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EA Thomas Review

EA Thomas

EA Thomas uses five unique trading algorithms to trade the markets. The algorithm can work with a minimum deposit of $500 and can be used with two modes, i.e., conservative and aggressive. The developers provide a detailed instruction guide and pre-optimized set file with the purchase. Read the detailed review to know more about the pros/cons of the system and get an idea of the purchase decision.

EA Thomas lacks much essential information, which is a must to know the productivity and profitability of the system. Some are the absence of live trading stats, a proper backtesting report, a moneyback guarantee, and proper vendor transparency.

What is behind the EA Thomas?

The developer of the expert advisor is claimed to be Vitali Vasilenka from Belarus. He has a rating of 4.4/5 on the MQL platform with 26 products listed for sale and one year of experience. They sell other systems in the markets, including EA Flower, Super 8, Golden Elephant, Smoke, etc.

The instruction from the developer states that we should follow the mentioned steps to set it up:

  1. Buy the algorithm from the MQL5 website
  2. Open your account on the MT4/MT5 platform
  3. Put the EA in the experts’ folder and refresh it
  4. Drag the bot to the charts to start the trading

Key features

The robot has the following key features:

  • The algorithm is compatible with different timeframe charts.
  • It uses five different unique strategies to open executions.
  • The robot is easy to install and setup.
  • Traders can run it with two modes.
  • The EA can handle a slippage of up to 5 points.

Trading strategy

After evaluating the risk, the robot analyzes multiple time frames to enter the market. Traders can select which strategies they would like to use while attaching the system to the charts. The history on MQL5 records shows that the EA uses grid and martingale strategies. The pip step between trades can stand between 20-40 pips in general.

Trading history on MQL 5

Trading history on MQL 5

The developer mentioned in the presentation that the complexity of the EA makes it impossible to be backtested but also shared a few screenshots of backtesting stats. The data consist of 80530906 ticks with a history quality of 90.00%.

Vendors stance over backtesting

Vendors stance over backtesting

On the XAUUSD chart at the M5 timeframe, the relative drawdown was counted as 17.83%. The system participated in 89682 trades, out of which 86489 were winners, and 3193 were losses. The stat shows that the robot had 226 maximum consecutive wins and 3 losses. The high win rate of 96.27% can be justified as the EA uses risky averaging and martingale strategies.

The available backtesting records are merely snapshots. It should be kept in mind that these reports can easily be tempered and manipulated.

Backtesting snapshots present on the MQL5 platform

Backtesting snapshots present on the MQL5 platform


EA Thomas is available for a lifetime license at $49 on MQL5. There are no other plans or renting options available. A free demo version of the robot is present to test before purchase.

Pricing of the EA

Pricing of the EA

Trading performance of EA Thomas

EA Thomas started trading on 5th May 2022 and is currently active, according to the records on MQL5. The algorithm has suffered a high drawdown of 38.7% for this period with a total growth of 59%. It has concluded a total of 320 trades, out of which 68.43% are profitable. The max deposit load of 41.76% shows the implementation of a risky approach.

Live records on MQL 5

Live records on MQL 5

Drawdown curve on MQL 5

Drawdown curve on MQL 5

Customer support

The developer doesn’t provide any information on the available customer support. Traders can only contact the vendors through the MQL5 platform to submit their queries.

People feedback

No trader reviews are present on any third-party website that can provide the EA’s legitimacy. There are 20 reviews in the total present on the MQL5 website with a rating of 4.71/5. Some of the users praised the system’s excellent performance, but one user accused the developers of a scam. He further explained how he tried to contact the vendors, and they didn’t return to him.

Customer review on the MQL5 platform

Customer review on the MQL5 platform

EA Thomas: Worth it or not?


EA Thomas does not have extensive live trading records and proper backtesting stats. The overall presentation of the expert advisor is not very promising and lacks an appropriate explanation of the strategic game plan.

  • 100% automated
  • A high drawdown
  • Poor presentation with little insight into the strategical approach
  • Little information about the vendor

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