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Agimat Trading System Review

Agimat Trading System

Agimat Trading System is said to be a high-performance Forex trading tool that is designed to run on a variety of platforms including MT4, MT5 and TradingView. Apparently, it also enables the user to trade every MT4 & MT5 instrument.

Agimat Trading System was developed by Dennis Buchholz, the founder of F.X. Tech Group Ltd, a software engineering company with offices in Spain and Hong Kong. The faces behind the system have been made public. We have Dennis (founder), Victor Lori (Support), Kim Ji Yeon (Admin), and Saharah (accounting). Nonetheless, we think that the team would have appeared more credible if their qualifications and experiences had been highlighted as well.

Agimat’s trading system’s leadership and team

Agimat’s trading system’s leadership and team

Agimat Trading System review

This Agimat Trading System Review seeks to establish if this robot is worth the trader’s time and money. Since, we have been told that its performance is good, we will pay special attention to the live trading stats to see if this claim is true, and subsequently advise you accordingly.

What is behind Agimat Trading System Review?

Agimat Trading System basically produces trading signals and utilizes them to conduct trades for the owner.

Key features

The key features of the system are:

  • Does not repaint.
  • Displays entry, SL and TP on the trader’s mobile charts.
  • Pop-up alert notifications are provided.
  • Uses a neural network.

Trading strategy

The system mainly applies scalping and swing trading. The former approach is well-known for its low success rate. The latter tactic also has its shortcomings. The volatile nature of the Forex market makes swing trading highly vulnerable to market whipsaws. These can eventually lead to loss of capital. So, we believe that the combination of these strategies is ill-informed. Our concerns have been confirmed by the live trading data.

Backtesting results are not displayed. The system’s past profitability rate, risks, and performance of long and short positions remain obscure.


Agimat trading system is being sold at a one time license fee €174. This pack integrates free updates, 2 MT$ or MT5 account installations on demo/real, customer support, free Forex signals, mobile apps and video tutorials. However, a money-back guarantee is not included. Therefore, the system is not worth your money.

Agimat system price

Agimat system price

Trading performance of Agimat Trading System

Agimat’s live trading results are available on both FXBlue and We have analyzed statistics from the latter platform.

Trading results

Trading results

This live account was activated on July 3, 2019 after being deposited at €15,599.49. The absolute gain of 37.44% was made after the EA created a profit of €5,840.60. However, the balance (€2,310.09) is not that much since a total of €19,130 has been withdrawn. The daily and monthly profits are 0.16% and 5.22% respectively. The drawdown rate which is 70.07% is insanely high. This account is at the verge of going under.

Trading performance

Trading performance

The number of trades (189) conducted during the two year period that the EA has been working are small. However, the win rates of 91% for long positions and 96% for short ones are quite good. The profit factor is 10.51. The average win of 5.97 pips is almost similar to the average loss of 5.92 pips. The lots traded are unknown since this data is locked. We suspect that large lots are used.

Monthly performance from January 2021 to July 2021

Monthly performance from January 2021 to July 2021

The profits made were small as they all fell under the 10% mark.

Account’s risk of ruin

Account’s risk of ruin

From the risk of ruin table above, we can see that it’s only a matter of time before the account will crash.

Customer support

The support team can be contacted by filling in a form that is provided on the “support desk” page. The vendor can take up to 24hrs to reply, particularly on weekends. Therefore, traders are told to exercise patience. However, those who write impolite stuff will be ignored.

People feedback

Most clients on FPA seem to be satisfied with the Agimat Trading System. A total of 269 traders have given it a rating of 3.995. However, we found a few negative reviews that we couldn’t ignore. One client raises concerns about Agimat FX Ultra’s inability to return signals. The other one complains of the high drawdown generated by the Agimat EA.

Client complaining that Agimat FX Ultra hasn’t returned any signal

Client complaining that Agimat FX Ultra hasn’t returned any signal

Trader claiming the Agimat EA is at 80% drawdown

Trader claiming the Agimat EA is at 80% drawdown

Agimat Trading System Review Summary: Worth it or not?


The vendor has attempted to be transparent. The company and the team behind the system as well as the strategies being used and the trading results have all been revealed. However, we have to admit that the performance of the robot is below average. The approaches also generate a high drawdown that can endanger your capital. So, you should think twice before purchasing this tool.

  • Live trading results are present
  • Backtest data is not available
  • High drawdown
  • Unprofitable strategies on board

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