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Aura Pro Review

Aura Pro

Aura Pro uses the grid method for ensuring high returns and minimal risk. It uses deep machine learning and hyperparameter search features. The features help to minimize the predefined loss function of provided independent data.

Stanislav Tomilov is the creator of this FX robot. His other products are Aura Gold, Aura Black, Euro Master, and Firestarter. He is based in Russia and has more than 6 years of experience in developing FX products. The developer has created a total of 12 products and 16 signals. To contact the dev you can use the Telegram channel link or mail to him using the mail address provided.

As per the developer, the EA uses the grid and Martingale methods. It minimizes losses with the use of special features like hyperparameter search and machine learning. In this review, we intend to find whether this is a reliable and safe ATS or not. To achieve this, we will analyze the various components of the EA including its features, author recommendations, strategy, performance, and more.

What is behind the Aura Pro EA?

The author mentions the use of deep machine learning and optimization of hyperparameters that ensure the software is designed with appropriate features that help in limiting inaccuracies and losses. As per the developer, this ATS does not need settings files as all values are present inside the algorithm.  The system is easy to set up and has a wide range of optimization and customization features.

Key features

Features and recommendations for Aura Pro

Features and recommendations for Aura Pro

Some of the key features that give this MT4/5 tool an edge as per the developer are:

  • A timeframe of H1 is used for the FX robot.
  • Leverage of 1:500 is needed.
  • The minimum deposit recommended for this ATS is $1000.
  • It is not sensitive to broker conditions like slippage and spread.

Trading strategy

The author states that this expert advisor uses the grid and Martingale methods. To reduce the losses and risks associated with the methods, he mentions the use of hyperparameter search and machine learning methods. There are a couple of backtesting results for the ATS. Here is a screenshot of one of the tests:

Backtesting results of Aura Pro

Backtesting results of Aura Pro

From the above stats, we can see the FX EA had generated a total net profit of $26,939.76 for a deposit of $1000. For the testing done on the EURUSD pair from 2010 to 2021, a total of 2195 trades were executed with 79.68% profitability and a profit factor of 5.08. The drawdown was 12.94%. From the results, we can see the growth was consistent and with minimal risk.


Pricing of Aura Pro

Pricing of Aura Pro

This FX EA is available on MQL5 for $595. A rental package costing $395 is also present. The author offers a free demo account. There are no other details present related to the features you get with the packages. There is no money-back guarantee present. The lack of a refund offer makes us suspect the reliability of the product. Further, when compared to the market average, we find the price is expensive.

Trading performance of Aura Pro

A live signal started in September 2021 using the ForexChief broker on the MT5 platform is present on the MQL5 site. Here is a screenshot of the trading stats:

Live trading stats of Aura Pro

Live trading stats of Aura Pro

From the above stats, we can see the EA has achieved growth of 27%. For a deposit of $11800, a profit of $3233.59 was generated. The profitability is 59.9% and the profit factor is 2.10. A drawdown of 15.9% is present. Comparing real trading results with the backtests we find the profits are not as high in real trading. The drawdown is also more in real-time results. Further, the results show a below-average performance indicating the approach is not as effective as claimed by the author.

Customer support

For support, the developer provides a Telegram channel link and an email address. The direct messaging option on the MQL5 site is another way to contact the developer.

People feedback

Unfortunately, we could not find user reviews for this FX EA on reputed third-party sites like FPA, Trustpilot, etc.

Aura Pro Summary: Worth it or not?


Aura Pro uses hyperparameter search and deep machine learning methods to ensure high profits. The developer provides backtesting results and real trading stats for the ATS. On analyzing the results, we find the drawdown is acceptable but the profits are low and the growth is very slow. Further, there are other downsides like the expensive pricing and lack of a refund offer that you need to consider.

  • It is a fully automated software
  • Real trading and backtesting results present
  • Uses the grid and Martingale methods which are very risky
  • Expensive pricing

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