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Cosmonaut FX Review

Cosmonaut FX

Cosmonaut FX EA is one of several MetaTrader automated trading systems built by Cashmaker, an EU-based e-commerce store selling such products. The company looks unreliable, though. It shares no essential details for verification, like founding year, addresses, team members, etc.

Cashmaker currently sells seven expert advisors based on different strategies. Unfortunately, the efficacy and reliability of all the expert advisors are equally doubtful.

Expert advisors by Cashmaker

Expert advisors by Cashmaker

As previously mentioned, insufficient information exists on the history of this robot and its founders. Therefore, the point of the review is to highlight the many red flags to save you money from purchasing this product.

Firstly, Cashmaker claims the EA can generate up to 100% profit monthly. However, we found no verified performance results from credible sites like Myfxbook, FX Blue, and FX Stat backing this assertion.

Cashmaker also states the average expected profitability is between 30-50% or more monthly. This suggests a lack of consistency, making us doubt this robot’s validity. Based on backtesting results which you can find on the robot’s website, Cosmonaut has been around since 2012, although it is impossible to verify.

What is behind the Cosmonaut FX EA?

The Cosmonaut FX EA works on MT4 and MT5. As with virtually all expert advisors, the set-up process simply involves installing a file on either platform after purchase. Let’s look at the main features of this robot.

Key features

Developers recommend running this robot on any of the following 12 pairs:


The best time frame recommended by the Cosmonaut devs is 15M. A minimum of $200 is a starting balance when trading live. Furthermore, Cashmaker also suggests using an account with the tightest spread possible (like a zero spread account), which is expected of any robot.

Trading strategy

The creators of Cosmonaut describe it as a multi-currency scalper using Bollinger channels to identify extreme deviations away from the indicator’s moving averages. Cashmaker proposes the EA in two systems dubbed ‘Mars’ and ‘Jupiter.’ They don’t explain the differences between the two. Still, they promise different reward level based on a combination of Mars/Jupiter with different currencies.

The alleged profits from Mars and Jupiter

The alleged profits from Mars and Jupiter

This robot was designed to operate only during the Asian session, which is usually the quietest time in the markets. One benefit is that no concerning money management techniques like martingale and other unusual hedging methods exist with Cosmonaut, offering much-needed safety.

Plus, stop losses are automatically added to each position where the robot executes a maximum of one trade every time. The website mentions a so-called ‘smart money management system’ to minimise drawdowns. However, it doesn’t expand on this concept.


Cosmonaut FX EA comes in two packages: ‘Optimal’ and ‘Economy.’ The latter, which costs €249.00 (or about $260), only provides one license.

Optimal, worth €299 (or about $310), works with an unlimited number of accounts. You can purchase the robot using several well-known card payment processors, along with PayPal, and via crypto (Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Presently, new users can get a 25% discount. However, we still believe the robot is too expensive. They do not provide any verifiable data to confirm it is worth the cost. Fortunately, a money-back guarantee is available with Cosmonaut FX.

Here, a full refund is made within 14 days which, as per the website, is in  “accordance with European parliament standards of the Directive 199944EC and 201183EU.” Again, there is no one to confirm they actually received the refunds.

Trading performance of Cosmonaut FX EA

The developers cannot stop lauding their product in the video presentation. In the official video presentation, the robot accelerates the deposit from $5000 to $3 million. The lack of transparency in this live trading performance is disturbing. We couldn’t find any verified results on sites like Myfxbook, FX Blue, and FX Stat. In this regard, we have to label this robot as a no-go product.

Official video presentation

Official video presentation

Despite that, the EA team shared an incredible +2405.92% profit made between April 4th, 2016, and January 21st, 2022. The report itself looks like a cheap manipulation with a screenshot from Myfxbook.

The incredible profits repost from the official site

The incredible profits repost from the official site

Finally, we looked at the backtesting results from the EA designers (see below). This robot uses a negative risk-to-reward ratio, which is unsurprising. The average number of pips for the stop loss and take profit on EURUSD was 70 and 60, respectively. Despite this, the outcomes show a maximum drawdown of 20.86% and a profit factor of 2.44 from an initial $5000 deposit. Here are the results below:

Strategy tester report of Cosmonaut FX EA for EURUSD

Strategy tester report of Cosmonaut FX EA for EURUSD

Customer support

Cashmaker provides customer support via email, which is the only available option.

People feedback

Similar to the previous section on trading performance, we couldn’t find any feedback from sites like Forex Peace Army, TrustPilot, and Myfxbook. The website shows some testimonials, but these may be fake.

This is another significant red flag of Cosmonaut since it’s hard to ascertain precisely how the robot performs on real accounts and the actual experiences from traders.

Cosmonaut FX EA Summary: Worth it or not?


Although the robot does provide some potential in their strategy report, this EA is certainly not worth the money as no real customer feedback, live trading performance, or company profile exists.

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