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Apex Legends: Top 5 Characters Guide


Apex Legends is a progressive battle royale crypto game that has earned massive popularity since its release. The players liked the intensity and dynamism of the gameplay and the presence of variable and charismatic characters.

In Apex Legends, each playable character has its playstyle, which can be grouped into categories. The number of heroes allows you to choose your unique role:

  • Be a tenacious tank.
  • Take on the role of an attack aircraft.
  • Help your allies by being stealthy and quiet.

The guide provides a detailed description of all sixteen legends that have unique skills and unique visual styles.

TOP characters for tournaments

  • Gibraltar
  • Wraith
  • Wattson

TOP players for ranked matches

  • Gibraltar
  • Wraith
  • Valkyrie
  • Bloodhound
  • Crypto
  • Caustic
  • Bangalore

Best Apex Legends characters for beginners

  • Bloodhound
  • Gibraltar
  • Lifeline

Which character to buy?

You can buy any character from the list below, but you don’t have to spend money to unlock the legend if you don’t care about the skins that usually come with it.



Professional soldier
Full name Anita Williams
Age 38 years old
Origin Gridiron
Tactical ability Smoke Cannon
Passive ability Fast March
Special ability Rolling Thunder
Ultimate ability Thunderclap


Being the only girl Bangalore was raised by the military. Soon Anita enters the IMC academy, earning an immediate championship. Bangalore is an excellent weapon wielder, which she has repeatedly proved by collecting assault rifles with her eyes closed. In the battle on Gridiron, Anita’s brother dies and sacrifices himself for his sister. Left homeless and homeless, Bangalore joined the Apex games to gather resources to return home.

Bangalore is one of two heroes of the Damage archetype: the character can inflict colossal damage to a group of enemies.

Tactical ability Smoke Cannon

The skill lets you throw Bangalore an effective smoke grenade that explodes and affects enemies. The grenade received the most excellent applicability during a retreat or when it is required to regroup — change position.



Tech Pathfinder
Full name Remains unknown
Age Not established
Origin Talos
Tactical ability Eye of the Allfather
Passive ability Pathfinder
Special ability Beast Hunter
Passive ability Pathfinder
Ultimate ability Brutal Hunter


The Bloodhound enjoys a distinguished reputation outside the hinterland. He was brought up by his pagan uncle, who instilled in the boy reverence for the old Gods, nature. Despite an initial rejection of technology, Bloodhound soon becomes immersed in science exploration.


The hunter’s achievement was the destruction of Goliath, who threatened the inhabitants of the native village of Bloodhound. Being a talented tracker, Bloodhound in the team can find prowling enemies.


Bloodhound is famous for having an assortment of technologically advanced tools. The hunter-style might be to your liking: stealth, tracking down targets, taking out targets from behind, and supporting allies. Passive skill allows Bloodhunt to see enemy tracks left recently. Red sequential labels identify them. Used for pursuit and after covert neutralization.

Tactical ability: Eye of the Allfather

The ability reveals enemies’ locations and traps and gives some tactical tips. It can be used to neutralize an enemy by headshotting quickly.

Excellent skill for tracking down targets and winning the match as soon as possible. The ability highlights enemies, and the hunter’s movement speed increases.



Interdimensional fighter
Full name René Blazy
Age 32 years old
Origin Typhon
Tactical ability Into the Void
Passive ability Voices from the Void
Special ability Rift
Passive ability Voices from the Void
Ultimate ability Rift


Wraith is a fighter with magical abilities that create interdimensional anomalies. Rene’s story begins with imprisonment in the IMC punishment cell, where the girl woke up with a lost memory. Rene Blazy is a senior polit of the research center who was treacherously framed.

If an enemy team is nearby, a friendly voice in Wraith’s head will alert you. It is recommended to change the volume of voice chat and in-game sounds to identify the voice of the familiar voice and teammates.

Tactical ability: Into the Void

Moves the hero to another dimension, allowing him to avoid taking damage — excellent skill for a situation where a character is chasing you with a shotgun in his hands.

Creates a dimensional rift, forming two active portals. The established passages will only be active for 60 seconds, and their placement should be carefully considered so as not to lead your team into a trap.




An unshakable defender
Full name Natalie Packett
Age 22 years old
Origin Solas
Tactical ability Defensive perimeter
Passive ability Spark of Genius
Special ability Saw Interceptor
Passive ability Spark of Genius
Ultimate ability Interceptor Pylon


Natalie Wattson is the daughter of an electrical engineer at the Apex games, who at one time was very interested in science. Studying the origin of energy flows, Wattson made incredible discoveries and then learned to manage electricity.

The tragic death of her father left Natalie alone. She decides to stay in the arena, fighting with her comrades and applying some tricks, using the options of the created Restrictive Ring — a force field. Successively, Natalie becomes the preeminent engineer of the planet, and her “Magnum Opus” becomes the construction of the Modified Restriction Ring.

Wattson is a character of the Defense archetype, which focuses on supporting allies in battle. Her installable agility will be an excellent tool for protecting the team from the enemy, and some abilities will help weaken the opponent, causing his immediate death.

The passive ability allows you to charge the ultimate skill very quickly. When the Interceptor Pylon is called, the ability will be replenished with energy again.

Tactical ability: Defensive Perimeter

The tactical ability allows you to set up an electrical barrier that deals damage and slows enemies. Traps are helpful when defending a firing position or when escaping. Enemies struck by electricity are easily killed by the efforts of one of the allies.

When the ultimate is charged, it is worth calling a Pylon, which charges the traps and restores defenses. In some situations, the Pylon even protects against the bombing of Gibraltar.




Handmade nightmare
Full name Remains unknown
Age Not established
Origin Solas
Tactical ability Silence
Passive ability Stalker
Special ability Death Totem
Passive ability Stalker
Ultimate ability Death Totem


In the distant past, the Revenant was a living being. He operated as a mercenary from the “Syndicate”. Continuing to destroy all life, Revenant began to undergo multiple changes: both in the soul and the flesh. At critical moments, the Revenant died, but his masters returned the mercenary to the world of the living, erasing his memory.

The purpose of the Revenant is to destroy the legends that are fighting and participating in the great Apex games. At first, the Revenant wanted to take revenge on his masters. However, after hundreds of years, many have already disappeared. When “Hammond Robotics” appeared on the horizon, the Revenant began to destroy everyone involved in the corporation.

The background of the Revenant ultimately determines the set of his combat skills and special skills. It focuses on stealth and cold-blooded killing, emphasizing damage and mobility. Revenant moves much faster and can climb much higher than other Legends.

Tactical ability: Silence.

An effective tool to take enemies by surprise. Revenant throws an electronic device that can disable the ability to use skills, which lasts for ten seconds. Summons are a totem that prevents allies from dying. They return straight to the Death Totem, ready to fight if they die.

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