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Rakuten Passive Income App: For Rewards and Savings


Passive income is the less time-consuming and easy technique of profiting investments. It becomes even more enjoyable when you only have to do online shopping on the application. You can save and earn money/prizes with Rakuten just by shopping.

It is becoming one of the most popular passive income platforms that offer rewards for earning. In turn, you can save an ample amount with the minimum deposit possible. A sweet treat, right? Let’s research more deeply to know if the Rakuten application is best for you.

What does Rakuten Passive income application offer? 

Rakuten passive income is a cashback platform that constantly modifies its services to provide effective opportunities. It acts as a medium between the companies and the market. The companies pay Rakunet to refer these to the keen investors and earn and give profit together.

Still, it is a win-win solution as both the companies and the traders get paid a commission. Not only this, the companies get sales, and you get the products that you have shopped on Rakunet. It offers a specific list of what each shop gives as cashback. It depends on the total amount of your order before applying taxes.

Rakuten app offers more than 400 shopping stores with promising cashback. It also gives coupons and bonuses that you can search and avail of directly from their website. It offers both the application and online site to the investors for rewards and savings. You can choose it as per your preference.

Rakuten app offers more than 400 shopping stores

Sign up and get the referral bonus 

Rakuten offers a signup gratuity to its new customers as a welcoming gift. By opening an account on the app, you get a $10 bonus as a reward. After this, you can enjoy more than 40% cashback on your shopping from Rakuten stores.

Get an instant bonus on opening an account

Get an instant bonus on opening an account

Investors can refer Rakuten applications to their friends and dear ones to earn cashback. This referral cashback is nearly equal to $25 whenever your referred person purchases anything on the app. Surprisingly, in this way, the investors can earn more profits on the minimum activities and investments.

Not only you but your friend can get a signup bonus of $10 while you earn $25 as well. In addition, after signing up for an account, you will automatically get a referral link on your account that you can share directly with any of your friends or family.

Safety and security 

Rakuten takes its customer’s security concerns very seriously. Therefore, they follow a strict privacy policy to assure that your card and transaction details are safe with this app. Furthermore, it ensures that they only support those shops that use secure socket layer (SSL) connections to offer a qualitative and trouble-free experience. You can read the privacy agreements of this platform to learn more about their security policies from their platform.

Customer support 

Rakuten customer service providers are always ready to assist their customers. You can contact them through any of the social media applications. You can also contact them by visiting the contact us page on their application or site extension. In addition, you can further select what you need help with to get quick solutions to your problems.

How to shop and save with Rakuten platform? 

The first step is obviously to set an account. After that, you can open a new one, or if you already have an ebates account, you can use your prior log-in data. This way, they can transfer previous essentials on the Rakuten platform also.

For opening a new account, you only have to:

  • Click on a signup option by visiting the Rakuten website.
  • Choose your bonus option. You can select from the $10 cash option or $10 Walmart gift, whatever you prefer.
  • Add your log-in email address or Continue with Facebook or Gmail to open an account.

Rakuten can also ask you to add additional information like address and anything you can add. After setting an account, you are ready to shop, earn, and save with the platform.

After setting an account, you are ready

After setting an account, you are ready

Search shopping stores 

The easiest way to search for a profitable store is to put it on a search bar and let Rakuten find it for you. Otherwise, you can scroll through the whole list of shopping brands and find yourself what suits you the best. After finding a store, click on the name and direct to the shop to make purchases with guaranteed cashback.

Payment process

After opening an account, it is preferable to edit your deposit information by simply going to the account settings. Then, click on the significant fat check history and select whether you want payment through PayPal or want it at your doorsteps in the form of a paycheque. You can earn cashback after every three months of your purchase.

Earning methods

However, if you aren’t a shopaholic, then don’t worry. Rakuten has offers for you too. You can earn through it by booking traveling tickets. As Christmas is around the corner, you can also shop your Christmas essentials from Rakuten-listed shops.

Through this, you can get your preferred products and make product purchases. Above all, you can also earn adequate cashback to add to your savings account.

The Rakuten app offers several nifty features to help you save more money, including:

  • In-store coupon offers
  • App-exclusive cashback deals
  • Cashback on Lyft rides (app exclusive)
  • 5% cashback on thousands of restaurants

Final thoughts

Although, Rakunet has some drawbacks. Like they don’t offer any cashback on flights anymore, or there isn’t any fixed cashback strategy. Yet, you can earn maximum profit through clever purchases and earning rewards.

It is an effective way of earning passive income merely through rewards and shopping that you have to do anyway. Hopefully, you will find it better to earn cashback and rewards to add to your savings account as a passive income besides active earning.

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