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Price Action Forex Ltd Review

Price Action Forex Ltd

Price Action Forex Ltd provides signals to traders and offers account management services. The company claims to have an accuracy of 90% on their trades. Investors can choose to follow all of their services with the help of the combo plan. We have carefully analyzed the output of their services and are looking into all the pros and cons to see if they are profitable as they claim.

The company makes so many promises about their service on the website and presents many customer reviews which have caught our eye. This is why we decided to take a closer look at the service.

There is no information on how long the company has been providing the services to customers. Forex Peace Army suggests that they have been online since 2005.

What is behind the Price Action Forex Ltd

The company does not provide us with details on the trading experience of the traders responsible for delivering the trades. There are also no Myfxbook records present. It seems that they are only interested in investors joining them without having to ask for much scrutiny.

How it works

The signals work like this:

  • Traders will have to provide the payment and send an email to the providers.
  • The company will then provide trades over email or add you to the Telegram channel.

Key features

The service has the following key features:

  • It offers a 30% return a month.
  • It provides trades with 90% accuracy.
  • It provides an algorithmic solution for account management services.
  • It has multiple programs available for traders to follow.

The company recommends using the leverage of 1:500 and a minimum deposit of $500 for their algorithmic section.

Trading strategy

The company provides its trades through multiple programs. They do not share much information on the strategy, but we may say that they give out scalping and forex signals to traders. They claim to use a fixed stop loss and strive for a risk-reward ratio of 1:2. There are no Myfxbook records; hence we can not analyze the game plan on our own.

They do not test out their strategy with the help of a forex simulator. It is possible to know about their performance on historical data, but the company refuses to follow such an approach.


Traders can join their scalping channel for $185 and forex VIP for $209. Their paic subscription costs $297 a month.

The pricing model of the service

The pricing model of the service

Trading performance of Price Action Forex Ltd

The company does not provide us with any trading records that could verify their performance. Their link to Myfxbook records has expired, which could mean that they decided to remove the results once their accounts reached margin calls. Lack of transparency is not a good approach by Price Action Forex Ltd.

Customer support

Customer support is only available through the live chat service available on the website. We do not know for how long the chat service is present to answer the questions of traders.

People feedback

Customer reviews on Forex Peace Army dictate that the service is poor. They only have a rating of 1.438 for a total of 55 feedbacks. This shows the poor outlook of the company and states that they do not have a good reputation amongst traders. Investors state that they have lost a huge amount of capital by using their service. They comment that the company is a big liar about accuracy.

Customer review at FPA

Customer review at FPA

Price Action Forex Ltd Summary: Worth it or not?


Price Action Ltd is not a reputable service to follow as there is no transparency on many factors such as strategy and records. The company has a poor rating on Forex Peace Army.

  • It provides multiple packages for subscription
  • There are no backtesting records available
  • There is no transparency on the developer
  • There is no transparency on the strategy of the system

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