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Best Solana (SOL) Metaverse Projects: Most Profitable For Traders In 2022

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Solana, a proof-of-stake blockchain, has been steadily making progress. Furthermore, the network’s native $SOL token has seen a gain of 999 percent in value due to the date returns, which has helped it exceed 35 billion transactions.

The 500 new projects being launched on Solana’s lightning-fast ecosystem are much more significant. Wallets, lending protocols, exchanges, storage solutions, and digital games are all strengthened by these cutting-edge technologies in the Solana ecosystem. In addition, consumers are increasingly looking for Ethereum alternatives at the same time. This article will explain the best Solana (SOL) Metaverse projects.

Why is it most in-demand for investors?

Many people don’t realize that Solana has only just hit its all-time high, but there are a few new and future projects currently in the works on SOL. Solana was able to secure a total value lock of $14.9 billion at the current time. Solana offers a wide variety of tools to maximize profits for professional and novice traders, making it the most demanded currency on the market today.

Best Solana Metaverse projects

Let’s take a look at the top three Solana projects.

What is Star Atlas?

Solana has a well-known game project. It is the first of Solana’s top projects. It is widely expected that Star Atlas would defeat Axie Infinity, the gaming powerhouse. Since then, we’ve been hearing more about Star Atlas and its triple IDO, which was a tremendous, enormous success in 2021. Almost 150x increase was achieved for its native token, $POLIS, due to this surge.

This is because Star Atlas is one of the few blockchain-based games that promises to provide an immersive, high-quality gaming experience. To put it another way, Star Atlas may be thought of as a hybrid of NFTs and the gaming industry, based on the Metaverse idea.

Solana market statistics 

Solana market statistics

$POLIS is the governance token, while $ATLAS is the in-game money. 80% of the $ATLAS tokens created in the future will be awarded to players who do well in the game. $POLIS, on the other hand, will give the balance of its supply to the DAO after selling 20% of it.

Star Atlas price prediction 2025

The year 2025 will see humans, androids, and extraterrestrials controlling the game. However, unlike other massively multiplayer online games, Star Atlas is built on the blockchain and everything you obtain and earn in the game you own.

ATLAS is trading at $0.1877 in November 2021 and has a market capitalization of $405,748,093. There are now 2.16 billion ATLAS in circulation. Thus, there is a maximum of 36 billion ATLAS in existence. The 2025 prediction for the ATLAS is to reach $0.75. It means that we can expect almost four times return if we invest in this token today.

What is Orca?

Another of Solana’s most notable initiatives is An AMM DEX on Solana with its liquidity pools; Orca, which has reached the USD 1 billion mark in the previous two months, is a pure AMM DEX.

Shortly, it’s capable of the following features:

  • Orca’s pool facilitates token swaps between market players. It does not utilize Serum as a liquid source like Raydium.
  • In the same way that other AMMs reward their LPs for providing liquidity, Orca’s pools reward their LPs for providing liquidity.

Orca offers AutoSwap if you choose not to divide tokens 50/50 to provide liquidity. In addition, Orca will balance the tokens before they are deposited if you use this new option to provide tokens in any ratio.

The fact that Orca has no intention of incorporating Serum/Raydium liquidity is an intriguing development to follow. Nevertheless, they anticipate Orca’s liquidity to rise when additional features are added. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities for these features in the future.

Orca price prediction 2025

Orca, a top Solana project, makes full use of the network’s inherent advantages. The commission for transaction costs on the exchange are under $0.00002, making it possible to conduct transactions in less than a second. In addition, the exchange pays liquidity providers (LPs) with a 0.3 percent refund of the trading fee. By 2025, Orca can rock to $68.00 like any other high demanded Metaverse project.

What is Mango Markets (MNGO)?

One of the fastest-growing decentralized cross-margin trading platforms is Mango Markets. Thanks to Solana, a platform built and launched on, users may leverage up to 5x with lightning-fast network speeds and near-zero transaction costs.

With the Spot Market, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Serum (SRM) may all be cross-collateralized on the platform. In addition, the Mango Market protocol relies on its pools and Serum for liquidity, which means users will not have to worry about liquidity shortages.

MNGO price chart review

MNGO price chart review

Anyone may deposit money and take out collateralized loans on the platform’s supported assets and earn interest on their deposits.

An insurance fund, the distribution of DEX governance tokens, and incentives for market makers are all stated as MNGO’s aims on the DAO website. A governance fund holds 90% of the tokens, an insurance policy holds 5%, and contributor tokens hold the remaining 20%.

Serum’s order book and spot margin are also available to Mango as part of its completely on-chain everlasting features. In addition, every asset on Mango is cross-collateralized and may be used as collateral to create leveraged trading positions.

MNGO price prediction 2025

It is the MNGO native token that allows holders the power to vote for any changes in the governance structure of Mango. MNGO has a market capitalization of $407,159,714.

There are now one billion MNGO in circulation. MNGO’s maximum supply is ten billion. As MNGO’s revenue and maximizing profits for professional and novice trader interaction with the Metaverse will boost its price in 2025, its price will be nearly $1.65. Finally, it seems like Mango Markets will be announcing some excellent yield chances and NFT reductions soon.

Final thoughts 

Solana is a fast-growing smart-contract blockchain that provides low-cost transactions and maximum output. In the crypto market, Solana projects are taking control. But, when it comes to launching a scalable DApp, it checks all the right boxes for developers.

In Solana NFT subscribers, famous crypto channel Altcoin Buzz outlines ten reasons why the newly announced Star Atlas challenge will become the next Altcoin challenge with 100x growth potential.

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