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PZ Divergence Review

PZ Divergence

PZ Divergence is a Forex indicator that looks for divergences in the market and claims to maintain a win rate of around 90%. You can use this robot with Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5. This is a product developed by the PZ Trading team, headed by Arturo Lopez Perez, a trader based in Andorra.

We don’t know when this company was founded and the vendor has not shared the details of the other team members. Since we know very little about the company’s service history, we can say the product suffers from a lack of vendor transparency. This developer has built other indicators like PZ Trend Trading, PZ ABCD Retracement, PZ Reversal Fractals, PZ Pennants, PZ Swing Trading, and PZ Day Trading.

Since the market is currently flooded with automated trading systems and indicators, you need to do your research before investing. There are several scam services out there, so we need to look into the different performance aspects of the system to determine whether it is reliable or not.

PZ Divergence has been on the MQL5 marketplace since 21st March 2018. But it has a very short live trading history, which makes us wary. To date, it has no notable achievements.

What is behind the PZ Divergence indicator?

To accomplish its trading operations, the indicator repaints the trading signals. Since divergences are subject to expansion, PZ Divergence has to repaint in order to follow it. However, it does not repaint signals that are based on breakouts.

When the indicator detects a divergence, it sends a notification, following the same process in case a breakout occurs. The vendor recommends trading only when there is a breakout. They also recommend using longer timeframes for trading, since the shorter ones might generate false signals. You can load the indicator several times using various oscillators.

Key features 

PZ Divergence supports multiple oscillators like Rate of Change, Relative Vigor Index, Williams Percent Range, Accelerator Oscillator, Awesome Oscillator, Momentum, Stochastic, OSMA, MACD, CCI, and RSI. You have the option of modifying the input parameters to suit your trading style. The parameters include Zig-Zag period, divergence types, breakout period, minimum divergence size in bars, maximum divergence size in bars, indicators settings, drawing settings, and alerts.

Trading strategy

While trading with divergences, the indicator waits for a Donchian breakout that acts as a confirmation signal. It uses different colors to indicate different types of regular and hidden divergences. We would have liked the vendor to share further details on the trading strategy, but unfortunately, there is very little information available. Since this is an indicator and not an automated trading system, the vendor has not shared the backtesting data.


PZ Divergence is available for the price of $299. We think this is an extremely high price tag for an indicator. There are 3 rental options available for this indicator and the vendor also provides a free demo version for testing purposes. Unfortunately, there is no money-back guarantee for this product.

Trading performance of PZ Divergence 

Growth chart of PZ Divergence

Growth chart of PZ Divergence

The live trading account for this indicator has a very short trading history, with the launch date of the account being June 27, 2021. To date, the indicator has conducted only 57 trades through this account, winning 37 out of them and generating a small profit of $67.23. The win rate for this account is 65% while the profit factor is 2.14.

Trading results of PZ Divergence

Trading results of PZ Divergence

This account has a high drawdown of 24.78%, which indicates a risky trading strategy. We can confirm this by taking a look at the trading history. There have been multiple consecutive losses in this account, and this makes us think that the system is not safe for live trading.

Customer support 

If you are in need of support, you can raise a ticket using the official website. The support team is available from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM GMT -1.

People feedback

User review on MQL5

User review on MQL5

There are no user reviews for this indicator on trusted third-party websites. On MQL5, there is a single review from a user, but we cannot possibly consider this authentic. The lack of user reviews indicates a lack of reputation.

PZ Divergence Summary: Worth it or not?


In the end, we would like to say that PZ Divergence is not an indicator that can generate profitable trading signals. It is an overpriced system for which there is no money-back guarantee. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a long track record of earning profits in the live market.

  • Verified trading results
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Short trading history
  • No authentic customer reviews

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