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Top 5 NFT Ideas You Can Start & Profit in 2022


NFT business ideas have a broad scope in terms of monetization, and they always have a more global perspective. So invest for fortune, and you’ll prosper.

Thousands of new projects launch daily, and many NFTs are for sale. So what is the best way to determine which NFT projects to follow and possibly invest in among the noise? Let’s find out.

Why is most in-demand for investors?

In the first place, and depending on how much money you are willing to spend, you might not want to consider NFTs as an investment. The most popular marketplace for NFT assets has four million purchases, and there may be millions across other marketplaces like Rareible, Foundation, super rare, and NBA Top Shot. With NFT assets being vast and ever-expanding, one can safely say that not all of them will appreciate.

Therefore, you may ask, what should I look for in a project? As an introduction to NFTs and their future potential, NFTs with utility provide a great start.

Before the trend of NFTs began, consumers were willing to pay hefty amounts to own physical products. This could explain the growth in popularity of NFTs. This has been made possible by adopting blockchain technology, where information about ownership changes appears on a publicly accessible ledger.

In the future, NFTs will be the foundation of digital transactions. Also, Arianee Protocol utilizes them for digital verification of physical luxury products. Having the protocol in front of you proves what you are holding in your hand is what it claims to be. Besides this type of assurance, the Arianee ecosystem also opens the door for consumers to communicate directly with brands. All approvals take place on the blockchain. It is an entirely new and enhanced form of ownership.

Even though NFTs are often associated with art and collectibles, there are countless other applications.

Market growth for NFTs is rapid, and the capability of the technology is consistently improving. Although the hype around NFT art has subsided since its peak earlier this year, its underlying technology is something that will last for years to come.

Best NFT projects to invest in 2022

Here are the top NFT projects which you can buy and earn profit in 2022:

Unicly CryptoPunk (UPUNK)

On the Top-10 list of most expensive NFTs, “CryptoPunks” occupy several spots. This is partly because initially, 10,000 of them were created.

Unicly CryptoPunks price chart

Unicly CryptoPunks price chart

Price prediction 2025

Following the forecast data analysis, UPUNK is likely to reach its latest price of $0.0785. Therefore, Unicly CryptoPunks Collection will likely have a minimum fee of $0.0729 by the end of the year. Furthermore, the UPUNK price can get as high as $0.11 if necessary. In the beginning, they were free, but they’ve gained an enormous amount of value since then. Although they are some of the most sought-after and expensive creations, nine originals are called Covid aliens because of their appearance.

Azuki (AZUKI)

The skating duo is self-professed Internet skaters as they integrate the physical and digital worlds. They describe themselves as “skating between the blurred lines of the physical and digital worlds.”

Azuki’s Bean Farmer, Bobu, was to fractionalize the artwork by creating Bobu Tokens to let all community members with ownership control the Bobu character. Owners of Bobu’s tokens will guide the company’s future in this unique WEB 3.0 experiment.

Azuki price chart

Azuki price chart

Price prediction 2025

There is a possibility that one Azuki will cost $0.10 in 2025. However, with an average price of $0.11 throughout 2025, the AZUKI can reach a maximum price of $0.12. In addition, Azuki is often pushing the boundaries with new products, such as Bobu the Bean Farmer. Therefore, investing in it must be a wise decision.

Chiliz (CHILIZ)

It was the first decentralized platform to build fan interaction. This is the first blockchain-based rewards network and fan interaction platform globally. In addition to being a digital currency for sports, it is also a rewards network. This platform allows fans to buy and sell club-branded tokens and participate in polls and surveys related to their favorite teams.

Chiliz price chart

Chiliz price chart

Price prediction 2025

Chiliz looks like a good investment from a distance. The startup looked to bridge the gap between passive and active fans by providing them with a fan token. In 2025, 1 Chiliz should reach a minimum price level of $0.87. A maximum CHZ price of $0.99 is possible in 2025, with an average CHZ price of $0.90.

Decentralized (DEX)

The decentralized platform uses the Ethereum blockchain, standardized by the ERC20 standard. The platform enables users to create, discover, and monetize content and apps. Several Ethereum backed dApps, games, and NFTs have appeared on this interactive platform since 2017.

Decentralized price chart

Decentralized price chart

Price prediction 2025

One can hope for a minimum price of $10.48 for 1 Decentraland in 2025. Throughout 2025, MANA can reach a maximum price of $12.05 with an average of $10.77. The plots on the virtual land can serve for development, navigation, and monetization. NFT has significantly benefited from this platform, which is unique.

Axies Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity, the blockchain-based game dubbed ”play to win”, axes are an integral component. Gameplay follows a similar pattern to certain classic Nintendo games, in which players take on fun monsters (called Axies) and defeat other players to earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Additionally, SLP is a tradable cryptocurrency that users can use to monetize their in-game exploits.

Axies can crossbreed to produce additional NFTs that can generate revenue. As a result, Axie Infinity has become one of the top blockchain games, with its native token (AXS) now being used to speculate on the virtual world’s future growth.

Axie Infinity price chart

Axie Infinity price chart

Price prediction 2025

The expectation is that the price of 1 Axie Infinity will reach $181.34 by 2025. The average price of AXS throughout 2025 will be $186.42, with a maximum price of $217.28. Platforms like Axie Infinity are likely to become more popular, so Axie NFTs are positioned to grow in value.

Final thoughts 

Platforms like Axie Infinity are likely to become more popular, so Axie NFTs are positioned to grow in value. The expectation is that the price of 1 Axie Infinity will reach $181.34 by 2025. The average price of AXS throughout 2025 will be $186.42, with a maximum price of $217.28.

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