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Forex Astrobot Review

Forex Astrobot

Forex Astrobot is an expert advisor that claims to generate a maximum profit of $16,000 per month. According to the vendor, this robot is based on high-end technology and this allows it to analyze the rapid price changes in the Forex market.

This is a product from Rita Lasker of the Green Forex Group. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, this group has been manufacturing automated trading systems for almost a decade. There is very little background information available on this company and the people who work in it. Other EAs from this team include Forex Daily Robot, Forex AmeroBot, Forex Olympus, Forex Avia, etc. 

Before investing in a Forex robot, it is wise to conduct a thorough analysis. You should look into things like features, strategy, pricing, trading results, support, user reviews, etc. There are many scam services flooding the market, and conducting a detailed review helps you filter out the good ones from the bad. On the official website, the vendor has made some claims about the robot winning large profits in short time periods. However, there is no way for us to verify these claims.

What is behind the Forex Astrobot EA?

Forex Astrobot is a 100% automated trading system that is ready to trade within a few minutes after you’ve completed the installation. It analyzes the market conditions and tries to capitalize on them. The vendor claims that the EA has a special algorithm that allows it to maintain its profitability. However, we have no idea how this algorithm works. You must run this EA on the MT4 trading platform.

Key features 

This robot is compatible with all currency pairs. The vendor recommends using it with M15, M30, and H1 timeframes. It is advisable that you start with a small amount. For certain brokers, you can get started with as little as $200.

Forex Astrobot has a trailing stop functionality that shields your account against heavy losses. It also has a money management feature that adjusts the size of the trading lot based on the market conditions. The robot also has an in-built slippage algorithm that stops the trader from using the incorrect parameters in case there is a drastic shift in the price of an asset.

Trading strategy 

On the official website, there is no explanation provided for the trading strategy. We don’t know how it identifies profitable trades or whether it uses any indicators for this purpose. Without strategy insight, it is impossible for us to determine what trading style this EA is suitable for.

EA vendors normally test their systems using archival data. Unfortunately, the vendor hasn’t shared the backtesting results for this expert advisor. As such, we have no idea about the long-term performance of this system.


Forex Astrobot is available at the price of $99. If you wish to buy the Ultimate version of the EA as well, you need to pay $228. Compared to other EAs, this is quite affordable. The Ultimate version has a profit multiplication mode, a higher success rate, and an advanced additional algorithm. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for this product.

Trading performance of Forex Astrobot

Trading results of Forex Astrobot on the official website

Trading results of Forex Astrobot on the official website

There are no verified trading accounts for this EA. On the official website, the vendor has shared the results in tabular format. Here, we can see the opening and closing time, trade type, price, stop loss, take profit, commission, taxes, swap, and profit. These results are old and there is no way we can verify their authenticity.

Customer support 

The vendor offers 24/7 support for all users. However, the only way to get in touch with the support team is through the contact form on the website. There is no official email address shared on the website and it doesn’t have a live chat feature.

People feedback

There are no reviews for this expert advisor on third-party websites. This indicates a lack of reputation. There are some testimonials shared on the official webpage, but we cannot determine whether they are authentic or not.

Forex Astrobot Summary: Worth it or not?


Forex Astrobot has a nice set of features and is available at a cheap price. Nevertheless, there are no verified trading statistics for this system, and this prevents us from checking the veracity of the vendor’s claims. We don’t know what strategy this robot follows and there are no reviews from real users on third-party websites.

  • Cheap compared to other systems
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No verified trading statistics
  • No user reviews
  • Lack of strategy insight

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