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BlackQueen Review


BlackQueen is a trading solution that can provide traders with a possibility of trading profitabile on the Forex market. The presentation is short and doesn’t share advice, settings, and features explanations.

The developer’s profile on MQL5

The developer’s profile on MQL5

Mikhail Sergeev is a developer of this EA. He is a programist at MQL5. Mikhail’s portfolio is featured by 15 products and 3 signals. Aver, Sparta, Investo, and Bears Hunter are a few EAs to list.

The advisor works bad on a real account. So, we have decided to figure out what is happening.

What is behind BlackQueen?

The presentation provides us with an average level of informativeness that helps us to understand how the robot works on the market.

  • We can expect that the system covers us with a possibility to open and close orders on our terminals.
  • It can be easily customized as we need.
  • We don’t need any experience to work with the advisor.
  • The robot focuses on working with a price action strategy.
  • It’s possible to trade on any cross pair that we want.
  • The strategies can be switched.
  • We don’t know what other strategies are.
  • There are three modes that can be switched.
  • We can work with seven pairs.
  • There are other possible strategies: Grid, Hedge, and Martingale.
  • It can handle various market conditions.
  • It requires a Hedge account type.
  • It doesn’t require a scalping strategy.

Key features

  • It works automatically on the market.
  • It calculates SL and TP levels.
  • The system closes orders automatically.
  • There are cross pairs allowed to work with EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, and USDJPY.
  • The default settings were customized to work with EURUSD on H1.
  • We have to have over $50 on the balance to start well.

Trading strategy

The robot works with the following strategies: price action, hedge, grid, and martingale.

BlackQueen backtest report

BlackQueen backtest report

We don’t have a final report of this test. From the chart, we can see huge losing periods. The owner mentioned that the robot has made $10,000 from $1,000 for two years. We can’t trust this blindly.


BlackQueen offer on MQL5

BlackQueen offer on MQL5

The robot is available for $371 for a lifetime license. There are two rental possibilities for $40 for 1 month and for $68 for three months. We can work with a demo copy of the system for executing backtests and checking settings.

Trading performance of BlackQueen

BlackQueen trading results on MQL5

BlackQueen trading results on MQL5

The system tries to survive on a real account that was created on RoboForex. The leverage is 1:300. The maximum drawdown is 15.3%. The maximum deposit load is 9.2%. The win rate is 63.3%. The total growth is -8.61%. We have an account deposited at $302.91 only.

BlackQueen growth chart

BlackQueen growth chart

The system shows how it loses the account balance.

BlackQueen closed orders

BlackQueen closed orders

The robt losses much more than gains.

BlackQueen trading details

BlackQueen trading details

BlackQueen executed 49 orders. The best trade is $9.06 when the worst trade is -$15.91. The recovery factor is -0.52 when the profit factor is 0.82.

Customer support

The devs provide average customer support. So, our questions can be answered within several hours.

People feedback

People feedback on MQL5

People feedback on MQL5

We have some negative feedback that the robot doesn’t work properly.

BlackQueen Summary: Worth it or not?


BlackQueen is a trading solution that has a simple and not quite informative presentation. The trading results showed that the robot consistently loses money from the real account. We would like to wait for upcoming updates before getting started.

  • Trading results provided
  • The rental options available
  • No risk advice given
  • No money management advice provided
  • No backtest reports shared
  • Horrible trading results
  • Various negative testimonials written

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