental study is necessary. The native token has a variety of benefits in the workplace. The autonomy of the digital economy makes it perfect. As DAPPs and stable currencies arise, the network gives competitive programmable payment, shipping, and storage options. A price of $3.08 per LRC share by 2025 may be possible, depending on investor interest. With a maximum price of $3.54 and a minimum price of $2.98, 2025 might be a year of extreme price swings.

Curve Finance (CRV)

Clients may swap tokens fast and efficiently, using Curve Finance, with little costs and slippage. When accepting crypto asset liquidity pools, the platform is a one-of-a-kind offering. A DEX on Ethereum may use more efficient algorithms to ensure low costs and short-term losses with this operating system.

Since it has a broad view, CRV can identify the best DEX currencies to invest in for maximum profit. Vote locks are now enabled on the platform to reduce the risk of liquidity and slippage, which is a significant benefit. The essential characteristics are its liquidity and its ability to slide. An investor may be charged a slippage fee if an asset’s liquidity is low when purchasing it.

CRV 1Y price trends chart

CRV 1Y price trends chart

CRV 2025 price prediction

Potentially, the number of users and adoption might soar with the appropriate partnerships and enhancements. As a result, curve DAO Token’s price might soar if the market focuses only on it. However, by 2025, the CRV is expected to turn around a bit if the market declines. Approximately $16.55 is predicted as the average price in 2025, with a low of $16.00 and a high of $18.88.

Final thoughts

If you’re searching for a hot token in its infancy, go no further than DeFi. DEXs provide access to a limitless amount of tokens. Above, we have listed the top five DEX cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022.

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