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Excelsior Review


Excelsior trading robot is a multi-symbol trading advisor created by Evgeniy Scherbina. It implements a variant of the recurrent neural network and trades on weekly and daily Forex charts on a full-automation basis. To know more about this robot, its efficacy and reliability, read this Excelsior EA review.

The developer of Excelsior states that the robot currently trades on 8 currency pairs. Records from the MQL5 website indicate that the robot was released into the market on September 05, 2020, with several updates provided to the present date. The current version is 3.1, which was updated on 5 December 2021. Links have been provided to guide the buyers to run the bot in a virtual hosting format.

What is behind the Excelsior robot?

Evgeniy Scherbina is the developer behind the robot. He has 24 products for sale in the market related to MT5, trend analysis, neural networking, and trade. The only information about the seller is that he is located in Russia. Beyond that, no contact information like an address, email, or phone number is unavailable.

How it works

The robot works on the MT5 platform. To star trading with this EA we have to:

  • Buy the robot or download the Demo version from the MQL5 forum
  • Run the MetaTrader5 platform on our PC
  • Download the EA in the Experts Directory tab in the Meta Trader
  • Drag the items on the trading charts area to start operations

Key features

The robot has the following key features:

  • It uses 2 independent recurrent neural networks for buy/sell.
  • The robot can work on a VPS.
  • There is a Demo version for trial-testing.
  • The latest version (3.1) provides a new training sorted by accuracy and is weighted accordingly.
  • It trades on multiple currencies.

Trading strategy

The developer writes that Excelsior trades on the following symbols: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPCHF, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. The robot uses two network types to buy and sell positions. This refers to the option of using swing trading where the trades last for more than a week for profit generation. Records indicate a trade length of 11 hours which is very recent, so it doesn’t help much with proper performance analysis.

Trading history on MQL5

Trading history on MQL5

Backtesting records, one of which shows an inferior history quality, have been provided from 2018-2021 show that no specific stop-loss value has been set for positions across various currencies. This is a dangerous move that can blow an account in seconds. We can see that the robot trades with an initial deposit of $1000 and has a drawdown of 18.1%. The Z-score was -4.93 with a profit factor of 186.29.

Backtesting records of the system on MQL5

Backtesting records of the system on MQL5


The algorithm provides two options for users: buy and Demo. The Demo is free but requires MetaTrader5. It allows users to test the system before purchase. On the other hand, the buy version is available for a fixed price of $385 and requires an account on MQL5. Unfortunately, the developer does not provide any information about a money-back guarantee.

Pricing of the robot on MQL5

Pricing of the robot on MQL5

Trading performance of Excelsior

Even though Myfxbook results are not available, the results are still available on MQL5, indicating performance from 2021.12.05. These statistics show that the robot executed 51 trades, out of which 35 were long, and 16 were short. Growth stands at 22.99 %, with deposits equal to 873 EUR. The maximum drawdown was 15.2%, and the average holding time was specified as 10 days which says a lot about traders holding positions for more than a week. Best trade stood at 20.77 EUR, which is not very impressive.  The average profit is 4.76 EUR with a profit factor of 1427.20, which seems highly unrealistic.

Records of Excelsior EA on MQL5

Records of Excelsior EA on MQL5

Customer support

Although no forms or contact information about the seller is provided, MQL5 contains a comments tab in which the developer seems to have answered the customers’ queries and comments.

People feedback

Excelsior has an overall rating of 2.32, which is not that impressive, and lacks external reviews on the Forex Peace Army and Trust Pilot. However, MQL5 holds 31 studies, a large majority of which tell a very devastating story about the users’ experience with the bot. Most reviews give no more than 1 out of a 5-star rating. One customer complains how the bot blew their account and traded only when patterns were similar but stopped mid-way. This raises severe eyebrows against the bot’s claimed automation feature.

Negative customer review on MQL5

Negative customer review on MQL5

Excelsior Summary: Worth it or not?


Excelsior robot is not completely transparent on its trading strategy which is not a good approach. Also, lack of contact information coupled with a large string of negative customer reviews raises some concerns about the developer’s practice.

  • Backtesting records
  • Drawdown is forecasted to increase
  • Very negative user reviews
  • The low number of total trades
  • Doesn’t disclose open-source trading history

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