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The ComeBack Kid Review

The ComeBack Kid

The ComeBack Kid EA is a semi-automated trading algorithm that can trade any pair or instrument. The robot can use the built-in indicators to work in complete auto mode, or traders can place the trades manually where the EA will manage them. Our article will discuss all the important features of the algorithm and provide a statement on if you should use it in your trading.

The company doesn’t provide information about their duration of services. The trading records suggest that their algorithm was brought in recently two months ago. The robot has a unique approach compared to other algorithms that caught our eye, and we decided to review it.

What is behind the ComeBack Kid EA?

The company states that they have been trading the markets for 16 years. However, they do not provide any proof of performance or portfolio that could verify the claim. We are left stranded, trying to find out the whereabouts of the team.

How it works

To install the algorithm, you have to place the ex4 or 5 file in the experts’ directory of the MT 4 and 5 platform. After that, refresh the experts’ tab and enable the auto-trading button. Place the EA on respective charts to begin trading.

Key features

The robot has the following key features:

  • It can trade any pair of instruments
  • It has a built-in cost averaging method to get out of losing trades
  • It requires only 5 to 10 minutes to work with the algorithm
  • Has a trend trading system that provides entries on possible trades

The minimum amount of deposit required to trade with the system is $3000. The recommended leverage is 1:100.

Trading strategy

The robot can manage the trades opened by traders or work on the complete auto mode by using the two indicators and use them for signals. It can employ a grid system to hedge out of losing trades. It has a trend trading system that can give the potential entry after a pullback. Using the trading history on Myfxbook, we can see that the expert handles multiple currency pairs. It also employs a martingale strategy alongside a grid. It holds trades for an average duration of 13 hours and 26 minutes.

Trading history on Myfxbook

Trading history on Myfxbook

There are no backtesting results available which is a poor activity. It raises many concerns over the authenticity of the system.


The robot is available for an asking price of $497. There is no money-back guarantee with the product.

Trading performance of ComeBack Kid EA

Live trading results are available on Myfxbook, which show performance from June 16, 2021, till the current date. The system made an average monthly gain of 5.28% during the period, with a drawdown of 2.54%. The winning rate stood at 65%, with a profit factor of 1.82. The best trade was $312.78, while the worst was -$203.41. There were a total of 296 trades. The developer made $30674 in deposits and $0 in withdrawals.

Live trading records on Myfxbook

Live trading records on Myfxbook

Customer support

Customer support is available through the mail, live chat, and filling out a website form. There is no information on the response time and the duration for which the service is alive.

People feedback

There are no customer reviews on TrustPilot or Forex Peace Army that could guide us on the viewpoint of other traders. This shows that not many traders are willing to try a system that has been online for a short duration.

The ComeBack Kid EA Summary: Worth it or not?


The ComeBack Kid robot is only live for a short duration. The algorithm uses a grid and martingale strategies that can contribute to a high drawdown that will happen shortly. This makes it risky to invest in the system.

  • It comes with live trading records on Myfxbook
  • There are no backtesting results available
  • No transparency on who is the developer
  • There is no trial available to try out the system

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