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Easy Forex Pips Review

Easy Forex Pips

Easy Forex Pips is a trading signals service that provides its users with buy/sell trades on multiple currency pairs. According to the developer, a team of experts monitors the service constantly, which makes them different from other competitors. The authors provide information about the best time, strategy, and currency pair to choose while trading. We will discuss the vital aspects of the product in our article to give more details to the viewers.

There is no information about the companies’ foundation year, and the vendor is unclear on their whereabouts. There are no links for their LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

What is behind the Easy Forex Pips robot?

The system operates in the following way:

  1. Buy one of the subscription plans on the website
  2. Connect to their community on telegram
  3. Start getting the signals from the team
  4. Place the trades exactly when you receive them

Key features

The setup has the following features:

  • New users can easily follow the signals.
  • It uses multiple currency pairs.
  • Different packages are available.
  • It offers 2 free trading signals daily for the registered users.
  • Comes with recommended trades approved by the company to assure profit for their clients.
  • Providence of technical analysis, competence, and accuracy.

Trading strategy

The providers state that they use clear exit points for each trade. The professionals analyze the market and perform a detailed technical analysis before giving out 4-7 signals per day. There are multiple take profits for each trade.

Unfortunately, the trading history on Myfxbook is hidden, so we cannot analyze the strategy for ourselves. The average trade duration of 4 hours and 5 minutes suggests a day trading approach.

The signal service is not clear for their backtesting records. This is a poor approach that raises concerns about their service.


Easy Forex Pips are available in 4 different purchasing options. Each selection has live alerts on telegram application, 4-7 signals daily, 4000+ monthly pips, 1-3 targets each day, and money management advice. The team provides no information on the money return policy on their website.

The cheapest package costs $45 and is valid for 1 month, whereas the most expensive deal is available for $105 with a validity of 6 months. The discounted offer comes with a 1-year duration and is for $100. Another option is feasible for 3 months and costs $75.

Trading performance of Easy Forex Pips

The company’s live trading records were present from July 2019 to March 2021. A total of 15,043 trades were made with a profitability of 70% and a loss rate of 30%. The average win ratio was 91.30 pips and a loss ratio of -165.20 pips. The drawdown was 16.55%, and the monthly gain percentage of 98.60%.

We observe an average win of 91.30 pips and a profit factor of 1.17. The best trade made was 15,560.0 pips, whereas the worst trade noted as -30,230.0

Live records on Myfxbook

Live records on Myfxbook

Live records on Myfxbook

Live records on Myfxbook

Customer support

Users can contact them on the telegram app or by sending them an email. Traders can also leave their message after filling out the form present on their contact us page.

People feedback

Easy Forex Pips has 337 reviews and a 4.7 rating on a trusted third-party site Trustpilot. One of the clients states that good reviews about them on Trustpilot are fake, and the company provides forgery results.

Customer review on Trustpilot

Customer review on Trustpilot


Easy Forex Pips Summary: Worth it or not?


Easy Forex Pips give no backtesting records, and no information is available about the strategy. The company is not transparent on its portfolio, and unsatisfying feedback is public on Trustpilot.

  • It comes with multiple buying packages
  • No backtesting records
  • Poor customer reviews
  • Vendor transparency is not clear

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